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10 Reasons Why Cultivated Meat Is The Future Of Protein: The Case For Lab-Grown

8 Mins Read Lab-grown, cultured, cell-based – all these terms refer to cultivated meat, whereby animal flesh or byproducts are produced without any animal killing. And no, we aren’t talking about plant-based alternatives such as Beyond Meat or Omnipork. We’re talking about actual animal flesh grown inside bioreactors using cellular agriculture and tissue engineering instead of traditional animal […]

Bluu Seafood Releases Its First 2 Cultivated Fish Products

3 Mins Read German food tech company Bluu Seafood, is showing off its first cell-based fish as it readies for regulatory approval processes across Europe, Asia, and North America. Bluu is the first European-based cultivated fish producer to reveal market-ready products: fish sticks and fish balls. Both are made from a “one-time” fish biopsy that didn’t take the […]

Why Pearlita Foods Set Out to Make the First Cultivated Oyster Meat

5 Mins Read Are lab-grown oysters coming to a plate near you? That’s the hope for Nikita Michelsen and marine biologist Joey Peters, the co-founders behind the cultivated oyster meat seafood startup, Pearlita Foods. For now, though, they’re starting with vegan oysters made from mushrooms and seaweed. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based startup is working to develop cultivated oysters—Pearlita […]

Chinese Researchers Say They Can Produce Cultivated Meatballs At Scale

3 Mins Read Meatballs made from cultured meat are ready for commercial scale—and they’re more nutritious than conventional meatballs, say Chinese researchers. Researchers from Tsinghua University and Nanjing Agricultural University say they have produced a “cell factory” that can make cultivated lab-grown meat at a large enough scale to take to market. Their findings are published in the […]

Opalia’s Cell-Cultured Milk Could Give Perfect Day a Run for Its Money

3 Mins Read Cell-cultured milk from Canada’s Opalia could be ready for market by 2024 following recent production benchmarks. And as the demand for dairy alternatives continues to accelerate, brands like Perfect Day have laid a lot of the groundwork, setting Opalia up for success. Following the achievement of “functional complexity,” Opalia, formerly known as BetterMilk Inc., says […]

Meatable Only Needs One Cell to Grow the ‘Sausage of the Future’

3 Mins Read Dutch food tech company Meatable says it is using a groundbreaking technology to produce cultivated pork for the first time. With a target go-to-market date before 2025, Meatable has revealed its newest cultivated meat product: pork sausages. “This is a truly exciting moment for the entire Meatable team,” Krijn de Nood, co-founder and CEO of […]

5 Cultivated Meat Companies Pushing For U.S. Launch in 2022

4 Mins Read A number of companies are further along in the development process for cultivated meat than ever before. These innovators are leading the charge to gain U.S. regulatory approvals. Singapore is currently the only country to have granted regulatory approval for the commercial sale of cultivated meat products, with U.S.-based Eat Just receiving the go-ahead for […]

How Swiss Manufacturer Bühler Is Pushing Sustainable Protein to the Food System’s Front Lines

4 Mins Read Swiss multinational plant equipment manufacturer Bühler is going all-in on the sustainable food system, particularly the alternative protein sector. At its recent 2022 Networking Days event in Uzwil, Switzerland, Bühler announced several key initiatives that focus on the changing protein landscape. The timing is crucial as approval for cultivated meat is likely to happen in […]

Jellatech Reaches Major Milestone By Confirming Cell-Based Collagen Success

4 Mins Read Headquartered in North Carolina, biotech startup Jellatech has announced the successful production of cell-based collagen. The company, founded two years ago, claims to have created full-length, triple-helical collagen that functions identically to conventional sources. The development has been made using the company’s proprietary cell lines. Used across multiple industries, including cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food production, […]

Japan Makes Move To Assess The Safety Of Cultivated Meat

4 Mins Read The Japanese government has announced that it is pulling together a team of experts to analyse the safety of cultivated meat. The move is seen as a precursor to implementing a regulatory framework for future commercial product approvals.  The team will be curated by the Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry. Its endeavours will be focused […]

Simple Planet Confirms Breakthrough in Pursuit Of Korean Cultivated Meat

4 Mins Read South Korea’s Simple Planet has announced a breakthrough by developing cultivated meat with a higher content of unsaturated fatty acids. The move has been claimed as a first for the country. Unsaturated fatty acids are hailed as effective in preventing vascular diseases, making meats with more of them preferred over varieties containing large doses of […]

Moolec Science Set To Be First Molecular Farming Startup Listed On Nasdaq

3 Mins Read U.K.-based Moolec Science, a food ingredients company engaged in molecular farming of animal proteins, has merged with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) LightJump. The two have confirmed the start of their business combination agreement, which sees Moolec valued at $504 million. Once the merger is complete, the new company is anticipated to be listed on […]

Joes Future Food Unveils China’s First Cultivated Pork Belly 

4 Mins Read The New Technology Conference in Nanjing National Agricultural High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone recently played host to a tasting of China’s first cultivated pork belly. The development, presented by domestic startup Joes Future Food, was unveiled during the conference’s second Cultured Meat New Product Tasting Ceremony.  Alongside pork belly, co-culture of muscle and fat cells, cost-effective […]

Wilk Confirms Successful Production Of Human Lactoferrin Proteins In Cultivated Breast Milk Breakthrough

4 Mins Read Israel cell-based breast milk startup Wilk has confirmed a significant breakthrough: the company says it has successfully replicated lactoferrin, a key protein for the development and growth of children and a major step towards being able to offer formula partners access to authentic and vital breast milk components.  The news secures Wilk’s position as one […]

Brown Foods Unveils Cultivated Milk Developed In Under Three Months

4 Mins Read Founded in 2021, Brown Foods claims to have developed “real” whole milk in a laboratory setting. The breakthrough took less than three months for the Boston and India-based startup, which just closed a $2.36 million seed round. Participation has been confirmed from Y Combinator, AgFunder, SRI Capital and Amino Capital, amongst others. A Y Combinator […]

These 5 Alt Breast Milk Startups Could Prevent the Next Baby Formula Shortage

5 Mins Read The current U.S. baby formula shortage has brought into sharp focus a need for alternatives to be brought to market. The U.S. has been attempting to increase its supply of infant nutrition products, but with little success. The result is panic over children’s development and health concerns for those with specific metabolic needs.  Reports of […]