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Allie Rooke

British Australian beauty-addict Allie Rooke has spent most of her career in Asia working for the likes of Chanel, L’Oreal and Burberry, building up her extensive industry experience. A clean beauty convert, Allie founded a business strategy consultancy to help her favourite brands enter and expand across the Asian region.

How to Find The Best Sunscreens: Reef Safe, Non-Toxic, and Effective

3 Mins Read What factors should you consider when choosing the best natural sunscreen? We all have different priorities, but below are a few options that include what should be priorities for everyone: reef safe, non-toxic, and effective sunscreens. Before we jump into the products, why should you care about mineral sunscreen, and why are they preferable over […]

Animal Testing In China: The Road To Market For Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands

4 Mins Read Clean Beauty Columnist Allie Rooke talks you through everything you need to know about entering the China beauty market without testing on animals. She also shares updates on the latest regulatory changes and offers up her view on whether China will ever ban animal testing for good. These days, the most burning question on most […]

Clean Beauty Monthly: Where To Find The Best Natural K-Beauty Brands

5 Mins Read Korea is arguably the beauty capital of Asia. For years now, K-Beauty brands have been pumping out innovative, fun and affordable products. They are famous for setting global beauty trends: the sleeping mask, the compact cushion and the sheet mask all originated in Korea. Their speed of new product output has not been matched anywhere […]