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7 Singapore Restaurants With Plant-Based Dishes An Omnivore Would Love

8 Mins Read I hate veggies. I’ve never liked them and would never order them at restaurants. OK, maybe not all veggies – I am partial to French beans, carrots, watercress – but only my grandma’s watercress pork rib soup – peas, enoki mushroom and potatoes. Everything else in the vegetable category: no, thanks. Growing up, vegetables always […]

Where To Enjoy A Plant-Based Chinese New Year: The Best Omnipork Menus

5 Mins Read Lunar New Year food can be a treat for vegans, too, thanks to plant-based meat alternatives, such as Omnipork served at some great Hong Kong restaurants. Turnip pudding, yee sang, poon choi … There is no doubt that food is of great importance when it comes to the Lunar New Year celebrations. Yet whoever said […]

Wellness Getaways: Four Asian Spas To Try For Guaranteed Relaxation

4 Mins Read Hong Kong’s Chuan Spa uses a traditional Chinese approach – or why not fly to the Maldives, Cambodia or Phuket for an Instagrammable wellness getaway? Chuan Spa, Cordis Hotel, Hong Kong The soul-soothing treatment at Chuan Spa makes use of Chinese medical therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history – and it’s effective. Chuan […]