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Does a Plant-Based Diet Increase the Risk of Hip Fractures?

3 Mins Read A recent study claimed that women who follow a plant-based diet were 33 percent more likely to fracture a hip than omnivores. But the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) says there’s more to consider when assessing the risk. Does a plant-based diet really increase the risk of hip fractures? According to the research, published in August, […]

Is Perfect Day Gearing Up for Fermented Gelatin?

3 Mins Read Perfect Day, the California-based precision fermentation dairy producer, has acquired India’s Sterling Biotech Limited—one of the top gelatin producers in the world. Nabbing Sterling Biotech, which sold at bankruptcy for roughly $78 million, Perfect Day is cementing its foothold in Asia. The acquisition comes as the company earned approval from India’s Food Safety and Standards […]

ChickP Debuts Clean Dairy-Free Ice Cream Made From Chickpeas

4 Mins Read Israel-based ChickP Protein, Ltd., says it has created a tasty and additive-free dairy-free ice cream made from chickpea protein isolate. ChickP’s vegan ice cream follows the debut of a chickpea creamer prototype launched over the summer and an $8 million Series A funding round in January. Traditional ice cream making Using its signature chickpea protein […]

Is Milk Bad For You? And What About the Planet? We Investigate

11 Mins Read Is it time to accept that milk may be bad for you, for the planet, and indeed, for the animals? Let’s take a closer look at the industry. Humans have been consuming animal milk for centuries. In fact, scientists believe that we may have drunk raw milk for the first time 10,000 years ago. But […]

Oatly Restructures Amid Supply Chain Issues and Reduced Sales Projections

3 Mins Read Swedish oat milk giant Oatly is restructuring its manufacturing and reducing headcount in an effort to reduce costs. Oatly, the darling of the dairy-free sector, has announced plans to address supply chain issues and overhead following less than stellar third-quarter sales, the company said last week. Oatly saw more than $108 million in losses in […]

Unilever Calls Dairy ‘Problematic’ As It Explores Ice Cream Made From Microbes

3 Mins Read Your favorite Unilever-owned ice cream products could soon be made from microbes. The company is exploring precision fermentation as a means to address its portfolio’s climate impact. Multinational food giant Unilever says it is investing in precision fermentation to bring cow-free dairy to its portfolio. The company, which owns the Magnum ice cream brand, Ben […]

5 Vegan Oat Milk Chocolate Bars We’re Craving

3 Mins Read Vegan chocolate is seriously taking off, with brands rolling out new plant-based options from left to right. But milk chocolate is a particularly tough nut to crack. The answer, for many companies, is oat milk. We’ve rounded up five of our favourite oat milk chocolate bars, which promise to satisfy all your cravings for something […]

Wilk’s Cell-Based Milk Fat Yogurt Gets Third-Party Stamp of Approval

2 Mins Read Wilk, the publicly traded Israel-based food tech company developing cell-based human and animal milk, says it has developed the world’s first yogurt made from cell cultures. External laboratories verified that Wilk’s yogurt meets all necessary chemical and biological requirements to qualify as yogurt. Wilk says its yogurt is a first-of-its-kind development using cell-based milk fat […]

Food Tech Company Me& Has Developed the First Fortified Human Breast Milk

4 Mins Read Australia’s first cell-based milk startup, Me&, says it is developing cell-based breast milk just like a human mother would. Me&’s cellular and molecular technology captures the inbuilt program in breast tissue cells allowing it to control the cell-based milk development and modify its composition to offer superior nutrition. The company recently closed an oversubscribed $2.5 […]

Bel Group Will Bring Precision Fermentation to Laughing Cow, Babybel, and Boursin

2 Mins Read Following its investment in Standing Ovation earlier this year, the Bel Group says it has entered into an exclusive partnership with the dairy producer to bring precision fermentation into its catalog of products. The Bel Group, whose brands include Babybel, Laughing Cow, and Boursin, recently launched vegan versions of several of its cheese offerings. And […]

You’re Already Eating Foods With Ingredients Made Using Precision Fermentation, So Why The Fuss About Animal-Free Dairy?

6 Mins Read Precision fermentation has been around for decades, and most of us eat foods that contain ingredients made using the technology on a daily basis. Animal-free dairy makers are now using it to bring you the cheese and milk you love without the environmental cost. As the alternative protein industry matures, it is increasingly under attack […]

Indonesia’s Green Rebel Launches Into Plant-Based Dairy Category

2 Mins Read Following the first-ever dairy-free festival in Jakarta, Indonesia-based Green Rebel Foods has launched into the plant-based dairy category. Green Rebel is a leading producer of plant-based protein across Southeast Asia. Its new category launch, dubbed Creamy Crew, which includes cheese, sauces, and dressings, builds on its continuing innovation in the plant-based sector. The new range […]

There Is No Such Thing As Sustainable Dairy

8 Mins Read Notes From the Frontlines of the Sustainable Food Movement – a new opinion column by Irina Gerry Images of happy cows on pasture hide the ugly truth the dairy industry doesn’t want you to know: dairy production can never be sustainable. Many of us grew up believing a glass of milk is wholesome and nutritious, […]

A Centrist Approach to Animal-Free Dairy Might Be Best, New Research Finds

5 Mins Read New research finds consumers are attracted to animal-free dairy when marketing emphasizes the environmental and ethical benefits, but not too much and not too little, either. It’s a fine line for consumers weighing the benefits of animal-free dairy, (AFD) new research, published last month in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition found. According to the research, […]

Will Kraft Consumers Buy Its Vegan ‘Not Cheese’?

3 Mins Read Beginning next month, Kraft Heinz will roll out its new vegan cheese and mayonnaise in a test run at 30 Giant Eagle stores across Cleveland. It’ll expand the products nationally by the end of next year. But are mainstream cheese consumers ready? The new launch is part of the Kraft Heinz partnership with NotCo, the […]

Dairy in the Desert: Change Foods To Bring the First Precision Fermentation Facility to the UAE

3 Mins Read Alternative dairy maker Change Foods has signed an agreement with the KEZAD Group to design the first-of-its-kind commercial manufacturing plant in the UAE, helping to solve one of the industry’s biggest pain points: the fermentation capacity bottleneck. With support from the UAE government’s NextGen FDI Initiative, Change Foods made the announcement in Abu Dhabi during […]