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To Make the UK’s Food Supply More Sustainable, Lidl Helps Farmers Go Eco

3 Mins Read In an effort to make the UK’s food supply more sustainable, leading supermarket chain Lidl says it’s working with produce suppliers to achieve eco-certification by the end of 2023. Lidl, which operates nearly 900 stores across the UK, and its produce suppliers, will work with the LEAF Marque to improve the nation’s food system. LEAF, […]

Why Did Earth Overshoot Day Happen Earlier This Year?

4 Mins Read Earth Overshoot Day 2021 happened on July 29, almost a month earlier than the year before. It was pushed forward because emissions are on the rise and biodiversity loss is speeding up. Each year, Earth Overshoot Day represents the date humanity has used up all the biological resources the planet regenerates each year. We’re simply […]