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The Good Food Institute India (GFI India) is a part of an international network of nonprofits spanning Brazil, Israel, U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific. Since our establishment in 2017, GFI India has rapidly emerged as the central thought leader and convening body in the space of plant-based, cultivated and fermentation-based meat, eggs, and dairy that are collectively known as the "alternative protein" or the "smart protein" sector, working with scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, and food corporations to reimagine the food system, where consumers have the option of choosing the most delicious and nutritious foods for their bodies and the planet, based on taste, price, and convenience. GFI India's expert teams dedicated to Science and Technology, Corporate Engagement and Policy have worked on ecosystem building activities like organizing national summits, formed partnerships with large food and ingredient companies, disseminated open access scientific information via white papers and webinars, and stimulated world-leading alternative protein research by engaging with universities and the government.

Q&A With Supplant Foods: “We Can Get Delicious, Nutritious & Cost-Effective Protein Without Slaughter”

8 Mins Read Chirag Sabunani of Supplant Foods is deploying material science expertise to create unique plant ingredients, and taking a deeper look at food formulation with novel products like chickpea flour, and understanding how texture plays a key role in making meat ‘meaty’. Supplant’s mission is to supply these ingredients to plant-based companies across the world, and […]

Q&A w/ BVeg Foods: “We Want To Become An End-To-End Solution Provider For The Plant-Based Industry”

9 Mins Read BVeg Foods aims to become a trusted and high quality co-manufacturer and distributor for plant-based meats both locally and globally as they building ecosystem fundamentals in India by addressing white space opportunities. By: The Good Food Institute India Innovation Specialist Shardul Dabir If the global plant-based foods industry is going to continue growing at its […]

Q&A With Myoworks: “In India The Transformation Will Be From Butcher To Cell-Lab & Beyond”

8 Mins Read Indian entrepreneurs like Myoworks Co-Founder Shubhankar Takle can power the country’s cultivated meat transformation. By: Good Food Institute India innovation specialist Nicole Rocque and Shardul Dabir As the global alternative protein sector continues to go from strength to strength, what’s perhaps most exciting to us across GFI’s network of nonprofits is the emergence of ‘tools’ […]