August 2017 Green Queen Scoop: Your Global Health News Roundup

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A Chain That Wants To Be The McDonald’s Of Vegan Fast Food Is Preparing For A $13 Million International Takeover

A vegan fast-food chain is winning over omnivores across the US. Now, it’s ready to take on the rest of the world. By Chloe is planning to open its first location outside of the US in…

‘Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle’ Is Chinese Consumers’ Top Priority

‘Achieving a healthy lifestyle’ is Chinese consumers’ top priority Achieving a healthy lifestyle continues to be Chinese consumers’ top priority, according to new research published by…

American Medical Association Passes Resolution: Hospitals Should Provide Plant-Based Meals And Remove Cancer-Causing Processed Meats

WASHINGTON-The American Medical Association’s House of Delegates has adopted a resolution calling on hospitals to provide plant-based meals and remove processed meats from menus.

4 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Eating Organic

The organic food industry is a booming business, and with the recent sale of natural-foods giant Whole Foods to Amazon, it’s expected to grow even larger in the near future. While some…

Vegan Burger That Bleeds Impossible Foods Closes A $75 Million Investment After Achieving Key Milestones

Impossible Foods, the only burger that smells, cooks and tastes like ground beef but is made entirely from plants, has closed $75 million in funding.

More Clues Link Immune System Imbalance With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

After a 5-month road trip across Asia in 2010, 22-year-old college graduate Matthew Lazell-Fairman started feeling constantly tired, his muscles sore and head aching. A doctor recommended…

What Would Happen If Everyone Ate Beans Instead Of Beef

With one dietary change, the U.S. could hypothetically get 74 percent of the way to meeting 2020 greenhouse-gas emission goals.

These Sheets Are Made With Just Three Things: Cotton, Rainwater, And Wind Power

It has such a reassuring, healthy ring to it: organic cotton. Falling asleep at night, you imagine that amid organic sheets, you’ll experience a more restful, chemical-free slumber. And…

If There Ever Were A Time For Vegan Vending Machines, It Is Now

A new company is looking to plant vegan vending machines in strategic locations across the US, and it’s got more than $2.2 million in seed money to get started. These aren’t the same sort…

Millennials Are Investing With A Purpose, And It’s Changing Wealth Management

The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. If you’ve been paying attention to your social media feeds or most news outlets, it should be pretty clear to you…

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