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The Rise Of Maskne: How To Take Care Of Your Skin During Covid-19

5 Mins Read Wearing a mask in public spaces at all times has become the norm in recent weeks and months. Unfortunately, alongside its function to protect us and others from the spread of Covid-19, a facial mask can also be a (new) cause of acne. Have you noticed any breakouts around your nose, cheeks and chin? Most […]

Cultivated Tech: Geltor Raises US$91.3M To Replace Animal Gelatin In Cosmetics & Food

3 Mins Read Biodesign startup Geltor has announced the closing of a US$91.3 million Series B financing round, which will go towards accelerating its animal-free ingredient platform. The startup cultivates its sustainable “designer proteins” that can be used to replace animal products in multiple consumer goods segments, from food to cosmetics.  The funding round was led by London-based […]

5 DIY Homemade Vegan Face Mask Recipes We’re Loving

3 Mins Read A good friend once told me: don’t put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth. When it comes to natural beauty advice, The ongoing pandemic situ has forced us to review our dietary choices and become savvier with the resources we need. So how about implementing the same approach with our self-care […]

Bathroom Swaps: Support #Local Business w/ These Zero Waste Alternatives

5 Mins Read Since lockdown measures have gotten stricter, we all need more home projects. We also need to help our local brands or they won’t survive. Plus, we all could do with being more environmentally responsible – have you seen the latest stats about our global plastic waste crisis? It’s terrifying. So below, we share bathroom swaps […]

5 DIY Zero-Waste Bathroom Essentials From Toothpaste To Face Masks

3 Mins Read We all want to live a little lighter on earth, but making waste-free choices doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice on our favourite bath, body and skincare products. You might be wondering – how can we really avoid all that plastic packaging in our everyday toiletries? We’re here to help. Here, we’ve put together […]

Plastic-Free & Water-Soluble Shampoo Startup Secures US$3M Seed Funding

2 Mins Read Sustainable personal care startup Nohbo has recently announced that it has raised US$3 million in a seed funding round. With the new capital, the company, which makes water-soluble vegan soap pods, hopes to scale up their manufacturing capacity and is looking to enter the consumer retail market in addition to business partnerships in the hospitality […]

#IWD2020: 8 Female-Led Asian Brands That You Should Know, From Fashion To Food

5 Mins Read While International Women’s Day this year has already passed, it doesn’t mean that we should stop celebrating the many achievements of women to date. From developing much-needed sustainability solutions to leaving behind a positive social impact, there are women every day working hard to bring about change. Below are 10 brands led by women that […]

Colgate Enters CBD Space With Acquisition Of Natural Oral Care Brand Hello

3 Mins Read Multinational personal care giant Colgate Palmolive is to acquire Hello Products, the fastest-growing natural oral care brand in the United States whose product line includes a range of CBD-containing oral health products. The move by the global conglomerate sends a signal that major companies are now eyeing the huge market potential of the natural wellness […]

Novel Coronavirus Aromatherapy Guide: Essential Oils Dos & Donts

6 Mins Read This article by clinical aromatherapist Emma Ross was originally posted in the Facebook group Living Well in Hong Kong, co-founded by yoga therapist Charlotte Douglas and wellness enthusiast Susan Duffy as part of the group’s ‘Ask An Expert’ series, and the author has kindly agreed for it be republished here. A Few Words About Viruses […]

Animal Testing & China: The Road To Market For Cruelty Free Beauty Brands

4 Mins Read Clean Beauty Columnist Allie Rooke talks you through everything you need to know about entering the China beauty market without testing on animals. She also shares updates on the latest regulatory changes and offers up her view on whether China will ever ban animal testing for good. These days, the most burning question on most […]

Beauty Goes Circular: Secondhand Beauty Products Are Now A Thing

3 Mins Read It seems like it won’t just be sustainable fashion exploding this year – secondhand beauty is taking off as well. Driven by eco-conscious consumers, companies are now coming up with platforms for beauty enthusiasts to buy and sell used cosmetics and skincare products. The resale beauty market is also coming out with procedures to deal […]

NET-A-PORTER’s Conscious Platform Debuts Sustainable Beauty, Adds 45 New Apparel Brands

3 Mins Read Global luxury fashion e-commerce giant NET-A-PORTER, known for offering customers the latest in designer clothing, accessories and shoes, is renewing their commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion by expanding their NET SUSTAIN edit. In a showcase reflecting the popularity of sustainable products driven by raised eco-consciousness amongst consumers, the NET SUSTAIN platform will now be […]

Our Top 5 Picks From Hong Kong’s Organic Luxe Beauty Haven Le Melior

5 Mins Read Le Melior is a Hong Kong-based clean beauty curator, showcasing only the best organic and toxin-free skincare and cosmetics. The name is inspired by the french term for the best (“le meilleur”), and this meaning drives their philosophy that nature is the best route to take for our skin, our body and our overall well-being. […]

NOICE Toothpaste: Asia’s First Refillable, 100% Toxin-Free Dental Care

3 Mins Read Singapore startup NOICE CARE has just launched their 100% toxin-free and certified organic botanical natural toothpaste that is sustainably packaged and refillable. Born from the founders’ frustration at finding responsible toothpaste options on the market, the company’s mission is to minimise the environmental footprint of our everyday dental routines without compromising on price, safety or […]

Clean Skincare Brand Kinship Debuts Traceable Ocean Plastic Waste Packaging

3 Mins Read In what appears to a world first, US brand Kinship has just launched a new skincare line with packaging made from traceable ocean plastic waste. In line with the global consumer trend demanding that businesses offer products that consist of non-toxic ingredient lists, eco-friendly packaging and vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, Kinship appears to be ticking […]

Keep Your Used Mascara Wands Out Of The Landfill & Help Save Orphaned Wildlife

2 Mins Read Wands For Wildlife, an initiative by non-profit animal rehabilitation centre Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, lets you donate your used mascara wands to help save orphaned animals. Not only will you be giving injured and orphaned animals a second chance at life in the wild, you’ll also be keeping the environment clean by preventing those tiny non-recyclable […]

Bulldog Skincare Becomes First Certified Cruelty-Free Brand To Sell In China

3 Mins Read London-based men’s brand Bulldog Skincare has just become the first international company to maintain its cruelty-free commitments while on sale in mainland China. After striking up a “unique agreement”, Bulldog Skincare will be able to sell its products within Shanghai without needing to abide to existing regulations in the country where pre-market animal testing on […]

Clean Beauty Monthly: Where To Find The Best Natural K-Beauty Brands

5 Mins Read Korea is arguably the beauty capital of Asia. For years now, K-Beauty brands have been pumping out innovative, fun and affordable products. They are famous for setting global beauty trends: the sleeping mask, the compact cushion and the sheet mask all originated in Korea. Their speed of new product output has not been matched anywhere […]