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Top Of The Pots – Hong Kong’s Best Eco Luxe Beauty Online Boutiques

4 Mins Read Hong Kong can be tough on a girl’s skin: the pollution, the sun, the long days, the late nights….Let’s face it: none of these lead to you looking your best. So what’s an eco girl to do? With most products at the neighborhood pharmacy/drugstore being full of nasties, it can be really tough to locate quality eco-friendly […]

Q & A With Organic Beauty Expert Daniela Pelonara, Founder Of Native Essentials: How To Choose Sunscreen & Anti-Pollution Skincare

6 Mins Read We are huge fans of Native Essentials, a full range luxury personal care line handcrafted right here in Hong Kong, all of whose products are made with organic essential oils that the founder extracts from plants herself. Daniela Pelonara is her brand’s best advertisement- she has the skin of a child: smooth, glowing and completely unlined. We […]

Want Glowing Skin? Follow These 5 Natural Tricks To Banish Dullness

5 Mins Read We are always being told what to eat to make our skin clear and beautiful – avocados, walnuts, salmon, kale…the list goes on. Sometimes you can do all of this and much more yet still feel like you aren’t getting the results you want. January is detox season so a perfect time to tackle dull skin. The problem […]

Green Queen Recommends: HK’s Top Eco Beauty Picks

4 Mins Read Caring about the earth doesn’t mean you need to go all patchouli and tie-dye when it comes to your beauty regime. We have picked our top names for getting groomed without the negative earth factor. These spots will have you looking your best without toxic additives or environmental damage. Looking amazing and feeling amazing all whilst […]

Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 6 – Triclosan

2 Mins Read What Is It and Why Is It Used? Triclosan is a phenol chemical derived from chlorine. Most commonly used in consumer products as an antibacterial agent, triclosan is a regulated pesticide. Manufacturers add it to everything to prevent bacterial contamination in their products. What Is It Used In? Most commonly used in liquid hand washes […]

Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 5 – Carmine

2 Mins Read What Is It and Why Is It Used? Carmine, also called cochineal, comes from the skin of female cochineal beetles. These insects are mostly found in Mexico and other parts of South America. Once they have been killed, the beetles are dried and then crushed- from this, carminic acid is extracted. This acid is used […]

Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 4 – Propylene Glycol

2 Mins Read What Is It and Why Is It Used? Propylene glycol is an alcohol-based industrial grade solvent used mostly as a ‘wetting’ agent. It helps makes products more fluid, and easy to spread on (your body). It is most notorious for its usage in anti-freeze; the exact same formulation is also used in personal care products. […]

Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 3 – Phthalates

3 Mins Read We have touched upon sulfates and parabens already- so many more to go! In today’s post we look at phthalates– so hard to pronounce and so tough for your poor little body to handle. This one’s pretty vicious. What Is It and Why Is It Used? Phthalates or phthalate esters, are esters of phthalic acid and are mainly used asplasticizers (substances added […]

Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 2 – Parabens

2 Mins Read In the first part of our series, we covered sulfates. If only that were the only ingredient to worry about. There are so many more to come, this will be our longest blog post series yet! Today we tackle parabens, also omnipresent in the drugstore/pharmacy aisles. What Is It? Parabens is a group of chemical […]

Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 1- Sulfates

3 Mins Read The media has made us all somewhat aware that most of the products we use to wash and care for our faces and bodies contain some rather suspicious ingredients. The laundry list of what to avoid is a long one so this series will birth many posts. Most of us are too busy to spend […]

Top 10 Reasons LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is a Great Green Brand

4 Mins Read There are so many cosmetic brands in the market but most of them are far from green. LUSH, with its focus on fresh products made with totally natural ingredients, took the beauty world by storm when they launched in 1995. Today LUSH has over 900 shops in 51 countries across the world. Below are the […]

Green Queen Recommends: Hong Kong’s Top Indie Beauty Brands

8 Mins Read A version of this post was previously published on Sassy Hong Kong.    Satisfy your inner beauty junkie urges with the finest of the city’s local and handmade beauty products. Below the best in class on all matters beauty & body so you can make the most sustainable choices. Better for the planet, better for you! […]

Green Queen Living: A fabulous homemade hair gel by Me, Myself & I

3 Mins Read Hair products are some of the most destructive, toxin-heavy products that we use in our daily lives. But…it is so hard to live without them and even harder to find eco-friendly, clean versions that work well. Luckily, we have managed to find an awesome & super easy recipe for homemade hair gel that works wonders. […]

Green Queen Recommends: Top 5 Handmade Soap Pioneers

4 Mins Read The artisanal movement is admittedly not a huge one in Asia’s World City but there are a few locally-grown treasures. Below are a list of Green Queen’s Favourite Made in Hong Kong items; great for indulging one’s green pampering passions and perfect for gift-giving. These brands/companies also get a special Green Queen shout-out for empowering […]