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Nathalie Kientz Ibanez

Nathalie Kientz Ibanez is Hong Kong based mother of two young kids who hails from Paris. A Low Waste Living Activist, Nathalie is committed to raising awareness about the impact our modern lifestyle choices have on our planet and to help people transform daily rituals into conscious choices. On her Instagram page @Respectful_living and website, she shares simple tips, thoughts and safe alternatives to products we use every day as individuals and as a family.

GREEN @ COMMUNITY: A Complete Guide To Hong Kong’s New Recycling Stores

8 Mins Read The city’s landfills are running out of space and we need to reduce our waste ASAP- that’s the general idea behind the latest waste separation programme set up by the Hong Kong government, which takes in 8 types of recyclables including papers, metals, plastics, glass bottles, regulated electrical equipment, small electrical appliances, fluorescent lamps and […]