Vegan Bibimbap: Our #PlantBased Twist On This Korean Comfort Food Classic

3 Mins Read Our first bowl of bibimbap was over 15 years ago during college in Philadelphia. Us college gals were looking for an alternative to the deep fried, sugary junk the university cafeteria specialized in. We had this idea that Asian food was lower-calorie and healthier. To be honest, despite growing up in Hong Kong, I had never […]

My Little Hong Kong Kitchen Comfort Food: Palak Paneer AKA Spinach Curry

2 Mins Read Palak paneer is Indian comfort food at its best: a creamy, spinach curry with even creamier pieces of paneer cheese. I couldn’t get hold of paneer so I substituted in halloumi, which worked a treat. This is an easy, healthy and warming dinner thanks to the large amounts of spinach and Indian spices. I added a splash […]

Asia Gets Its First Vertically Integrated Vegetarian Fast Food Concept Restaurant, WOW Burger

2 Mins Read Hong Kong-based WOW Burger is heralding a new era in the ubiquitous fast food industry with its innovative and forward-thinking approach, bringing Asia its first plant-forward fast food concept restaurant. Making its debut at Basehall in Jardine House, Central Hong Kong, WOW Burger offers vegetarian, inclusive comfort food at an affordable price, the restaurant says. […]

Lobbies, Food Tech & Neophobia: In Conversation with George Monbiot About How To Feed The World Without Devouring The Planet

15 Mins Read It’s hard to think of someone who holds truth to power as effectively and as committedly as George Monbiot. The multi-award-winning British thinker, journalist, activist, and long-time environmentalist has been speaking out on the ills of capitalism and the climate crisis for almost 40 years, during which he has been attacked, arrested and shot at. […]

Food Culture Expert Eve Turow-Paul of Food For Climate League: ‘Small Changes To Menu Language Can Dramatically Impact Consumer Choice’

6 Mins Read Green Queen‘s Sonalie Figueiras interviews non-profit founder and food culture expert Eve Turow-Paul about food, climate and how to empower people to change what’s on their plate for a more sustainable future. Author, consultant and food culture expert Eve Turow-Paul is on a mission to reframe the food and climate narrative and empower consumers and […]

2023 Food Trends: 12 Predictions For The Future of Alt Protein

11 Mins Read What does the alt protein industry have in store for us amidst a very turbulent 2023 ahead? A lot, actually. Below, I share my 12 crystal ball takes (in no particular order).  I sat down to write these trends and ended up writing a whole piece about where plant-based meat is going. Amidst predictions, I […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Food

3 Mins Read Just like with friendships and romantic relationships, our relationship with food is something we must nurture and continue to develop. After all, how you eat plays a huge role in your overall health and wellbeing. We all get so busy that we forget how to enjoy food. Sometimes we need to be reminded about how […]

2foods And Kagome Join Forces To Create Japan’s First Vegan Egg For Omurice

3 Mins Read Japanese food brand 2foods by TWO Inc. has linked up with domestic manufacturing giant Kagome Co. to develop a plant-based egg substitute for a new omurice dish. Dubbed “Ever Egg”, the component is made from vegetables and legumes which are processed to reach the right consistency.  2foods has a patent-pending for its proprietary ”vegetable semi-ripening […]

Current Foods Makes Its Sushi-Grade Sustainable Vegan Tuna And Salmon Available for US-Wide Delivery

3 Mins Read Newly rebranded Current Foods has announced the launch of a direct-to-customer sales initiative. The company, which was formerly known as Kuleana, making its vegan tuna and smoked salmon analogues available for delivery throughout the U.S. Interested consumers can sign up for pre-launch access to a new online shop, which will feature Kuleana Tuna and smoked […]

‘It’s Not About Overnight Results’: A New DEI Program Designed For Food Tech Leaders Wants Startups To Build Better, More Diverse Teams

4 Mins Read Vegan Women Summit (VWS) has announced a new leadership initiative, to be run alongside Black History Month. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Program is designed for key figures and leaders within the plant-based and food tech industries. The course will run through May 2022 with the intention of empowering businesses to create growth through […]

One-Stop Vegan Food Platform VEats Pilots In Sydney Ahead of Australia-Wide Launch

4 Mins Read Founded by Australian duo Lara Young and Susan McCarthy, VEats is a new plant-based platform focussed on helping consumers looking for convenient plant-based options in the country. They describe the digital solution as a “first-of-its-kind” for the market, enabling users to explore all businesses with animal-free food options within a designated city. Whilst a user […]

Over Half of Americans Say Future of Food Is Plant-Based – New Poll

3 Mins Read More than half of Americans believe that the future of food is plant-based, a new consumer poll has found. A new survey conducted by The Harris Poll reveals that over half of American consumers see plant-based foods as a trend here to stay. The polling, commissioned by vegan food tech Alpha Foods, saw 52% of […]