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This Soap Bar Is Made From Deforestation-Free Palmless Oil And Smells Like The Rainforest Burning

4 Mins Read Using New York-based climate tech startup C16 Biosciences’ Palmless Torula oil, British material science firm Pangaia and skincare label Haeckels have together created the Rewild Body Block. The limited-edition soap bar is a sustainable alternative to palm oil variants, and is scented with natural oils to evoke the smell of rainforests burning down – spotlighting how […]

5 DIY Zero-Waste Bathroom Essentials From Toothpaste To Face Masks

3 Mins Read We all want to live a little lighter on earth, but making waste-free choices doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice on our favourite bath, body and skincare products. Read on for some inspiration to eliminate waste from your daily routine the DIY way with zero-waste bathroom essentials.  You might be wondering: how can we […]

5 DIY Homemade Vegan Face Mask Recipes We’re Loving

3 Mins Read When it comes to natural beauty advice, how about implementing the same approach with our self-care and beauty routine as we do with our food? In a time when we find ourselves more glued to screens than ever, not to mention, getting more anxious from the incessant news cycle, putting on a homemade face mask […]

8 Animal Ingredients Common In Natural Beauty Products

4 Mins Read What’s in your natural beauty products? There may be hidden animal ingredients. Contrary to popular belief, not all natural beauty products are vegan-friendly. Just because they don’t contain synthetics doesn’t mean they don’t use animal-derived ingredients, which is considered “natural”. Here are some ingredients that are commonly found in everything from make-up to facial creams […]

20 Sustainable Christmas Gifts For the Holiday Season

7 Mins Read The holidays are upon us, and, for many, that equals food (lots and lots of food), quality time with family and friends, glasses of bubbly, and, of course, presents. But the holiday gifting season can be unnecessarily wasteful, with millions of products wrapped in plastic. However, if you want to treat your loved ones, but […]

6 Refillable Packaging Makeup Brands We Love

5 Mins Read Makeup is an important daily routine for many people, and choosing brands that showcase sustainable options, such as refillable packaging, is an important effort for the planet, too. If companies want to retain their loyal fans and welcome new ones, embracing eco-friendly initiatives will soon become a must. We only need to look at the […]

5 Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps to Try

4 Mins Read We all could do with being more environmentally responsible. These simple zero-waste bathroom swaps can help. Have you seen the stats about our global plastic waste crisis? It’s terrifying. So below, we share bathroom swaps to make. Every single product in our roundup is: VEGAN: no animals will be harmed for my beauty needs (*note […]

Our Top 5 Picks From Hong Kong’s Organic Luxe Beauty Haven Le Melior

5 Mins Read Le Melior is a Hong Kong-based clean beauty curator, showcasing only the best organic and toxin-free skincare and cosmetics. The name is inspired by the french term for the best (“le meilleur”), and this meaning drives their philosophy that nature is the best route to take for our skin, our body and our overall well-being. […]

How to Find The Best Sunscreens: Reef Safe, Non-Toxic, and Effective

3 Mins Read What factors should you consider when choosing the best natural sunscreen? We all have different priorities, but below are a few options that include what should be priorities for everyone: reef safe, non-toxic, and effective sunscreens. Before we jump into the products, why should you care about mineral sunscreen, and why are they preferable over […]

L’Occitane Doubles Down On Sustainable Initiatives With Solid Vegan Shampoo Bars

3 Mins Read French beauty and skincare brand L’Occitane has announced the launch of a reduced-waste line of products. Vegan and free of plastic, the range includes solid soap and shampoo bars. Both products and packaging have been developed with biodegradability in mind. The new vegan range is a sustainable alternative to traditional liquid bath products. Such items […]

Coronavirus Aromatherapy Guide: Essential Oils Dos & Don’ts

6 Mins Read This article by clinical aromatherapist Emma Ross was originally posted in the Facebook group Living Well in Hong Kong, co-founded by yoga therapist Charlotte Douglas and wellness enthusiast Susan Duffy as part of the group’s ‘Ask An Expert’ series, and the author has kindly agreed for it be republished here. A Few Words About Viruses […]

5 Vegan and Cruelty-Free Asian Beauty Brands That Are Doing Sustainability Right

5 Mins Read Vegan beauty is on trend in a big way. From better ingredients made with plants to products that are tested on humans, not animals, these brands are prioritizing sustainability in products that work. According to eco-campaigners Zero Waste Week, in 2018, the beauty industry was responsible for over 142 billion units of packaging that eventually […]

Geltor Partners with K-Beauty Guru On New Vegan Collagen Products

3 Mins Read Geltor has announced the upcoming release of a product range developed in collaboration with collagen aficionado and K-Beauty influencer Sally Olivia Kim. Kim was appointed Geltor’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence in October. As yet, little is known about the product range. While California-based Geltor has not explicitly revealed what it has been working on with Kim, ingestible plant-based […]