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Green Queen Loves: Just Green Organic Convenience Store

Green Queen Loves: Just Green Organic Convenience Store

When it comes to the green grocery shopping scene in Hong Kong, we eco-warriors are getting more and more spoiled. New stores are opening all over the place and we all benefit from a larger variety of green choices, not to mention better pricing as competition intensifies. 

Of all the eco stores in town, Just Green stole Green Queen’s Heart long ago. It is literally her happy place; she often gets lost in the Soho location for hours and that is saying something in a 500 sq.ft shop.

Founder Helen Sung’s aim is to be the Green 7-11 and as far as Green Queen is concerned, she and her burgeoning team are well on her way. The clean and bright store is well-laid out and has everything you need to live a healthy, green life. From groceries to dairy and meat to cleaning products to bath & body potions to snack to supplements, there is nothing you can’t find.  Just Green has a variety of brands and options that boggles the mind. They are always experimenting with new products and companies from all over the globe, even if it means stocking small quantities. The other big plus is that the staff knows every product like the bag of their hand. Green Queen has tested them- they are a knowledgeable bunch.

While Green Queen would happily take home the entire inventory, here are a few of her favorite Just Green things:

  • Ecolution PFOA Free Hydrolon Cookware: eco-friendly pots and pans with water-based non stick solution. Ecolution is safe, reasonably priced and offers a lifetime warranty. Just Green can order the models they don’t stock for you- just take your pick on the Ecolution website.

Ecolution Artistry Griddle Pan

  • Woolly Pocket Living Wall Pocket Planter: Want to grow your own tomatoes and chillies? Hang a Woolly on your kitchen wall. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the planter allows you to cultivate flowers, herbs, lettuces, peppers and much more. It even boasts a built-in irrigation system so no mess to worry about.

wooly pocket download





  • Freshly Grown Wheatgrass: a firm favourite amongst health gurus everywhere, no one can dispute wheatgrass’s detoxing superpowers. Buy it fresh at Just Green- they also stock the special juicer you will need to extract the green nectar.

Fresh Wheatgrass

Other highlights:

-Just Green offers what is Hong Kong’s best selection of chemical-free, unprocessed power/energy bars with dozens of brands such as Raw Revolution, Pro Bar, Go Raw, GNU foods, Nakd and a host of dietary requirement options be it gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, raw or dairy-free.

-They stock a great selection of dairy-free milks such as quinoa, cashew, hazelnut, coconut and chocolate coconut as well as many nut butters like sunflower butter, cashew new butter, almond butter, hazelnut butter and pumpkin seed butter.

-They have some great chocolate bars such as the raw superfood line Ombar, and the gourmet organic Dagoba; they also have various raw cacao powders, nibs and butters for those who want to make their own chocolate. For those sensitive to cacao, Just Green has Carob options.

-For the athletes among us, the store has several protein powder options that are whey and soy free. To complete the protein smoothie option, they sell every superfood powder you can imagine from maca to pomegranate.

Just Green  is now in 3 current locations: Lamma Island; St Francis Street, Wanchai and Graham Street, Soho with more outlets planned in the near future.

NB: Just Green had no knowledge of this post prior to its publishing. Green Queen strongly values her editorial integrity and all the site’s posts reflect her personal opinions and assessments.

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