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5 Ways Fungi Could Change The World, From Cleaning Water to Breaking Down Plastics

5 Mins Read By: Mitchell P. Jones Fungi — a scientific goldmine? Well, that’s what a review published today in the journal Trends in Biotechnology indicates. You may think mushrooms are a long chalk from the caped crusaders of sustainability. But think again. Many of us have heard of fungi’s role in creating more sustainable leather substitutes. Amadou vegan leather crafted from […]

Nike Could Soon Be Making Regenerative Sneakers Using AirCarbon

3 Mins Read Iconic Nike sneakers could soon be made out of a regenerative material that actually captures more emissions than it needs to be produced. Partnering with Californian biotech Newlight Technologies, the sportswear giant is now exploring the use of AirCarbon to replace plastic and leather materials in everything from bags and wallets—and maybe even Air Force […]

90% of Chinese Shoppers Prefer Animal-Free Leather: Survey

4 Mins Read Shoppers in China are turning away from traditional leather and are instead eyeing novel “next-gen” animal-free leather alternatives. In a new consumer poll, 90% of urban Chinese consumers said they prefer leather alternatives over their conventional counterparts, an indication of the lucrative business opportunities that lie ahead for material innovators in the world’s fastest-growing major […]

Lululemon Leggings Could Soon Be Made With Plant-Based Bio-Nylon

4 Mins Read Lululemon’s iconic leggings might soon be made using plant-based bio-nylon instead of the synthetic version that it’s currently made from. Partnering with Genomatica, the biotech making renewable materials, Luluemon is going to create a new lower-impact nylon from plant-based materials in order to reduce the percentage of polluting synthetic fibres it uses right now.  Lululemon […]

Everything You Need To Know About REI’s First-Ever Eco Hiking Boots

4 Mins Read Outdoor and sporting goods company, REI Co-op has launched its first eco outdoor footwear line, two hiking hybrid shoes dubbed Flash and Traverse. The hiking boots are made entirely out of biobased and various recycled materials. U.S.-based REI, which has been a member-owned co-op since 1938, offers a range of sporting goods, camping gear, travel […]

Cruelty-Free: We’re Loving UGG’s New Vegan And Carbon-Neutral Shoes

3 Mins Read Aussie casual footwear UGG unveiled The Plant Power Collection, a vegan and sustainable shoe line that foregoes animal fur for carbon-neutral materials such as Hevea rubber, renewable sugarcane, and natural hemp, and we’re loving it The Fluff Sugar Platform and Fluff Sugar Sandal feature a SugarSole outsole developed from sugarcane, a renewable crop that is […]

Are Plant Leathers As Green As Advertised? Q+A w/ Sustainable Materials Expert Dr. Ashley Holding

5 Mins Read The vegan and mainstream media everywhere is awash with headlines about plant-based leathers. Here at Green Queen we have covered many of these new companies and brands, from cactus leather handbags to grape skin sneakers to upcycled pineapple waste, celebrating their vegan-friendly credentials. For most people trying to avoid animal products, it’s exciting to be […]

Genomatica Set To Triple Sustainable Material Production Capacity After $118M Round

3 Mins Read Genomatica, the startup innovating sustainable materials, has just closed a $118 million Series C round. The funding will go towards expanding its portfolio of plant-based biomaterials, which aims to replace the use of fossil fuel-based textiles. Genomatica will soon be welcoming its second factory built using its tech, which will triple the global production capacity […]