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Riya Sinha

Riya Sinha is passionate about using the power of food and agricultural technology to reinvent our industrial food system. She loves cooking, eating, and experimenting with foods from all over the world, and is always looking to discover new, innovative products. Riya is currently pursuing a degree in both Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and Urban Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

What Is Sustainability? And Why Does It Matter?

4 Mins Read Meaningless buzzword or key survival concept? “Sustainability” is more important than ever before – but what does it even mean? Today, googling “sustainability” turns up over 1.65 billion results. We have become so obsessed with this concept that “sustainability” has quickly become a trendy, meaningless buzzword: businesses love to advertise their sustainable practices, while climate […]

Environmental Impact of Food Not the Same Around the World, New Report Finds

5 Mins Read A newly-released report details the environmental footprint of global food production and suggests diet impact is dependent on geography. A new report authored by Benjamin Halpern, executive director at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) and professor at UCSB’s Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, was published in the peer-reviewed journal […]

Northern Wonder Launches Climate-Friendly, Beanless Coffee To Fight Deforestation

4 Mins Read Beanless coffee pods for your Nespresso machine? Northern Wonder is brewing just that: an innovative, alternative coffee product made sans beans to combat deforestation.  Coffee Free Coffee? Northern Wonder, a European food technology company based in the Netherlands and founded by David Klingen, Bas Franse, Andreas Giel, and Onno Franse, is on a mission to […]