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Eco Insights: 3 Green Celebrity Brands You Should Know About

Eco Insights: 3 Green Celebrity Brands You Should Know About

Adrian Grenier – SHFT

Adrian Grenier - SHFT






Passionate about sustainability, design and media, award-winning actor-filmmaker Adrian Grenier and award-winning film producer Peter Glatzer co-founded SHFT, an online culture magazine whose mission is to, in their own words: “convey a more sustainable approach to the way we live through video, design, art and culture.” The sites focuses on inspirational content with an environmentally friendly angle and boasts illustrious mentors such as Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington. 


Woody Harrelson – StepForwardPaper

Woody Harrelson - StepForwardPaper 







Woody Harrelson thinks making paper out of trees is tragic. So tragic in fact, that he decided to do something really big about it: invest in finding an alternative to wood-based paper. He is a co-founder of Praire Pulp & Paper Inc., a company that has just launched  Step Forward Paper, paper made from primarily from wheat straw and is currently the most environmentally friendly paper on the planet. Years in the making, the revolutionary product is currently 70-80% wood-free and Harrelson’s hope is that they will get to 100% wood-free within a couple of years- they have already managed to produce 100% wood free paper on a test run but it will take some time to make it commercially viable. 


Jessica Alba – The Honest Company

Jessica Alba - The Honest Company





When award-winning actress Jessica Alba became a mom, it changed her entire worldview so much that she started a company to address what she felt was a hole in the market: safe, non-toxic, earth-friendly products for moms and babies. The Honest Company offers convenient, green alternatives to household cleaning & laundry products, bath & body products, diapers & other baby accessories in a convenient e-commerce format and monthly ‘bundles’ that make it easy to restock on all your house & baby needs on a monthly basis. Her partner in bsuiness, Christopher Gavin, is a longtime eco warrior who used to run Healthy Child Healthy World, the uber useful non profit site dedicated to helping parents make safe and healthy consumer choices for their children in every aspect of their lives. 


photo credit Adrian Grenier: Sagolla via photopin cc

photo credit Woody Harrelson: Steve Rogers Photography via photopin cc

photo credit Jessica Alba: jdlasica via photopin cc

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