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Smita J

Smita J is passionate about sustainability and the environment. A lover of the outdoors, she is an avid scuba diver, rock climber and hiker. Spending time in nature forged her understanding of how humans are altering our natural environment to satisfy our endless needs and wants. A former engineer, she currently works in sustainable agriculture as well as being a frequent marine conservation project volunteer. She is experienced in running workshops on Environmental Management, Sustainable Practices and Low Waste Living. As well as being a dedicated low waster, she is currently pursuing technical diving in her free time. Follow her zero waste experiments on Instagram at @iquitwaste.

I Quit Waste: The Carbon Footprint Of Plastic – Shame On Us

4 Mins Read Waste activist and Green Queen columnist Smita J gets down and dirty with some plastic-free maths. Her conclusion? When it comes to personal care, we’re drowning in plastic emissions and we’re underestimating how much impact our personal choices have. Disposable plastic has been finally linked to climate crisis through a study in a massive report […]

I Quit Waste: Privileged Veganism & The Fetishization of Native Foods

4 Mins Read Banana Blossom Fish & Chips? No thank you, says Columnist Smita J. Editor’s Update: This piece has ignited much discussion, which we are thrilled about. In one such discussion, a friendly soul pointed out to that it could be read as an attack on veganism, which we are not thrilled about. At Green Queen, we […]

I Quit Waste: Can You Really Offset Your Carbon Emissions?

5 Mins Read Welcome to our new Monthly Column I Quit Waste with Malaysia-based sustainability expert and waste activist Smita J. In each issue, she will asks the big questions and tackle complex environmental issues around the choices we make every day. In her first column, she looks deeper into carbon offsetting. Unless you have been living under […]