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Cauldron Raises AU$10.5 Million to Scale Australia’s Precision Fermentation ‘Fermaculture’

3 Mins Read Australian precision fermentation company Cauldron, has raised AU$10.5 million to build Asia-Pacific’s largest network of precision fermentation facilities using a revolutionary hyper-fermentation platform. Cauldron says its new platform, starting in Orange, New South Wales before expanding nationally, will enable mass-scale production of new forms of food, feed, and fiber, and unlock a $700 billion global […]

ChickP Debuts Cream Cheese and Cheddar Made From Chickpeas

2 Mins Read Israel-based food tech start-up, ChickP Protein, Ltd., has developed a chickpea isolate that can be used in making plant-based cheese. ChickP says its prototypes for chickpea-based cream cheese and firm cheddar cheese match the appearance and flavor of conventional cheese. Chickpea cheese “Flexitarians dominate the consumer market for dairy alternatives,” Liat Lachish Levy, CEO of […]

1999 To 2023: Expo West Then and Now

12 Mins Read I made my first visit to Expo West in 1999. More than two decades later, I take a look back. The way things change over time is fascinating. Watch any movie from the 1940s and you may find yourself astounded that people who look not so different from us today, lived completely different lives less […]

Oatly Snaps Up $425 Million In Fresh Funds and European McDonald’s Deal

3 Mins Read Following a string of quarterly losses, Sweden-based Oatly has raised $425 million in new funds to continue its expansion, that now includes a deal with McDonald’s. In a statement last week, Oatly Group AB said the $425 million comes in a deal with hedge fund Silver Point Capital LP for $125 million in a guaranteed […]

Miyoko Schinner Countersues Miyoko’s Alleging Sexism Led to Her Dismissal

3 Mins Read Ousted vegan cheesemaker and founder of Miyoko’s Creamery, Miyoko Schinner files countersuit against her former employer. Following her dismissal last June and the official public announcement that went viral last month, Miyoko Schinner, founder of vegan dairy brand Miyoko’s Creamery, has filed a countersuit against her former company, alleging that she was forced out after […]

How FÆRM Defied the Impossible to Make Plant-Based Cheese Just Like Dairy

3 Mins Read Danish food tech startup FÆRM, says it has developed a patented cheesemaking technology that mimics traditional dairy fermentation using rennet and cultures such as lactic acid bacteria. FÆRM makes its cheese by fermenting legume-based plant matrices that it turns into cheese without using additives, colorants, or flavorings. Its tech has made soy milk coagulate like […]

TurtleTree Debuts Its Fermentation-Derived Animal-Free ‘Pink Gold’ Lactoferrin

3 Mins Read TurtleTree, a global leader in animal-free functional dairy proteins, has announced the launch of the world’s first precision fermentation-derived lactoferrin. Known as “pink gold” for its high value and iron-rich pink hue, Singapore-based TurtleTree debuted the fermented animal-free LF+ product at an exclusive tasting event in San Francisco this week. LF+ is considered a highly […]

Precision Fermentation Leaders In Europe Form A Coalition To Advance Regulatory Approval

3 Mins Read European precision fermentation companies form the Food Fermentation Europe (FFE) alliance and call for speedy regulatory approval. The FFE aims to promote precision fermentation as a sustainable food framework. Founding members include Better Dairy, Formo, Imagindairy, Onego Bio, and Those Vegan Cowboys. According to Christian Poppe, the FFE spokesperson and global public affairs director with […]

Your Daily Cup of Coffee is Costly to the Planet. Here’s How to Fix It.

3 Mins Read By: Mark Maslin, Professor of Earth System Science, UCL and the Natural History Museum of Denmark & Carmen Nab, PhD Candidate in Environmental Science, UCL For many of us, coffee is essential. It allows us to function in the morning and gives a much needed boost during the day. But in new research, we revealed the effect that our favourite […]

77% of Consumers Will Try Precision Fermentation Once They Understand the Benefits, Survey Finds

3 Mins Read A new white paper released by the Hartman Group in partnership with precision fermentation leaders Perfect Day and Cargill takes the pulse on consumer attitudes toward food technology, chiefly precision fermentation. Entitled “Fermenting the Future: The Growing Opportunity for Products Made with Precision Fermentation,” the paper measures current consumer perceptions of food and technology. More […]

Terrific or Terrible? This Ice Cream Is Made Entirely Out of Cauliflower

3 Mins Read New Zealand-based EatKinda has debuted its vegan ice cream made from cauliflower at the popular pizza chain Hell Pizza. Cauliflower has earned significant street cred in recent years serving double duty as chickenless wings, low-carb rice, and even dairy-free cheese. But ice cream? Yes, even ice cream. Cauliflower ice cream The new cauliflower ice cream […]

Daisy Lab Closes a $1.5 Million Seed Round to Redirect Dairy-Dependent New Zealand

3 Mins Read The New Zealand-based women-led precision fermentation start-up, Daisy Lab, has successfully closed an oversubscribed Seed funding round. The NZD $1.5 million (USD $930,000) Seed investment was led by The Values Trust, Icehouse Ventures, and Outset Ventures. Daisy Lab says it will use the funding to scale up production of its microbial whey protein and continue […]

Anonymous Petitioner Challenges Perfect Day’s Patents For Dairy-Free Whey

3 Mins Read Perfect Day, the leading producer of precision fermentation whey, has had its US patent challenged by an anonymous petitioner. The news of the patent challenge broke yesterday. While the request has not been made public on the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website, it is now visible through the online tool PatSnap, AgFunder News […]

Is Milk Bad For You? And What About the Planet? We Investigate

11 Mins Read Is it time to accept that milk may be bad for you, for the planet, and indeed, for the animals? Let’s take a closer look at the industry. Humans have been consuming animal milk for centuries. In fact, scientists believe that we may have drunk raw milk for the first time 10,000 years ago. But […]

Kern Tec Is Turning the ‘Untapped Nutrients’ in Fruit Pits Into Yogurt

2 Mins Read Austrian food tech start-up, Kern Tec showcased its upcycled apricot kernel dairy products at the popular BioFach European organic food fair held in Germany. Kern Tec says it can make a range of products developed from upcycling apricot kernels, including non-dairy drinks, plant-based yogurt, cheese, ice cream, oils, and chocolate spreads. “What a lot of […]

Oodaalolly Taps Perfect Day’s Whey for ‘Mushroom Milk’ Chocolate

3 Mins Read Oodaalolly Chocolate, known for its premium Philippine-sourced cacao, has partnered with precision fermentation leader, Perfect Day, to launch a new product: Mushroom Milk Chocolate. The partnership between the two California-based brands is the latest chocolate collaboration for Perfect Day, which recently partnered with Mars to offer milk chocolate made with dairy-identical precision fermentation. Mushroom milk […]

Cambridge Student Union Vote Ousts Meat and Dairy From All Campus Menus

3 Mins Read The trend among young people to reduce their animal food consumption as a move to slow climate change came to a head at one of the world’s most esteemed universities. Cambridge’s campus is now vegan. The student body at the University of Cambridge has voted overwhelmingly in favor of transitioning the campus menus to 100-percent […]

Oatly Launches Vegan Philly-Style Cream Cheese

3 Mins Read Oatly, the world’s largest oat milk manufacturer, has announced the limited release of a new plant-based cream cheese. Sweden-based Oatly says its new oat cream cheese innovation was spearheaded by the company’s Philadelphia-based food scientists, and the product is being made available exclusively in Philadelphia before it is released to the wider U.S. market later […]