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Jill Ettinger

Jill Ettinger is the co-founder of Ethos, a digital and e-commerce platform focused on personal and planetary sustainability through a luxury lens.

How Mosa Meat Ditched Fetal Bovine Serum and Bioengineering In Its Cultivated Meat

3 Mins Read Leading cultivated meat brand Mosa Meat has made public how it replaced the controversial growth medium, fetal bovine serum, without genetically altering cells. The findings are published in the journal Nature Food. “Today, we are excited to share that we have published a peer-reviewed article in Nature Food which reveals how we achieve muscle differentiation […]

Levi’s Launches Recycled 501 Jeans Made From Liquefied Old Jeans

3 Mins Read Your next pair of Levi’s 501 jeans could come from a liquefied pair of old Levi’s as the company aims to bring more circularity to its supply chain. A chemical process dissolves Levi’s denim and turns that into a new fabric that’s used to create new jeans, according to the iconic jeans brand. It’s now […]

Send Your Old Timberland Shoes Back So the Company Make Them New Again

3 Mins Read Even the best hiking boots can take a beating. But before you throw your Timberlands out, you might want to check out Timberloop, the new take-back program launching online and in stores across the U.S. Outdoor giant Timberland says it will take back used footwear, clothing, and accessories to refurbish, recycle, or reuse in new […]

New Data Show Brits Overwhelmingly Interested In Consuming Alternative Protein

3 Mins Read One-third of UK consumers are open to trying cultivated meat, and 60 percent said they would try plant-based protein, according to new Food Standards Agency (FSA) data. The new study surveyed nearly 2,000 adults ages 16-75 about their willingness to consume plant-based proteins and cultivated meat, with plant-based meat showing strong potential for mainstream acceptance. Survey findings […]

Domino’s and Pizza Hut Expand Vegan Options for Veganuary

3 Mins Read The vegan launches continue to roll in during the first week of Veganuary. The latest: U.S.-based pizza chains Domino’s and Pizza Hut have added vegan options including vegan pepperoni and vegan Buffalo chicken. Domino’s has launched its first vegan pepperoni pizza in the UK, which it’s calling PepperoNAY. The new pies are available across all […]

Leading Cream Cheese Brand Philadelphia Launches Its First Dairy-Free Spread

3 Mins Read Popular U.S.-based cream cheese brand Philadelphia has launched its first dairy-free offering, Philadelphia Plant Based. The new cheese is coming to Tesco stores across the U.K. After a late holiday season effort to convince its customers not to make cheesecakes in the wake of a cream cheese shortage, the Philadelphia brand now has a viable […]

Spain Urged to Reduce Meat Consumption to Fight Climate Change

3 Mins Read Spain’s consumer affairs minister Alberto Garzón is once again urging the country to reduce its consumption of meat, especially beef, to help curb climate change and save the country’s tourism industry from desertification linked to factory farming. Last July, Spain’s consumer affairs minister Alberto Garzón urged the country to reduce its meat intake. The fourth […]

Beyond Vegan Chicken Is Coming to Every U.S. KFC Location: ‘It’s Time’

3 Mins Read Popular U.S. fried chicken chain KFC is launching vegan chicken in all U.S. locations beginning January 10th, for a limited time. The announcement overlaps with the popular month-long Veganuary campaign. KFC operates nearly 4,000 locations across the U.S. In an extended partnership with Beyond Meat, which produced KFC’s first vegan U.S. offering in 2019, the […]

Ready to Go Vegan for Veganuary? These 101 Reasons Should Help.

3 Mins Read You may choose to go vegan for your health, the planet, or the billions of animals slaughtered each year for food. They’re all good reasons to move meat and dairy off of your plate for Veganuary and make room for plant-based food instead.  Vegan food is everywhere these days. From the fresh, whole foods at […]

In the Race to Fix Our Food System, Vegan Chicken Is Poised for Victory

8 Mins Read From nuggets to sandwiches to vegan chicken restaurants, a plant-based chicken revolution is coming, and it could have big implications for our complicated protein industry. Chicken is now a top priority for vegan meat producers. And it all started in the most unlikely, but most fitting, of places: KFC. In 2019, fast-food chicken giant KFC […]

With Veganuary, All Eyes Are (Still) On Vegan Meat

4 Mins Read As Veganuary anticipates its largest number of participants for 2022, the vegan meat market continues to be a top priority for consumers and the industry. More than 300,000 people have already signed on for Veganuary, the month-long campaign that encourages people to go vegan for their health and the planet for all of January. With […]

What Is Tempeh? The Indonesian Vegan Protein Benefits Explained

5 Mins Read Haven’t heard of tempeh yet? This vegan protein is full of benefits for you and the planet. Here’s what to know. When you think of vegan protein, a few culprits usually come to mind: beans, maybe tofu (technically a bean). Or maybe you think of something like a Beyond or Impossible Burger, both of which […]

How to Make the Most of Your Vegan Holiday Dinner Leftovers

3 Mins Read Need a little vegan holiday dinner leftover inspiration? From the Friends‘ “moist maker” sandwich to DIY pierogies, try these delicious plant-based ideas. So you ate too many Christmas cookies and didn’t save an appetite for Christmas dinner. It happens to the best of Santa’s elves. Don’t toss the roast and sides just yet though! Here’s […]

How Amazon’s Plastic Problem Got Worse During Covid

3 Mins Read Plastic packaging use increased for Amazon by nearly 33 percent during the last year of the pandemic, according to new findings.  Online orders from the largest e-tailer in the Western world increased 38 percent in 2020 due to the pandemic, and according to a new report from Oceana, that’s a big problem for our oceans.  […]

Evicting Livestock From the Netherlands to Curb Nitrogen Emissions: Will It Work?

4 Mins Read In a first of its kind move aimed at reducing nitrogen pollution levels, the Netherlands says it has earmarked €25 billion to decrease its livestock populations. Dutch officials say too much animal manure is causing widespread pollution and contributing to climate change. The Netherlands is home to 100 million cattle, chickens, and pigs—more than four […]

Pollution from Fossil Fuels Increase Infertility Rates for Men and Women, Study Finds

2 Mins Read Fossil fuel pollution is putting our future in jeopardy by contributing to climate change. But scientists say there’s another risk factor, too: increased infertility rates.  According to a new study published in the journal Nature Reviews Endocrinology, childbirth rates have been declining for the last half-century, overlapping with the beginning of the Industrial Age. The […]

10 Vegan Holiday Mains From the Pre-Made Roasts to the Best Recipes

5 Mins Read Dig into these delicious vegan holiday mains you can get at your local supermarket, order online, or make at home. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing more magical about the holidays than gathering around the table with the people who matter most. These precious moments are the real gifts, after all. They’re also […]

A Microbial Evolutionary Response to Microplastic: Learn How to Eat It

3 Mins Read Microbes found in oceans and soil are showing evolutionary adaptations that allow them to digest microplastic—and this could help fight plastic pollution. Microbes have long been early adopters of evolution—credit their short life spans, and significant generational changes can take place inside of a single day. Now, it seems, they’re evolving to tackle one of […]