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    Green Queen Living: The EWG’s 2014 Clean Fifteen & Dirty..

    Farmers Market

    We all want to eat more organic fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, shopping in the organic aisle is difficult and costly. How can we make smarter choices about what we eat? The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is here to help. The US-based NGO seeks to inform the public and empower us to shop smart. Every year they release The Clean […]

    Eco Insights: What is Fracking and Why is Everyone So Angry About I..


    Lately it seems like news headlines are dominated by fracking this and fracking that. Just what exactly is this fracking business the media is constantly referring to? Don’t worry, you don’t need a Geology degree to understand what people are talking about. Green Queen is going to simplify things for you.   When you search Wikipedia for […]

    Green Queen Living: Must Have Phone Apps for a Greener Life

    good guide

    Want to live a greener life ?  These free apps all make it easier to make greener, healthier choices every day. Visit the app store now and turn your phone into an eco-machine! Buy The Most Eco-Friendly Home, Baby & Beauty Products - The GoodGuide One of the more well-known apps for living a healthier life, the […]

    Green Queen Heroes: David Yeung, Founder of Green Monday

    140324 Sid Lerner

    David Yeung is the charismatic founder of Green Monday, a Hong Kong social enterprise that has taken the city by storm. They work tirelessly to promote the concept of eating vegetarian at least one day a week. They currently partner with over 1,000 restaurants and dining outlets who offer vegetarian Green Monday menus. Here is his story! […]

    Eco Insights: What is Greenwashing?


    An important term for any concerned eco citizen, greenwashing was coined in 1986 by Jay Westervelt, an environmentalist from New York who wrote an essay about the hotel industry’s misleading practice of leaving cards in guest bathrooms asking its clients to be more environmentally minded and save water by re-using towels and linens. He argued […]

    Green Queen Recommends: Top Healthy Meal Delivery- Organic, Vegan, ..

    meal delivery cover photo

    Cooking at home can be rewarding and delicious- though when life gets really busy, it’s great to be able to get some help! Whether you prefer a meal kit where everything is chopped and measured and prepped so you can throw it on the stove and whip up a full dinner in less than 30 […]

    Green Queen Foodie: BeLive By The Sea by Rawthentic Food – A ..

    Parfat Adjusted

    “Start with what you have.” Raw vegan Chef Priscilla Soligo of Rawthentic Food makes you feel like you can whip up the raw gourmet delights she so effortlessly creates with whatever is lying around in your pantry. Chef P, as she is known around town, is a natural born teacher, her far and wide ranging knowledge of […]

    Eco Insights: A Handy Guide Of The Most Eco-Friendly Home Building ..


    In last week’s post, we gave you some useful information about three important eco friendly home building materials: bamboo, abaca and rattan. Today we continue our foray into the natural furnishings world with three more all-stars: hemp, natural rubber and jute.    Hemp   What is it? Hemp is a tall leafy plant that is […]

    Green Queen Loves: Crave Healthy Food – HK’s 360° Heal..

    Crave Healthy Food 1

     It is really tough to change your health paradigm. It’s hard to find the time. It’s hard to find the space. It’s hard to find the discipline.    Should you work on fitness or diet? Getting a trainer is very helpful and motivating but what should you eat while you are training? And what exercise program makes […]

    Green Queen Foodie: Mavericks – Sustainability with a Beach V..

    tuna tartar mavericks

    Chef Austin Fry- well known in the F&B community for current foodie hangouts The Roundhouse Taproom, Salon 10, and formerly of Brickhouse fame- has created what may be the most socially-conscious restaurant in all of Hong Kong, and certainly on Lantau Island. Welcome to Mavericks!   Mavericks is located on beautiful Pui O Beach in South […]

    Eco Insights: A Handy Guide Of The Most Eco-Friendly Home Building ..


    There is really no excuse not to source eco friendly materials when it comes to furniture and other home furnishings. There are so many sustainable options to choose from. Below we give you the 411 on three plants to consider when updating your home décor. Remember to reuse where possible and recycle what you no […]

    Green Queen Foodie: Kee Club launches a new dim sum menu with organ..

    KEE dim sum

    Chef Roland Schuller has a lot to feel good about these days.  The Michelin-star chef has recently become Executive Chef for KEE, where he has the rare treat of preparing two different cuisines every day: Chinese for lunch and modern European for dinner. He has also turned a new leaf- so to speak (!)- in the […]

    Green Queen Giving: Child Welfare Scheme (CWS)

    CWS 2

    How was Child Welfare Scheme (CWS) started? Douglas Maclagan, a tourist at the time and now the founder of CWS, was 28 when he had a life-changing experience in the mountains of Nepal. He was handed a sick baby girl, just one year old, by her distraught mother who was desperate for help.  The girl did […]

    Eco Inisghts: Soya- Superfood or Serious Syndrome Part II

    Soya Part 1

    If you have been following this series and have read Part 1, you now are better informed about soya and its derivative products. Today you will learn that raw soya actually contains substances that are toxic to the human body. Below we are cover the health controversies that surround soya.   Soya and The Thyroid Consuming too […]

    Green Queen Foodie: Restaurant NUR- Nourishing Gastronomy, Haute Cu..

    Amuse Bouche NUR

    Background Restaurant NUR, a new feather in the Prive group’s cap, brings innovation and sustainability to the gastronomic world of Hong Kong. Chef Nurdin Topham, a British import by way of Copenhagen (he did R&D at NOMA’s Nordic Food Lab) spent years honing his culinary skills at the various outposts of Michelin-starred Chef Raymond Blanc, a world-renowned […]

    Green Queen Heroes: Punam Chopra of Spicebox Organics


    Tell us a little bit about yourself. I have been in the health and fitness industry for most of my life. I started one of the first women’s health and fitness centers in New Delhi, India 20 years ago and hosted my own fitness show on television. Following this experience, I went to Canada to […]

    Eco Insights: Soya – Superfood or Serious Syndrome Part I

    Soya Part 2

    The Great Debate   First came the war on dairy. Then came the universal acceptance as soya milk as the smart dairy alternative. Everyone hailed the Asian pod as a wonder bean, full of amazing health benefits. How could Western consumers assimilate soya in their daily lives? From soya sauce to edamame (young green soya […]

    Green Queen Loves: The Greentest Device – Why You Need One In..

    Anmez 3

    As consumers, we are constantly overwhelmed with information about what is healthy, what is not healthy, what we should eat, what we should avoid eating. The nutrition noise that now permeates all types of media can leave one feeling powerless and confused. Not to mention doctors, trainers and therapists giving us there two cents too!  One of […]

    Green Living: Eco Habits Tried & Tested by Caroline Roy

    Green Habits Post Caroline Photo

    An earlier version of this post was published on Apronto’s Blog.    A full year after embarking on my 100 days of self study, here are the habits that worked for me and that I stuck with: truly tested every day behaviors. They include, without wanting to belabor these points: saving energy & water at home, refraining from […]

    Eco Insights: The Farce of Free Range

    Free Range

    When it comes to sheer marketing genius, you can’t beat the term ‘free range’. Just the very words conjure up wonderful images of pastoral landscapes where cheerful, healthy farm animals roam freely on large expanses of apple-green grass. The free range branding gurus – make no mistake, free range is now a very well managed […]

    Green Queen Loves: Apronto Organic Cotton Aprons


    Apronto‘s founder Caroline Roy is not your average eco-mom. Not content with simply doing the usual daily green chores like recycling or making sure to switch off the lights, she embarked on a half year long period of ‘eco-examination’ during which time she meticulously recorded everything her family did on a day to day basis […]

    Eco Insights: The Diaper Dilemna

    Babies Diapers

    Aren’t those Pampers commercials cute? Who doesn’t love the image of a cherubic baby toddling around in nothing but diapers with colourful little rainbows all over them? Only a monster wouldn’t get all warm and fuzzy when presented with a depiction of all that is innocent and magical about babies. What could possibly be wrong with […]

    Green Queen Living: Asia’s Top Detox Destinations by spas+bey..


     An earlier version of this article previously appeared on spas+beyond.   Ananda in the Himalayas, India Up on a mountain top overlooking the sacred Ganges and Rishikesh, spending time in Ananda feels like coming home, albeit with a hint of Indian maharajah aristocracy. Nurturing staff, beautiful grounds and spectacular food keep you happy between Ayurvedic treatments, yoga […]

    Green Queen Loves: SOTE Gourmet Artisanal Popcorn


    SOTE‘s founders Chelsea and Kate have the kind of faces that makes you think of fairytales. Turns out they met working at Hong Kong Disneyland. Their job? Being Disney princesses! Whilst living across the hall from each other (and making little girls swoon) , they discovered their mutual popcorn obsession. They also realized that Hong […]

    Green Queen Giving: Hong Kong Cleanup

    HK Coastal Cleanup

    In this month’s Green Queen Giving series, we feature Hong Kong Cleanup by Ecovision and the amazing work that they do with their various Cleanup Challenges across the city. How was Hong Kong Cleanup started? The Hong Kong Coastal Cleanup Challenge was started by Lisa Christensen 14 years ago when she decided to clean up trash with a few […]

    Green Queen Living: Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products


    All this talk of chemicals and toxins in home cleaning products makes one just want to run out screaming from the supermarket and never come back. It’s gotten to the point where we have no idea what is actually in these products. Feels like you need a special degree in chemistry to decipher ingredient labels. […]

    Green Queen Foodie: Homegrown Foods’ Harvest Feast 2014

    Homegrown Foods Harvest Feast

    The angry rain clouds finally parted and the sun came out in full swing this past Saturday, no doubt to shine bright on this most gorgeous of occasions, Homegrown Foods‘ Harvest Feast. What began four years ago as mere 50 person gathering has transformed into a mega foodie event with 500 hungry Hong Kongers showing […]

    Green Queen Heroes: Anita Cheung of i-Detox


    Tell us a little bit about yourself.  I come from a background in the fashion industry. After 13 years, I wanted a change and retrained. In 2005, I completed the program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and became a holistic health practitioner and wellness coach and advocate. I’ve since been trained in […]

    Eco Insights: The Very Scary Truth About Agave

    Agave Plant

    Sweetener Story  First came the war on sugar. White sugar = Very Bad.  While many of us still consume it, we know we shouldn’t. It’s almost embarrassing to add it to your morning coffee, especially when your colleague proudly affirms: “Coffee? I take it black.” Then came the attack on artificial sweeteners. Sucralose (Splenda), Saccharin […]

    Green Queen Recommends: 5 Amazing Raw Vegan Resources in Hong Kong

    Raw Vegan Bolognese Bowl

    Greenwoods Raw Cafe - Hong Kong’s Only 100% Gourmet Raw Cuisine Restaurant   Only mere months ago, the idea of a completely raw restaurant in Hong Kong seemed extremely unlikely. Along came Greenwoods Raw Cafe. Opened by Dr Simon Chau, the founder of the Hong Kong Vegetarian Society , and tucked away in a building in Kowloon, […]

    Eco Insights: Bamboozled – The Greenest Grass of The Land


    In this post, we explore the many amazing qualities of bamboo as a resource for the health of our planet and ourselves as human beings. Bamboo and The Environment Bamboo doesn’t require herbicides and pesticides to grow. It also needs far less water than trees. As a grass, it can grow 1 to 2 metres […]

    Green Queen Foodie: Aberdeen Street – Family & Vegetaria..

    7. zoom on terrace tables

    The owner of Aberdeen Street, a charming and friendly cafe that opened its doors last August, Sophie Lamacq, wanted to create a restaurant that she herself wanted to hang out at- relaxed environment, comfortable decor and an easy ambience with  good homey food for the whole family. She has succeeded in doing just that, and on weekends […]