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Sally Ho

Sally Ho is Green Queen's resident writer and lead reporter. Passionate about the environment, social issues and health, she is always looking into the latest climate stories in Hong Kong and beyond. A long-time vegan, she also hopes to promote healthy and plant-based lifestyle choices in Asia. Sally has a background in Politics and International Relations from her studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Thailand IPO: First Plant-Based Company Listing As Vegan Trend Takes Over

3 Mins Read As Thailand’s plant-based industry continues to surge, from mainstream food chains launching meatless dishes to the emergence of homegrown food techs developing vegan meat alternatives for local consumers, the latest news to indicate the unstoppable trend is the country’s first-ever plant-based company IPO. Earlier this month, NR Instant Produce Pcl, a company creating jackfruit-based vegan […]

5 Ways Conscious Consumption Is Driving The Resale Fashion Boom

3 Mins Read Sustainability is a hot topic in fashion right now, as the industry grapples with its reputation as one of the most polluting in the world. Consumers, in search for more eco-friendly ways to shop, are looking for alternatives that leave behind a lighter footprint – and this is driving the growth of resale fashion, which […]

Bottle-Fed Babies Ingesting ‘Millions’ Of Microplastics Every Day, New Study Finds

3 Mins Read Bottle-fed babies could be consuming millions of microplastic particles per day, according to new research unveiling the level of human exposure to plastic. The high-temperature process for sterilising plastic bottles and preparing milk formula worryingly causes far greater amounts of microplastics to be released, as well as trillions of even smaller sized particles known as […]

EU Votes To Keep Veggie Burger Labels But Deals A Blow For Plant-Based Dairy

5 Mins Read The European Union has voted against proposals that would have banned plant-based products from being labelled with “meaty” terms such as burgers and sausages. While the decisive vote to keep veggie burgers on the menu was hailed a win for plant-based meat makers, the EU also “tied the hands” of plant-based dairy producers, backing the […]

Disney’s Robert Iger Joins Board Of Animal-Free Dairy Startup Perfect Day

3 Mins Read Animal-free dairy makers Perfect Day has recently announced that Robert Iger, former CEO and current executive chairman of The Walt Disney Company has joined the startup’s board of directors. Filling the first founder-designated board seat along with the Perfect Day’s co-founders, Iger will support the company’s rapid expansion and commercialisation plans within the next year.  […]

Alt Protein Expert & IndieBio CSO Says ‘Lab-Grown Meat Is Scaling Like The Internet’

3 Mins Read Lab-grown meat is scaling like the internet, in the words of Ron Shigeta. He’s the co-founder of science accelerator IndieBio, former chief scientific officer of plant-based pet food brand Wild Earth, current resident scientist of early-stage startup venture capital Babel Ventures and consultant for Clara Foods, the fermentation company creating eggs without chickens – just […]

Veganuary Celebrates 1 Million Participant As Plant-Based Diet Goes Mainstream

3 Mins Read Veganuary, the U.K.-based campaign encouraging people to eat vegan for the month of January, has just hit the 1 million supporter mark since its inception in 2014. The achievement is testament to the growing plant-based trend, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which has sent consumers all over the world looking for healthier, […]

Scramble To The Top: 6 Food Tech Pioneers Making Eggs From Plants

5 Mins Read While meat alternatives tend to get the lion’s share of the spotlight when it comes to the food tech world, many have overlooked alternatives for one of the most convenient and affordable animal proteins in the world – eggs. Aside from being a key in-demand source of animal protein, eggs happen to be notoriously difficult […]

Thai App Yindii Matches Consumer w/ Discount Boxes That Fight Food Waste

3 Mins Read Bangkok-based startup Yindii has just launched a new mobile app that will help combat food waste in the city. It connects consumers with restaurants and cafés, who will offer “flash sales” on the platform to purchase food that would otherwise go to waste for a discounted price. Users can choose to pick up their orders […]

Cariuma Launches New Long-Lasting Vegan & Carbon-Neutral Sneakers

3 Mins Read Brazilian eco sneaker brand Cariuma has added a brand new sneaker to its sustainable shoe line-up. Called the IBI High, the new shoes are vegan-friendly, carbon-neutral and features a water repellent upper. As with the brand’s environmentally-friendly philosophy, the shoes are also designed to be long-lasting in terms of both physical durability and style to […]

Leaders Of Tomorrow: 2020 GEN T List Features 6 Asia Alt Protein Trailblazers For The First Time

5 Mins Read Launched by Tatler Asia, the annual Generation T (Gen.T) list recognises 400 figures who are shaping the region’s future, from founders and entrepreneurs to tech gurus and creatives who are working to drive positive impact. Last year saw Green Queen’s founder and editor-in-chief featured as a Gen.T honouree for her work in advancing sustainability alongside […]

Latin America’s Alt Protein Scene Is Hot Right Now, Here’s What You Need To Know

7 Mins Read The appetite for alternative proteins is reaching new heights all over the world, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which has kicked off even greater consumer enthusiasm and investor interest in the fast-growing food tech world where entrepreneurs are racing to develop safer, more sustainable, and healthier proteins to meet rising demand. Latin […]

Agri-Tech Asia: These 9 Sustainable Startups Are Fixing Our Food Systems

5 Mins Read At the upcoming Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit taking place virtually November 18-20 this year, nine exciting Asia-based startups will be pitching their sustainable technologies that will help build up our food system’s resilience to crises in the post-pandemic world. The cohort, selected for their groundbreaking solutions that range from mobile farming apps to alternative proteins, […]