Food Footprint: Which Diet Creates The Least Amount Of Food Waste?

5 Mins Read In the Green Queen Food Footprint Series, we tackle some of the complexities surrounding food and examine which choices are really the most planet-friendly. Today, we explore different dietary choices and find out which one is associated with the most food waste.  The climate crisis is rising to the top of the global agenda, waking […]

Food Waste Makes Up 50% of Global Food Emissions, Study Finds

2 Mins Read A study published last month found greenhouse gases resulting from food waste contribute to nearly half of all global food system emissions. The study, published in the journal Nature Food, looked at the loss and waste of 54 different food commodities across four categories and assessed the emissions of food loss and waste at every […]

13 Ways To Reduce Your Food Waste Footprint Right Now

5 Mins Read Looking to do your part to fight food waste? You can do a lot without ever leaving home. Here’s how. Our world is facing an unprecedented food waste crisis, which is contributing more than 10 percent of global carbon emissions that drive the climate emergency. In addition to coming at an enormous environmental cost, discarded […]

Nest Co-Founder Takes On Food Waste Emissions With Mill

3 Mins Read Matt Rogers, co-founder of the popular Nest Labs smart thermostat, is now putting his focus on food waste with the launch of a novel kitchen device called Mill. Mill is a kitchen device that dehydrates a range of food scraps not typically compostable, such as animal ingredients. The device dehydrates the scraps overnight, leaving an […]

Does Religion Influence Food Waste Habits?

3 Mins Read A new study explores food waste behaviors in various religious sects, building on further research exploring thoughts about climate change. The research, published in the journal Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, looked at dining habits of nearly 1,000 restaurant patrons across Greater Beirut. The patrons were interviewed about their dining habits and leftovers at each table […]

Climate Candy Is A Thing And It’s Tackling Food Waste

4 Mins Read Is climate candy set to be the next food niche? LA-based PurePlus says yes. The startup launched its first consumer brand, Faves, in 2021 as a sustainable alternative to Starburst. Today, each packet of chews contains one serving of fruits and veggies and saves scores of viable produce from ending up in landfill. According to […]

Anina Turns Food Waste Into Sustainable Plant-Based Ready-Meals

3 Mins Read Israeli food tech start-up Anina is using upcycled vegetables to create ready meal “pods” that use up imperfect vegetables for healthy plant-based meals. About 33 percent of the world’s food is wasted every year—close to 1.3 billion tons. Much of that comes from fruits and vegetables that are misshapen and unlikely to sell at retail. A […]

Aqua Cultured Foods Tackles Food Waste With Dumplings Made From Mycoprotein Offcuts

3 Mins Read Mycoprotein seafood startup Aqua Cultured Foods is tacking on another category disruption beyond its alternative seafood. The Chicago-based company is using up whole-muscle offcuts from its vegan seafood in a new range of dumplings to reduce food waste. Angling toward go-to-market partnerships in the Asian foodservice category, Aqua Cultured Foods says its new dumplings featuring […]

New Zealand’s Off-Piste Provisions Explores Vegan Meat Made From Fermented Food Waste

3 Mins Read In a bid to bring more sustainability to New Zealand’s food system, the country’s Off-Piste Provisions is collaborating with food tech experts to produce plant-based protein from fermented agricultural byproducts. Partnering with one of Singapore’s leading Food Science and Technology experts, Off-Piste says it’s working on “ground-breaking research” using fermentation technology and food waste to […]

How Wunderkern’s Stone Fruit Pit Vegan Ice Cream Is Tackling Food Waste

3 Mins Read No longer a guilty pleasure—vegan ice cream is now a way to combat food waste, according to Austrian food tech startup Wunderkern. The Vienna and Lower Austria-based Wunderkern, founded in 2019 by Michael Beitl, Luca Fichtinger, Fabian Wagesreither, and Sebastian Jeschko, says it’s using stone fruit pits in the best way possible. By turning them […]

Reduced Secures $3.06 Million For Food Waste Powered Ingredients Portfolio

4 Mins Read Danish upcycled waste foodtech startup Reduced has bagged €2.9 million in its latest funding round. Led by Vækstfonden and VÅR Ventures, participation was noted from existing investors Rockstart, Pollen Capital and multiple business angels. Funding will be used to invest in cutting-edge technology and expansion of existing production facilities, alongside significant team build-out.  Reduced is […]

KIN Nets $3.7 Million For Smart Food Ecosystem That Eliminates Food Waste

4 Mins Read Hong Kong-based ombnichannel food app KIN has just closed a $3.7 million pre-Series A funding round with participation confirmed by Tony Yeung, Chris Liu, Optimus Capital, and more to connect consumers more intrinsically to their food choices while eliminating waste and the negative environmental consequences of food delivery. KIN is powered by a learning algorithm […]

Plastic Wrap Creates More Food Waste, Study Finds

3 Mins Read Purchasing fruits and vegetables packaged in plastic wrap creates two problems for the environment: more plastic and more food waste, according to new research. The U.K.-based sustainability nonprofit Wrap, looked at the sales of five fresh fruit and vegetable items over an 18-month period. It found that sales of items wrapped in plastic at retail, […]