5 DIY Zero-Waste Bathroom Essentials From Toothpaste To Face Masks

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We all want to live a little lighter on earth, but making waste-free choices doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice on our favourite bath, body and skincare products. You might be wondering – how can we really avoid all that plastic packaging in our everyday toiletries? We’re here to help. Here, we’ve put together some of our favourite low-impact bath and beauty recipes with ingredients that can all be purchased either in sustainable reusable packaging or in bulk stores. Read on for some inspiration to eliminate waste from your daily routine the DIY way. 

1. Charcoal face mask

You literally only need 3 ingredients for this mask – baking soda, activated charcoal and bentonite clay. Once you mix it all up, leave it on for around 10 minutes before washing it off. 

Source: Going Zero Waste

Recipe: Going Zero Waste

2. Sugar body scrub 

Time to exfoliate? Make a sugar scrub. We love this recipe that uses anti-inflammatory coconut oil, sugar and a fragrant lemon essential oil. You can keep the scrub into a glass jar to keep in your bathroom for next time. 

Source: Adrienne Elizabeth

Recipe: Adrienne Elizabeth

3. Face serum 

We’ve heard loads of beauty experts say that hyaluronic acid serum is the secret to keeping skin wrinkle-free and preventing dullness. But that doesn’t mean we need to go out and buy the product in a single-use bottle – it can easily be made at home using hyaluronic acid powder, rose water and your favourite essential oil. 

Source: The Coconut Mama

Recipe: The Coconut Mama

4. Toothpaste

Most conventional toothpastes come in a non-recyclable tube, so a great way to eliminate waste in your morning and evening routine is to make your own toothpaste. You’ll need coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint essential oil. 

Source: Wholehearted Eats

Recipe: Wholehearted Eats

5. Makeup remover

You’ve got your reusable makeup rounds, but what about the remover? You can DIY a bottle using a combination of melted coconut, almond, sunflower and olive oil. 

Recipe: Greenify Me

Lead image courtesy of Pinterest.

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