Bathroom Swaps: Support #Local Business w/ These Zero Waste Alternatives

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Since lockdown measures have gotten stricter, we all need more home projects. We also need to help our local brands or they won’t survive. Plus, we all could do with being more environmentally responsible – have you seen the latest stats about our global plastic waste crisis? It’s terrifying. So below, we share bathroom swaps to make Every single product in our roundup is:

  • VEGAN: no animals will be harmed for my beauty needs (*note the below products are vegan, though a couple of the shops below do sell items that are not vegan)
  • LOCALLY MADE OR LOCALLY AVAILABLE: now’s the time to put your money where your heart is and support HONG KONG businesses, ditch Amazon
  • AVAILABLE ONLINE: cuz we are stuck at home for the most part
  • LOW WASTE: no plastic or single-use packaging
  • TOXIN-FREE: most commercial beauty products are actually no good for you, filled with toxic ingredients you should be avoiding- all the below are as ‘clean-label’ as we could find
  • PLANET FORWARD: ingredients that don’t cost the Earth or damage wildlife
  • WOMEN-OWNED: all the companies on this list have female founders and creators because that’s who we want to champion! (Also, women make over 85% of all household purchases worldwide, so wouldn’t women know best what families need?)
Soap Yummy’s ‘Wake Up in New York’ Soap Series

Swap Your Soap

Soap Yummy creates the most delicious-looking soaps around (in fact, when we first saw the soaps we thought they were real doughnuts!). This collection is charmingly dubbed ‘Wake Up in New York’ because the scents and ingredients used are a take on a typical Big Apple brekkie: bagels or doughnuts and coffee. Ocean-friendly, plastic-free and available to suit different skin types, these soaps are as gentle on the Earth as on your skin- they also contain at least 70% of high quality plant-based oil (plus water, ly and essential oils) to nourish and hydrate and the coffee ones have tiny ground beans so you can get a good scrub.

Get it on Soap Yummy’s Qraftie shop for HK$75

Coconut Matter Go Wild Live Free Coconut Body Butter

Swap Your Body Lotion

Coconit Matter’s luscious, creamy, moisturising body butter is like a warm towel wrapped around your skin- you only need a little cuz it’s so packed with goodness and the ingredient label foregoes petroleum derivatives, silicone, parabens, phtalates, fragrance and alchohol. The butter is also hypoallergenic, and if you check the reivews online you will see those with sensitive skin love it (especially those with eczema). Thanks to the steel metal tin, it’s also low-waste and easy to carry around.

Get it on Coconut Matter’s website for HK$202

ZeroYet100 Natural & Plastic-Free Deodorants

Swap Your Deodorant

ZeroYet100 is Hong Kong’s original natural and plastic-free deodorant stick and every time we see their pink and coloured paper tubes we get excited! All the sticks are aluminium-free and parabens-free and contain ingredients like moisturising coconut oil, cocoa seed butter and castor seed oil and absorbants like diatomaceous earth and arrowroot powder. These deos are tried and tested by everyone on our team and we can’t say enough good things- they 100% help your pits stay dry and odour-free.

Get it on ZeroYet100 website for HK$148

Big Island Zero Waste Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Swap Your Shampoo & Conditioner

Big Island Shampoo Bar offers zero waste vegan-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars handmade with gentle ingredients- they are soap-free (no sticky residue) and made from coconut based ingredients. They contain natural butters and oils, and will clean and condition without feeling heavy- no SLS, palm oil or wasteful plastic packaging. The shampoo & conditioner combo is HK$150 (or it’s HK$85 per bar) and all the scents are heavenly.

Shop on Big Island Shampoo Bar’s Facebook page for HK$150

Einnoc Toxin-Free Toothpaste

Swap Your Toothpaste

Einnoc makes a small selection of products but every one represents the founder’s quest to create the most natural and eco-friendly option out there- which is why you can be sure this toothpaste is the business. Free from SLS, aluminium, fluoride and artificial flavourings (all present in commercial toothpastes, can you believe what you are putting in your mouth?), this charcoal, baking soda and peppermint essential oil formula will keep your pearly whites clean and healthy every day.

Get it on Einnoc’s website for HK$95

Soaper’s Delight Tinted Mineral Sunblock Stick

Swap Your Sunscreen

Soaper’s Delight offers tinted broad spectrum (UVA+UVB) SPF 30 sunblock sticks that contain zinc and titanium oxide for full protection that comes in a biodegradable paper stick. They are vegan, coral-reef safe (don’t forget to protect marine wildlife when you buy sunscreen) and free of nasties like mineral oils or preservatives. It’s also safe for little faces and ideal for daily use.

Get it on Soaper’s Delight’s website for HK$150

Bubble & Spell Handmade Bath Bomb

Swap Your Bubble Bath

Bubble & Spell products are handmade locally by an Italian mama right here in Hong Kong. With everything going on these days, who doesn’t need a relaxing bath? If you’re lucky enough to have a tub, these bath bombs are, well, the bomb! They are huge (each is enough for at least two baths) and made from pink Himalaya salt, epsom salts, cocoa butter, shea butter and argan oil- a soothing and pampering blend that will fully hydrate your skin.

Get in on Bubble & Spell’s Qraftie shop for HK$ 100

Lead image Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

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