5 Countries Prioritizing Low-Carbon, Plant-Forward National Food Policy

6 Mins Read National decarbonization plans require a focus on food-related greenhouse gas emissions and these five countries have put plant-forward diets front and center of domestic climate policy. It took 26 COPs (the international climate change conference where world leaders gather to discuss decarbonization plans and commitments) before food was officially added to the agenda, finally putting […]

10 Ways That War Impacts On Wildlife And Essential EcoSystems

6 Mins Read By John. R. Platt As war and conflicts rage on in Ukraine, Yemen, South Sudan, Libya and other places around the globe, it’s important to look at the long-term effects of military strife, which can destroy the environment as easily as it destroys lives. Here are 10 of the most dangerous ways war affects the […]

These Energy Bars Are Tackling Coffee Waste

3 Mins Read Australia-based snack bar start-up I Am Grounded has released the first energy bar made from coffee waste by upcycling the nutrient-rich coffee fruit. In a bid to innovate in the energy bar sector while tackling agricultural waste, I Am Grounded is using coffee fruit — also known as coffee cherry — the fleshy, round stone […]

What Draws Seventh Day Adventists to Vegan And Vegetarian Lifestyles?

5 Mins Read By Tamas Lestar. Christianity is often regarded as a staunch opponent of veganism – after all, most Christian denominations are highly carnivorous in their dietary ethics. Many proclaim liberty to consume animal flesh as they assume animals to be a gift created for food by God.  The Bible’s depiction of human-animal relations has been used to […]

HackSummit: The Climate Conference You Can’t Miss

8 Mins Read Green Queen’s founder shares her take on HackSummit, the must-attend yearly climate and food tech event that just took place in Lausanne, Switzerland. Should climate activists travel to conferences? It’s a tough question to answer. After all, most of us are drowning in flygskam and painfully aware that offsetting is somewhat of a greenwasher’s game. […]

Because Animals Rebrands to BioCraft As It Doubles Down on Cultivated Pet Food

3 Mins Read BioCraft Pet Nutrition, previously known as Because Animals, has unveiled its rebranded identity as part of its focus on revolutionizing the pet food industry through the development and commercialization of cultivated meat. Biocraft was the first biotech company to develop cultivated meat for the pet food market; in 2021 it debuted the first mouse meat […]

Wicked Kitchen Stays ‘Ahead of the Curve’ With Vegan Seafood Brand Acquisition

3 Mins Read Wicked Kitchen, the leading global plant-based food brand founded by brothers Chad and Derek Sarno, broadens its reach with the strategic acquisition of Current Foods, a pioneering alt-protein seafood startup. In a fresh wave of consolidation in the plant-based industry, Wicked Kitchen has announced the all-stock acquisition of Current Foods. The startup, specializing in plant-based […]

5 Meaty, Vegan Protein Options To Keep In Your Fridge At All Times

4 Mins Read Bring home-cooking to another level with these vegan protein staples that are meaty, versatile, and oh-so-yummy. As convenient as it is to eat out, there is something to be said about cooking your own meals. Sometimes, we’re just over the foods we have come to know and love, and other times it just feels nice […]

9 Vegetable-Filled Fruit Smoothies for Healthy, Smooth Sipping

4 Mins Read Ah smoothies: the ultimate way for your salad to taste like dessert. Easy to make, easy to take, easy when you wake, smoothies are a great way to get in your recommended fruits and veg allowance, not to mention keep your energy levels high and build muscle to improve athletic performance. Great as a snack […]

Planetary Health Needs To Be At The Heart Of Medical Advice, Researchers Say

3 Mins Read Facing the intersection of chronic disease and climate change, physicians must prioritize planetary health for the sake of their patients, researchers say. In a recent viewpoint published in the JAMA Network, researchers out of New York’s Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Weill Cornell Medical College, and New York University say the role of physicians now needs […]

Lever VC Report Navigates Cultivated Meat Risks: ‘It Is Especially Important to Scrutinize’

3 Mins Read Lever VC has released its “Cultivated Meat Scientific Benchmarks” white paper in an effort to bolster investor understanding and confidence in the cultivated meat sector. The investment firm Lever VC, notable for its ventures in alternative protein companies, says the white paper release is intended to enhance transparency and rigor within the rapidly expanding cultivated […]

I Planned the Perfect Vegan Holiday; Here’s How

4 Mins Read Veteran traveler Rebecca Gade Sawicki is the founder of vegan travel planning blog Veggies Abroad. She shares her expert tips on how to plan the perfect vegan holiday itinerary. “What in the world did you eat?”  “Did you bring all of your own food?” “Were you always hungry?” Those were only a few of the […]

Food Footprint: Should You Quit Almond Milk?

4 Mins Read In our Green Queen Food Footprint Series, we tackle some of the complexities surrounding food and examine which choices are really the most planet-friendly. Here, we compare dairy milk vs. almond milk, and how it fares against other types of plant-based milk as well.  With the climate crisis climbing to the top of the global […]

Megmilk and Agrocorp Join Forces to Tap into Asia’s Plant-Based Ingredients Market

2 Mins Read The new Megmilk-Agrocorp collaboration marks a significant milestone in both companies’ strategic plans as they set out to redefine the plant-based food ingredients market in Asia. Tokyo-based dairy giant Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd. and global agricultural commodities company Agrocorp International Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, have revealed their collaboration to forge a joint venture […]