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Amy Buxton

A long-term committed ethical vegan and Green Queen's resident plant-based reporter, Amy juggles raising a family and maintaining her editorial career, while also campaigning for increased mental health awareness in the professional world. Known for her love of searing honesty, in addition to recipe developing, animal welfare and (often lacklustre) attempts at handicrafts, she’s hands-on and guided by her veganism in all aspects of life. She’s also extremely proud to be raising a next-generation vegan baby.

The 7 Best Vegan Books To Ease Into Eating Less Meat

5 Mins Read Want to eat less meat? Read a book, first. If you want the facts about meat consumption, and some practical tips on how to reduce yours, and even a few recipes to get you started, the following eight vegan books will get you there. Best of all, if you start to feel overwhelmed, you can […]

5 Reasons Besides Its Delicious Vegan Chicken That Will Make You Fall In Love With Atlas Monroe

4 Mins Read Atlas Monroe is a California-based startup that focuses on delivering succulent plant-based meats with comfort food flavours. Known for its vegan fried chicken, Atlas Monroe was propelled to fame, following founder Deborah Torres’ appearance on Shark Tank. From founder Torres’ iron-clad will to what many call the best friend chicken, animal or plant-based, that they’ve […]

5 UK Vegan Burger Chains That Give Fast Food a Run for Its Money

4 Mins Read There are a host of permanently vegan burger chains popping up across the U.S. Get acquainted with each, as they all have their own niche. There’s every reason to want to indulge in a quick burger. But if you’re looking to switch up the beef for something healthier, there are plenty of options to turn […]

What Is Earth Day? (And Does It Really Matter?)

5 Mins Read Earth Day is more than just a social media trend. A global event that encourages environmentalism, it has become synonymous with eco mobilisation and addressing the imbalance in the world.  Falling on April 22nd every year, Earth Day is in the diaries of climate activists, vegans, and conscious consumers everywhere, but is it important? Does […]

10 A-List Celebrity Investors That Have a Stake In Vegan Protein

5 Mins Read From Natalie Portman to Drake, celebrities are investing in vegan brands, products, and services out to change the world. Property and Rolexes have been superseded as savvy investments for the rich and famous. Now, it’s all about who can invest in the most innovative future food company. From plant-based protein to cultivated meat, the alt-protein […]

The 7 Best Vegan Shark Tank Pitches

5 Mins Read These seven Shark Tank appearances proved significant for plant-based entrepreneurs and made for exciting viewing. ABC’s Shark Tank has become synonymous with cutthroat deals and investors circling for prime opportunities. As consumer demand for vegan foods increases, the panel of experienced entrepreneurs, particularly Mark Cuban, alongside a range of celebrity guest investors, have shown greater […]

Love Dunkin’ Donuts? Try These 7 Vegan Donut Shops

4 Mins Read Dunkin’ is an institution. If you love all things bready, fried and covered in sprinkles, but struggle to find vegan options, you’re in luck. Vegan donut shops are indeed a thing, and they rival the donut king. The following companies have all identified the gap in the market for authentic donuts made without any animal […]

What Is The Degrowth Movement And Why Should You Care?

4 Mins Read Have we consumed our way to a climate crisis? Our entire economy is based on growth indicators and well, not all growth is good. That’s the underlying message of the degrowth movement—a term used to encapsulate political, social, and economic actions designed to sustain our existence on the planet.   To some observers, the degrowth […]

10 Trends Shaping Eco Travel: Exploration Meets Ethics

5 Mins Read Following covid, travellers are shifting towards ‘planet-first’ destinations and meaningful eco-travel experiences. Globally, aviation accounts for around 2.5 percent of carbon emissions and 1.9 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, reports In its recent seventh annual Sustainable Travel Report, released late last year, the travel platform looked at data from 30,314 individuals across 32 […]

5 Latinx Vegan Food Brands We are Obsessed With

4 Mins Read Vegan food is always a great alternative to the unsustainable food system, but know what’s even better? Vegan food that excites and surprises the tastebuds. Latin America’s collection of vibrant countries turn out a plethora of memorable vegan foods. From Mexican spiced fruit jerky to sustainable Ecuadorian protein powder, you’re going to start campaigning for […]

5 Chinese Vegan Instagram Chefs You Need To Follow

4 Mins Read The following five Chinese vegan innovators will have you reaching for the bok choy before you can say compliments to the chef. As a source of inspiration, Instagram is hard to beat. Especially when it comes to cooking. Swipe through instructions, gorgeous pictures, and helpful videos all make embracing a new cuisine so easy. Even […]

6 Female Scientists Making the World More Sustainable

7 Mins Read Scientific research might be considered a male-dominated arena, but it’s time to recognise that there are plenty of female pioneers to celebrate. Strong women who identified a niche or subject that was ripe for further exploration have led the charge for progress for centuries. The following scientific powerhouses have made leaps in their respective fields […]

10 Pro Vegan Female Olympic Athletes Redefining the Game

5 Mins Read There’s a world of plant-based female-identifying Olympic competitors to be inspired by, across a broad spectrum of disciplines.  The rise of the professional vegan athlete is impossible to ignore, but step away from high-profile celebrity sportspeople such as Lewis Hamilton and the William’s sisters for a minute. From running to surfing and everything in between, […]

5 Black Female Entrepreneurs Changing the Vegan Food Industry

4 Mins Read Great food speaks for itself, and it tastes even better when it’s supporting Black women’s businesses. Each entrepreneur featured here was founded on a desire to bring healthy, nourishing food to every community and was born out of a personal vegan journey. The following five women have put more than just plant-based ingredients into their […]

4 Staple African Pantry Ingredients to Elevate Your Plant-Based Cooking

6 Mins Read African cuisine is full of super grains, surprising grasses, and protein-rich ingredients that will elevate your palate. Not only are these foods healthy, but buying them can also support developing economies — and sourcing them is as simple as a click online.  The following are some of the most versatile African pantry staples to start […]

The 5 Best Vegan Burger Chains To Help You Through Your McDonald’s Withdrawal

5 Mins Read If the McDonald’s McPlant didn’t set your heart on fire, and you’re looking to make the switch away from massive chain fast-food and embrace a vegan twist, you have to know about the following vegan burger chains. Looking for the ultimate vegan cheeseburger? We’ve got you covered. Interested in supporting Black-owned businesses? Come this way. […]

The 7 Best IKEA Vegan Food Options To Eat In-Store And At Home

5 Mins Read IKEA has made notable commitments to increasing its vegan food ranges. It is upping the plant-based stakes in its restaurants, at its takeaway counters, and in the food halls. But which items are worth trying? Pledging to make its menus all 50 percent plant-based by 2025, IKEA is offering consumers access to more sustainable choices. […]