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Cultivated Meat Passes Blind Taste Test With Flying Colours: ‘An Important Moment in the History of Humankind”

4 Mins Read Cultivated meat brand SuperMeat has held a blind taste testing event at its in-house Tel Aviv restaurant, The Chicken. Among the samplers was highly respected Israeli taster and Master Chef judge Michal Ansky. Highly confident in her ability to identify the real chicken, Ansky grows visibly less certain as the test progresses. She is eventually […]

12 Alt Protein Trends To Watch: Green Queen’s 2022 Industry Predictions

10 Mins Read Another year, another set of Green Queen trend predictions. 2021 was a bumper year for the global alternative protein industry and less than three weeks into 2022, it’s looking even more wild. The raises are getting bigger, the launches are getting bolder, the plant-based meat is getting real-er (ok, not a word). And the reality […]

Why Pearlita Foods Set Out to Make the First Cultivated Oyster Meat

4 Mins Read Are lab-grown oysters coming to a plate near you? That’s the hope for Nikita Michelsen and marine biologist Joey Peters, the co-founders behind the cultivated oyster meat seafood startup, Pearlita Foods. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based startup is working to develop cultivated oysters—Pearlita says it’s the first cultivated meat company to tackle oysters. It’s received funding […]

How Mosa Meat Ditched Fetal Bovine Serum and Bioengineering In Its Cultivated Meat

3 Mins Read Leading cultivated meat brand Mosa Meat has made public how it replaced the controversial growth medium, fetal bovine serum, without genetically altering cells. The findings are published in the journal Nature Food. “Today, we are excited to share that we have published a peer-reviewed article in Nature Food which reveals how we achieve muscle differentiation […]

The University Of Lisbon’s Algae2Fish Pushes For Alt Protein Breakthrough With Cultivated Boneless Seabass Fillets

3 Mins Read Algae2Fish, a spin-off from the university’s Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences is taking aim at the cultivated fish market. Funding from the Good Food Institute is being used to support the project. The Portuguese team aims to produce a cultivated seabass fillet with all the nutritional benefits of conventional alternatives. Zero bones and no negative […]

Wildtype Signs U.S. Distribution Deals For Cultivated Salmon Despite No Sign Of Regulatory Approval

3 Mins Read San Francisco startup Wildtype has announced distribution deals with U.S.-based sushi bar franchiser Snowfox and poké chain Pokéworks. The former operates in-store sushi bars at over 1,230 grocery store locations throughout the country, while Pokéworks currently has 65 outlets with plans to grow to more than 100 by 2023. Commercial rollout is dependent on regulatory […]

Future Meat Secures Record-Busting $347 Million In Series B Funding Round

3 Mins Read Israel’s Future Meat Technologies has secured the world’s largest ever funding raise for the cultivated meat sector. Its $347 million Series B round was co-led by ADM Ventures with participation from Menora Mivtachim, S2G ventures, and meat giant Tyson Foods, amongst others. Funding is being cited by Future Meats as confirmation of its industry-leading status […]

Upside Foods Announces Animal Component-Free Cell Media For Humane Cultivated Meat Development

3 Mins Read U.S.-based Upside Foods has announced a major cellular agriculture breakthrough. It has produced an animal component-free (ACF) cell feed designed to fast track the cultivated meat industry to scalable production. Two products have been manufactured using the feed: chicken nuggets and chicken hot dogs. Roll out is anticipated across the company’s full product range. Industry […]

Aleph Farms Announces Groundbreaking Partnership To Scale Cultivated Meat

3 Mins Read Aleph Farms and Munich-based Wacker have come together in a new open supply chain agreement. The move will see Wacker offering food-grade growth medium proteins to all Aleph’s cultivated meat operations. Removal of cost barriers is the intended aim, with Aleph pushing for a resulting wide rollout of cultivated product manufacture. Makers of the world’s […]

South Korea’s CellMEAT Makes Fetal Bovine Serum-Free Cell Culture Media For 100% Ethical Cultivated Meat

3 Mins Read CellMEAT has unveiled its fetal bovine serum (FBS)-free cell culture medium. The product will help drive down production costs and circumnavigate ethical concerns within the cultivated meat industry. The company claims that others worldwide are attempting to bring a similar concept to fruition quickly. South Korea’s CellMeat was selected as a participant in the Tech […]

Cellular Agriculture Europe Offers a Powerful Voice to the Cultivated Meat, Seafood, and Ingredients Industry

3 Mins Read A freshly established association, Belgium-based Cellular Agriculture Europe has been founded to create industry unity and transparency. 13 companies have joined, including Dutch pioneer Mosa Meat, whose head of public affairs sits as the first president. Industry-wide challenges will be a primary focus, with issues such as labelling and stakeholder education taking top priority. Cellular […]

Don’t Call It “Lab-Grown’: Upside Foods Responds to USDA’s Labeling Plans for Cultivated Meat

4 Mins Read Meat made via harvesting cells from animals should, in the future, be referred to as “cultivated” meat according to alt-protein company Upside Foods. The comment is in response to the United States Department of Agriculture’s advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPR) around labeling cultured meat titled “Labeling of Meat and Poultry Products Comprised of or […]

Cell-Cultured Breastmilk Offers Parents Alternative To Formula

4 Mins Read By: Ruth Purcell & Bianca Le, The University of Melbourne Science has made impressive gains in the art of producing animal products minus the animal. Now this emerging field of cellular agriculture is taking on its biggest challenge yet: breastmilk. Breastmilk is a complex substance, and breastfeeding is even more complicated. We are a long way […]

Tiamat Sciences To Create New Proteins For Cheaper Cultivated Meat Production

3 Mins Read Biotech startup Tiamat Sciences has announced that it is developing a new cellular agriculture growth medium. The move is intended to significantly reduce the cost of producing cultivated meat and allow for faster progression to large-scale manufacturing. Traditional growth factors are typically cost-prohibitive, but new plant-based biomolecules can take their place. Having just secured $3 […]