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New Project Explores Decentralizing Cultivated Meat By Supporting Farmers

3 Mins Read A new research project from Respect Farms aims to bring cultivated meat production to conventional agricultural operations. The 18-month feasibility research project is underway with €900,000 in support funding from European governments, NGOs, and industry partners, including Rügenwalder Mühle, the Swiss farmers’ union, fenaco Genossenschaft, the cooperative bank Rabobank, and the Belgium animal rights organization […]

Aleph Farms Is the First Cultivated Meat Company to Earn Positive Kosher Ruling

3 Mins Read Israel’s Chief Rabbi, David Baruch Lau, issues ruling that says cultivated steak from Israel-based Aleph Farms is kosher. Cultivated meat startup Aleph Farms has achieved an industry first. Jewish people who observe kosher rules — only eating food blessed by a rabbi — can consume steak produced from cultivated animal cells, said David Baruch Lau, […]

On Its Quest to Make Cultivated Meat Cheaper, Multus Biotechnology Secures a $9.5 Million Series A

3 Mins Read London-based Multus Biotechnology has closed a $9 million Series A funding round to help accelerate its technology aimed at reducing cultivated meat costs. The funding was led by Mandi Ventures with participation from SOSV, Big Idea Ventures, and SynBioVen, alongside sustainable materials-focused company, Asahi Kasei. Multus also secured a $2.5 million grant from Innovate U.K. […]

Singapore Approves Good Meat’s Serum-Free Media In a Cultivated Meat First

3 Mins Read Good Meat, the cultivated meat division of San Francisco’s Eat Just, has secured the world’s first regulatory approval for a serum-free media. The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has granted Eat Just approval for its new media used for its cultivated meat. Eat Just’s Good Meat cultivated chicken was the first in the world to receive […]

2023 Food Trends: 12 Predictions For The Future of Alt Protein

11 Mins Read What does the alt protein industry have in store for us amidst a very turbulent 2023 ahead? A lot, actually. Below, I share my 12 crystal ball takes (in no particular order).  I sat down to write these trends and ended up writing a whole piece about where plant-based meat is going. Amidst predictions, I […]

China and U.S. Discuss Best Regulatory Processes for Cultivated Meat

3 Mins Read In a sign that widespread regulatory approval for cultivated meat is imminent, regulatory experts from the U.S. and China met to discuss the next steps. A recent virtual event organized by the AgFood Future Center of Excellence (AGF) and the Agriculture Food Partnership (AFP), saw the meeting between China and the U.S. regulators come just […]

Op-Ed: Public Policy Is Key to Mainstreaming Sustainable Proteins in India

6 Mins Read Climate change will affect hundreds of millions of Indians and bring about widespread food insecurity- government support of alternative proteins is essential to achieving national food security and independence. By: Ambika Hiranandani, formerly of the Good Food Institute India, MPhil., Public Policy, University of Cambridge and Shyam Mehta, Vice President at CREAEGIS India, Consumer, Retail […]

New Institute of Cellular Agriculture to Support Startups in the Cultivated Meat Industry

3 Mins Read A new strategic partnership between investment platform Cult Food Science, the University of Alberta, and New Harvest Canada, aims to provide support for startups in the cellular agriculture industry. Based at the University of Alberta’s Agri-Food Discovery Place, the Institute of Cellular Agriculture’s goal is to provide space and support for “new startups, researchers, students, […]

What Should We Call Cultivated Meat? New Study Provides Insight

4 Mins Read New research takes a look at the terminology surrounding cultivated protein — meat and seafood grown from animal cell samples in bioreactors. It’s been called a lot of things — from “clean” meat to lab-grown, cell-based, and cultured meat. Its critics have labeled it Frankemeat. The industry has settled on “cultivated meat”. But what do […]

Future Food Technology Could Give Nature Back Up To 80% of The World’s Farmland

5 Mins Read By: Chris D Thomas, Jack Hatfield and Katie Noble Here’s the basic problem for conservation at a global level: food production, biodiversity and carbon storage in ecosystems are competing for the same land. As humans demand more food, so more forests and other natural ecosystems are cleared, and farms intensify and become less hospitable to many wild […]

2022 Review: Top 10 Cultivated Protein Stories of The Year

5 Mins Read It’s been a whirlwind year for the alternative protein industry. That’s why we’re taking a look back on some of the biggest headlines of 2022, spanning across the globe. Here, we review what the cultivated meat sector brought to the table, from major funding milestones to product launches.  1. Upside Foods earns GRAS status California-based […]

These Four Startups Are Remaking Milk To Shape The Future Of Dairy

4 Mins Read There’s no disputing the industrial dairy complex is problematic, particularly when it comes to fighting the climate crisis. Dairy farms across the world are a major contributor to the total greenhouse gas emissions over the life cycle of milk and other dairy products. We’re profiling four alternative dairy startups from around the world that are […]

10 Reasons Why Cultivated Meat Is The Future Of Protein: The Case For Lab-Grown

8 Mins Read Lab-grown, cultured, cell-based – all these terms refer to cultivated meat, whereby animal flesh or byproducts are produced without any animal killing. And no, we aren’t talking about plant-based alternatives such as Beyond Meat or Omnipork. We’re talking about actual animal flesh grown inside bioreactors using cellular agriculture and tissue engineering instead of traditional animal […]

The First LCA on Cultivated Beef Shows 88% Fewer GHGs Than Conventional

3 Mins Read SciFi Foods has conducted the world’s first Life Cycle Analysis on cultivated beef and the findings show significant benefits for the planet. Researchers at The Ohio State University (OSU) conducted the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) on cultivated beef — the first peer-reviewed research on the climate impacts of lab-grown protein versus its conventional live animal […]

Cultivated Meat Just Landed In a Butcher Shop for the First Time

3 Mins Read Eat Just’s Good Meat is now available through a Singaporean butcher shop, Huber’s Butchery. Eat Just’s cultivated Good Meat is coming to the display case and bistro menu of Huber’s Butchery in Singapore, beginning early next year. The launch includes a tasting preview happening this Saturday. ‘Another historic moment’ “Offering this new approach to making […]