ChickP Debuts Clean Dairy-Free Ice Cream Made From Chickpeas

4 Mins Read Israel-based ChickP Protein, Ltd., says it has created a tasty and additive-free dairy-free ice cream made from chickpea protein isolate. ChickP’s vegan ice cream follows the debut of a chickpea creamer prototype launched over the summer and an $8 million Series A funding round in January. Traditional ice cream making Using its signature chickpea protein […]

Startup Creates New Chickpea Strain With 75% More Protein

3 Mins Read San Francisco’s NuCicer has created a strain of chickpeas with 75 percent more protein than regular varieties. The new super legumes are non-GMO and have been created using wild genetic diversity. Traditional breeding cycles were reduced from 10 years to 24 months. The resulting chickpeas are cost-effective and highly nutritious. NuCicer reports that it has […]

Konjac, Millet & Chickpea: 7 Asian Nations Ideally Positioned To Supply Diverse Plant Crops For Global Food Tech Industry

4 Mins Read In a new report, the Good Food Institute Asia Pacific (GFI APAC) has highlighted 14 alternative protein ingredients that could help not only diversify the range crops used in novel plant-based meat products, but also help bolster the appeal of alternative protein products to a larger consumer base. The report also spotlights the seven Asian […]

Singapore’s Plant-Based Maker Growthwell Secures US$8 Million To Bring Chickpea Protein To Asia

3 Mins Read The Growthwell Group, a Singaporean plant-based protein company, has just announced that it has raised US$8 million. The latest funding round was led by Singapore government-backed fund Temasek, alongside other investors including DSG Consumer Partners, Insignia Ventures, Genesis Ventures. Growthwell has also acquired a stake in Israeli food tech ChickP to develop the world’s first […]

4 Staple African Pantry Ingredients to Elevate Your Plant-Based Cooking

6 Mins Read African cuisine is full of super grains, surprising grasses, and protein-rich ingredients that will elevate your palate. Not only are these foods healthy, but buying them can also support developing economies — and sourcing them is as simple as a click online.  The following are some of the most versatile African pantry staples to start […]

10 Delicious Meat-Free Asian Dinner Recipes

5 Mins Read No one can deny that consuming less meat, especially the intensive farming kind, is a positive habit. If we were to skip eating meat just one day a week, not only is it healthier for you, it’ll help out the planet a whole lot. While you’re out smashing deadlines and meeting quotas, we’ve found delicious and healthy […]

The 7 Best IKEA Vegan Food Options To Eat In-Store And At Home

5 Mins Read IKEA has made notable commitments to increasing its vegan food ranges. It is upping the plant-based stakes in its restaurants, at its takeaway counters, and in the food halls. But which items are worth trying? Pledging to make its menus all 50 percent plant-based by 2025, IKEA is offering consumers access to more sustainable choices. […]

The Soy Milk Waste Market Is About to Have a Plant Protein Moment

3 Mins Read As Luya Foods brings its vegan meat made from soy milk waste to the largest Swiss retailer, Migros, a Singapore startup secures funding to expand its soy milk waste production. Swiss-based Luya Foods says its new marinated vegan meat brings authentic flavors to home chefs “for anyone looking for a healthy and sustainable alternative” to […]

6 Natural Vegan Egg Substitutes For Easy Plant-Based Baking

4 Mins Read Eggs are off the menu right now as avian flu continues to spread. Vegan egg substitutes are widely available multitaskers though. Like other intensive industrial farming practices, producing eggs generates greenhouse gas emissions and also contributes to contaminating soil and water, not to mention it’s ethically problematic—most egg-laying hens live in pretty horrific conditions. You […]

60% of US Restaurant Operators See Plant-Based As A Long-Term Trend

4 Mins Read One-third of US consumers say they like/love plant-based foods, and restaurant operators are increasingly likely to add plant-based menu items, with price and taste still key attributes for diners. In a January webinar titled ‘The State of Plant-Based in Food Service’, the Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA), a US-based trade association representing leading plant-based brands, shared […]

Vegan Runny Yolk Eggs Debut In Los Angeles Restaurants

3 Mins Read Amid the largest avian flu outbreaks in history, Yo Egg is offering Los Angeles-area consumers an alternative: vegan whole-poached eggs. Israel’s Yo Egg has made its U.S. debut in Los Angeles at six area restaurants including two Real Food Daily locations and its offshoot, Junkyard Dog, as well as longtime east side vegan staple Flore, […]

The 10 Best Whole Food Plant-Based Meat Brands To Try

5 Mins Read From lentils to jackfruit to cashews, veggie burgers are getting a whole foods plant-based makeover: say hello to the brands making vegan meat from fruit and vegetable ingredients. Animal protein alternatives have undoubtedly come a long way — and so have consumer attitudes toward them. A decade ago, some of us were lucky enough to […]