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Pets Are Being Killed In China Due To Coronavirus Misinformation

4 Mins Read After infectious disease expert Dr Li Lanjuan said on Chinese state television that pets should be quarantined if they have been in contact with suspected patients infected with the novel coronavirus, Chinese social media has been awash with untrue claims about disposing pets in order to prevent infection. While the World Health Organisation (WHO) has […]

Harvard Law School Wants To Train Lawyers To Fight For Animal Rights

2 Mins Read Harvard Law School, one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions, has just launched a new program to teach law students how they can fight for animal rights. The new Animal Law & Policy Clinic provides hands-on experience for students on legislation, litigation, policy-making and administrative practice to help future lawyers protect the rights of […]

NET-A-PORTER’s Conscious Platform Debuts Sustainable Beauty, Adds 45 New Apparel Brands

3 Mins Read Global luxury fashion e-commerce giant NET-A-PORTER, known for offering customers the latest in designer clothing, accessories and shoes, is renewing their commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion by expanding their NET SUSTAIN edit. In a showcase reflecting the popularity of sustainable products driven by raised eco-consciousness amongst consumers, the NET SUSTAIN platform will now be […]

Colgate Just Launched 2 Certified Vegan Toothpastes In Recyclable Packaging, A First For A Major FMCG

2 Mins Read The global iconic oral care brand Colgate has just launched two new toothpastes called “Smile For Good” that are certified vegan and packaged more sustainably. The unveiling of these products indicate that companies across the board, including major brands, must step up their efforts to improve their ethical and environmental practices in order to retain […]

Green Monday Named PETA Asia’s Company Of The Year 2019

2 Mins Read Hong Kong’s plant-based social enterprise Green Monday has been named PETA Asia’s Company of the Year for 2019. Omnipork, which is Green Monday’s star product developed under their venture Right Treat, earned them the annual award by PETA Asia, which seeks to recognise businesses driving positive change for animals, people and the planet. As 2019 […]

Bulldog Skincare Becomes First Certified Cruelty-Free Brand To Sell In China

3 Mins Read London-based men’s brand Bulldog Skincare has just become the first international company to maintain its cruelty-free commitments while on sale in mainland China. After striking up a “unique agreement”, Bulldog Skincare will be able to sell its products within Shanghai without needing to abide to existing regulations in the country where pre-market animal testing on […]

Airbnb Partners With World Animal Protection To Launch Ethical Animal Tourism Experiences

3 Mins Read Travel booking platform Airbnb has just launched a new category of Animal Experiences, which will be guided by strict animal welfare policies created by global charity World Animal Protection (WAP). This will make ethical and responsible animal-focused excursions easier to find for travellers who are often swamped with confusing choices when choosing activities. This is […]

Eco Fashion: Save The Duck’s Animal-Free Winter Jackets Lands In Hong Kong

3 Mins Read Italian eco fashion brand Save The Duck has just opened its doors in Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui’s K11 Musea mall, debuting to the city their animal-free and sustainable outerwear collection. While the brand is established across Europe and North America with multiple locations in 33 countries, this is their first boutique shop in […]

All-Vegan Waste-Free Resort & Animal Sanctuary PlantLife To Open In Thailand

2 Mins Read PlantLife, an entirely vegan luxury resort and animal sanctuary is set to open in Thailand’s island of Koh Phangan. Founded with a mission to provide a relaxing and luxurious experience for guests without harming the environment or sacrificing ethical values, PlantLife will be located on Srithanu Beach on Koh Phanghan, one of Thailand’s most vegan-friendly […]

Almost There: China Announces End To Post-Market Animal Testing For Cosmetic Products

2 Mins Read China is on the road to completely banning animal testing for cosmetic products. The Gansu Province National Medical Products Association announced that post-market testing for finished imported and domestically produced cosmetic products will no longer involve animal testing. While this does not yet apply to pre-market testing requirements for imported cosmetics, it does indicate a […]