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Because Animals Rebrands to BioCraft As It Doubles Down on Cultivated Pet Food

3 Mins Read BioCraft Pet Nutrition, previously known as Because Animals, has unveiled its rebranded identity as part of its focus on revolutionizing the pet food industry through the development and commercialization of cultivated meat. Biocraft was the first biotech company to develop cultivated meat for the pet food market; in 2021 it debuted the first mouse meat […]

Lever VC Report Navigates Cultivated Meat Risks: ‘It Is Especially Important to Scrutinize’

3 Mins Read Lever VC has released its “Cultivated Meat Scientific Benchmarks” white paper in an effort to bolster investor understanding and confidence in the cultivated meat sector. The investment firm Lever VC, notable for its ventures in alternative protein companies, says the white paper release is intended to enhance transparency and rigor within the rapidly expanding cultivated […]

Meatable’s Cultivated Pork Sausage Makes Its Debut At ‘Milestone’ Singapore Tasting Event

3 Mins Read Dutch food technology pioneer Meatable says it has achieved a significant milestone by hosting its first-ever cultivated meat-tasting event in Singapore as it moves closer toward approval from the Singapore Food Agency. Over the past few months, Meatable has collaborated with the SFA to meet the approval requirements on its path toward full regulatory approval […]

Dutch Pioneer Mosa Meat Opens World’s Largest Cultivated Meat Facility

4 Mins Read Mosa Meat, a global leader in the cultivated meat industry, has unveiled a new 2,760 square-meter (29,708 square feet) facility bringing its total footprint to 7,340 square meters (79,007 square feet). The Dutch-based cultivated meat producer says the Maastricht facility, dubbed C.A.M.P.U.S. (Center for Advanced Meat Production, Upscaling, and Sustainability), its fourth, readies the company […]

ProjectEx Announces $1M USD Seed Funding Goal for Its Cultivated Exotic Leather

3 Mins Read The world’s first lab-grown cultivated exotic leather brand, Singapore’s ProjectEx, is gearing up for a fundraising round to disrupt the category. ProjectEx, is an exclusive collaboration between handbag designer Adrian Furstenburg and deep-tech startup Cellivate Technologies. The innovative lab-grown leather concept recently earned international acclaim, winning the esteemed Vogue Singapore Innovation Prize in partnership with […]

Thai Union’s Alt Protein MD Talks Sustainable Seafood Solutions, Cultivated Meat And The Future Of Plant-Based

8 Mins Read Global seafood company Thai Union has made alternative proteins a key part of its future business strategy. Not only has the company launched multiple lines of plant-based seafood alternatives including vegan tuna under its flagship John West brand and OMG Meat, an Asian range featuring crab meat, shrimp dumplings, and fish nuggets, the Thai giant […]

South Korea’s CellMEAT Debuts Cultivated Osetra Caviar

2 Mins Read South Korean startup CellMEAT says it has successfully developed a prototype for cell-based caviar, an alternative to traditional caviar that is sourced from sturgeons. CellMEAT’s cultivated prototype is based on Osetra caviar, one of the most popular varieties of the luxury food. The finished product comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, delivering a […]

Food Innovation Leaders Gather in Washington D.C. to Promote Alternative Proteins

3 Mins Read A delegation of food innovation leaders, CEOs, scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors from leading plant-based and cellular agriculture companies recently met in Washington, D.C. to discuss the importance of American leadership in building a safe, secure, and sustainable food supply. In the first meeting of its kind, the groups came together with a mission aimed at […]

Steakholder Foods and Umami Meats Debut World’s First 3D-Printed Cultivated Grouper Fish

3 Mins Read In a global first, Israel’s Steakholder Fodos and Singapore’s Umami Meats showcase a 3-D printed grouper fish created using cellular agriculture. Steakholder Foods, a Nasdaq-listed company and a leader in the cultivated meat industry based in Israel, has successfully printed the world’s first ready-to-cook cultivated grouper fish product. The firm achieved this breakthrough by customizing […]

Joes Future Food Tech Secures More Funding for Cultivated Pork in China

3 Mins Read China-based Joes Future Food Technology Co., Ltd. says it has secured “tens of millions” of Yuan (RMB) in a Series A+ funding round exclusively funded by Qiming Venture Partners. Joes fresh funding round will help the tech company establish a pilot plant that can produce cultured meat on a thousand-liter scale, aimed at developing market-competitive […]

First Bite: APAC Initiative Backing Future Food Founders Choose 4 Alt Protein Startups

4 Mins Read APAC alt protein fund Better Bite Ventures unveils four new investments via early-stage funding initiative First Bite and reopens applications for aspiring founders. First Bite, a startup initiative created that backs early founders working on innovative solutions to Asia Pacific’s food system challenges, has chosen four startups as it opens application for more ideas. First […]

Aleph Farms Launches Cultivated Petit Steak Under Its New ‘Aleph Cuts’ Label

3 Mins Read Israel-based Aleph Farms has launched its first product brand, Aleph Cuts, and its first product under the new label, a cultivated Petit Steak. As the cultivated meat sector continues its trajectory toward widespread regulatory approval, Israel’s category leader Aleph Farms says it’s ready to debut its first product under its new Aleph Cuts label. The […]

ADM And Believer Meats Partner To Expand Cultivated Meat Industry

3 Mins Read A new protein partnership aims to widen the protein ecosystem by expanding meat alternative offerings. Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM), a global conventional protein leader, and Israel’s Believer Meats, a cultivated meat pioneer, have signed a non-exclusive memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on the development and commercialization of cultivated meat products. The companies say the aim is […]