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Corie Chu

Corie Chu is a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), Numerologist, Intuitive Energy Healer, Meditation Facilitator and Wellness Enthusiast. Corie has taught internationally, at Hong Kong's Largest Outdoor Wellness Festival, IRIS: Your Escape, The Garden Gathering, The Yoga Room, Naked Hub, WeWork, Reiki Rays’ Online Healing Summit, and with various wellness brand partners such as Caelum Greene. She has also been featured as a "Master of Wellness" at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. Corie spent most of her life living in Los Angeles and moved back to Hong Kong to get in touch with her roots. When she's not facilitating private energy healing sessions, numerology consultations or teaching classes at Corie Chu Healing, her studio based in Central, she loves writing, discovering new ways to promote our well-being and drinking tea. You can follow her on her wellness adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Healing Energies: What Is Craniosacral Therapy (CST)?

3 Mins Read Following last month’s piece about Reiki, our resident alternative therapy columnist Corie Chu continues her energy healing modality series with an in-depth look into Craniosacral Therapy, which is especially helpful for those who have had severe bodily injuries.  You may have heard of craniosacral therapy if you’ve had to see a physiotherapist to help with […]

Healing Energies: What Is Reiki & How Can It Help You?

2 Mins Read As part of my Healing Energies column, I will be spotlighting various types of energy healing modalities and exploring them in more depth. Up first is Reiki, arguably the most popular form of energy healing, which has been around for almost a century though it has yet to find worldwide acceptance as a standard healing […]