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Jill Ettinger

Jill Ettinger is Green Queen's resident climate editor. She is the co-founder of Ethos, the first digital and luxury e-commerce platform focused on personal and planetary sustainability. For more information, visit

Ecovado Targets the Avocado Environmental Impact: Will Consumers Buy It?

2 Mins Read We all know what happened in February when the U.S. temporarily halted imports of avocados from Mexico just ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. Could a sustainable faux avocado be the answer to that and avocado environmental impact? Meet Ecovado. Made from a mixture of broad beans, hazelnuts, apples, and canola oil, a Central Saint Martins […]

Nestlé Eyes National Fast-Food Opportunity for Its Vegan Burgers With Nomoo

3 Mins Read Could multinational food giant Nestlé become the first name in vegan fast food burgers? With its newest partnership with plant-based burger chain Nomoo, that could be the case. California-based vegan burger restaurant Nomoo says it plans on being the fastest-growing vegan franchise in the U.S. Its new partnership with Nestlé is aimed at further streamlining […]

Impossible Foods Debuts Vegan Chicken Nuggets In Asia With Hong Kong Launch

3 Mins Read Bay Area vegan meat brand Impossible Foods is debuting its chicken nuggets in Asia with a Hong Kong launch this month. Impossible Foods entered the chicken wars last year with its vegan nuggets across the U.S. Burger King trialed the nuggets at locations in Iowa, Boston, and Miami last year. Earlier this summer, Impossible debuted […]

Eating Red Meat Linked to 22% Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

3 Mins Read New research links chemicals produced in the gut after consuming red meat to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), which is produced by gut microbes in the meat digestion process, has already been linked to a greater risk of cardiovascular disease. Research in 2019 found that eating red meat daily triples heart […]

A New Approach to Soil Health: 2 Crops Stand Out for Rewilding

4 Mins Read Rewilding polluted land can help to heal soil, promote biodiversity, and sequester carbon. Two plants stand out, according to new research. According to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), more than 75 percent of Earth’s land areas are substantially degraded, putting pressure on global food supplies for a population on its way to […]

At $30 Million, Vertical Farm Spread Co. Sets Japan’s Series A Record High

2 Mins Read Marking the largest single fundraising for food tech in Japan, vertical farming giant Spread has secured $30 million (¥4 billion) in its Series A. The Kyoto-based vertical farming operation is not new to the food space. It’s been focused on sustainably grown produce for city dwellers, which it markets under the Vegetus umbrella, since 2007. […]

How Brexit, Climate Change, and Covid Helped Break the U.K.’s Food System

4 Mins Read In its flagship report on the state of the U.K.’s food system, The Food Foundation reveals struggles across the country in the wake of Brexit, covid, and the ongoing impact of climate change. “The Broken Plate” report from the Food Foundation reveals a broken post-Brexit food system across the U.K., with the poorest 20 percent […]

Zero Acre Farms and Lypid Bring Their Designer Vegan Fats to Market

3 Mins Read More than 500 Louisa Coffee shops across Taiwan now offer vegan burgers made with Lypid’s proprietary vegan PhytoFat. And after months in stealth mode, Zero Acre Farms brings its cultured oil to market. With a taste and texture that replicates animal fat, Taiwan’s largest coffee chain now offers six new menu items featuring Lypid’s PhytoFat, […]

New Research Says a Plant-Based Diet Is Best for Humans and the Planet

3 Mins Read What’s the healthiest diet for humans? And the healthiest diet for the planet? New research says they’re one and the same: a plant-based diet. The Mediterranean Diet continues to top the best diet list put out by U.S. News and World Report every year for its focus on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and moderate […]

‘No Part of the Plant Is Left Out’: Tech Startup Creates Waste-Free Protein

3 Mins Read Gavan Technologies, an Israel-based food tech startup, says it has developed a “waste-free” extraction method for plant-based protein. “Our new, multistep technological platform enables us to take any plant source, isolate and extricate multiple proteins and other valuable components until the source is fully consumed,” Itai Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Gavan, said in a […]

The Price Gap Between Plant-Based And Conventional Meat Is Shrinking, New Analysis Finds

3 Mins Read New findings published by ProVeg Netherlands show pricing between meat and alternative protein is shrinking. ProVeg Netherlands Worked with Questionmark on the pricing analysis across Dutch grocery stores. The researchers looked at 36 different products with comparable portion size. The group says while prices will vary by supermarket and product, the same trend “can be […]

Huue Closes a $14.6 Million Series A to Disrupt Denim Dyeing

3 Mins Read Synthetic bio startup Huue has raised $14.6 million in a Series A funding round for what it says is the world’s first clean and scalable indigo dye for denim. “The world can’t wait for sustainable solutions, and consumers are starting to hold their favorite brands accountable for using eco-friendly materials in their products,” Michelle Zhu, […]

How Wunderkern’s Stone Fruit Pit Vegan Ice Cream Is Tackling Food Waste

3 Mins Read No longer a guilty pleasure—vegan ice cream is now a way to combat food waste, according to Austrian food tech startup Wunderkern. The Vienna and Lower Austria-based Wunderkern, founded in 2019 by Michael Beitl, Luca Fichtinger, Fabian Wagesreither, and Sebastian Jeschko, says it’s using stone fruit pits in the best way possible. By turning them […]

The Good Food Accelerator Program Brings $10 Million In Solutions to China’s Food System

3 Mins Read Over the next three years, DayDayCook and Brinc will invest $10 million in 45 food tech companies working to address global food sustainability, specifically bringing game-changing tech to Asia’s food systems. Applications are now being accepted for the next cohort of the Good Food Accelerator Program led by venture accelerator Brinc and content-to-commerce culinary platform, […]

Why Pearlita Foods Set Out to Make the First Cultivated Oyster Meat

5 Mins Read Are lab-grown oysters coming to a plate near you? That’s the hope for Nikita Michelsen and marine biologist Joey Peters, the co-founders behind the cultivated oyster meat seafood startup, Pearlita Foods. For now, though, they’re starting with vegan oysters made from mushrooms and seaweed. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based startup is working to develop cultivated oysters—Pearlita […]