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Green Queen Giving: The Innovation Fashion Show or Students Changing The World

3 Mins Read Remember being 16 years old? All moping moodiness and contempt for the sad state of the world? Remember doing something about it? We could not be more inspired by the amazing passion, commitment, professionalism and social consciousness of the South Island School students who run The Innovation, a yearly fashion show entirely organized by students […]

Green Queen NGO Spotlight: 24 Hour Race’s Mission To Stop Human Trafficking

3 Mins Read How was 24 Hour Race started? In 2009, 15 year old Christopher Schrader began walking 600 kilometres across the base of England in memory of a recent friend. The journey changed his life and highlighted the synergy between philanthropy and endurance, that as a young person there existed an effective way to positively demonstrate your […]

Green Queen Giving: Box of Hope – Boxes That Change Lives

3 Mins Read How was Box of Hope started? Box of Hope was started in 2008 by Nicole Woolhouse and Harriet Cleverly. Our first year we just worked with Sunshine House Schools and collected an amazing 1, 200 boxes which we stored and checked in our houses and then delivered by hand to Hong Kong recipients.   Realizing we had […]

Green Queen Giving: HandsOn Hong Kong

3 Mins Read How was HandsOn Hong Kong (HOHK) started? HOHK was founded in 2007 by Shaun Bernier, who is still the Chair of our NGO. Shaun moved to Hong Kong from the US, where she had been involved with affiliates of the HandsOn Network – a global network of local people serving local causes by volunteering. One of […]

Green Queen Giving: kids4kids – kids helping other kids

3 Mins Read Kids4Kids is a unique charity concept: get kids to volunteer in their communities and help other kids. What’s more inspiring than that? Below, some background on this great charity!   How was kids4kids started? Kids4Kids started in 2008 with an idea that when kids feel empowered into action, they can learn to make a difference with their […]

Green Queen Giving: Animals Asia Foundation

3 Mins Read This month we spent some time getting to know the Animals Asia Foundation and the work they do to help protect our animal friends.   How was Animals Asia Foundation started? Animals Asia was founded by Jill Robinson, MBE in 1998 – five years after an encounter with a caged bear on a farm in southern China […]

Green Queen Giving: Chi Fan For Charity HK

3 Mins Read How was Chi Fan started? In 2009, after attending numerous charity fundraisers where most of the money raised went to underwrite the event and not to those in need, founder Michael Crain had an idea.  He approached his friends in the restaurant industry and asked them to donate a table of 10, recruited his other […]

Green Queen Giving: Ark Eden

8 Mins Read How was Ark Eden started? I had fought on the front-line for many causes, for many years. The crunch came in 2005 with the Lantau Concept (read Concrete) Plan. A group of us decided it was time to concentrate on creating vision for Lantau and Hong Kong rather than always battling. We formed a blue-print called Ark […]

Green Queen Giving: Child Welfare Scheme (CWS)

4 Mins Read How was Child Welfare Scheme (CWS) started? Douglas Maclagan, a tourist at the time and now the founder of CWS, was 28 when he had a life-changing experience in the mountains of Nepal. He was handed a sick baby girl, just one year old, by her distraught mother who was desperate for help.  The girl did […]

Green Queen Giving: Hong Kong Cleanup

3 Mins Read In this month’s Green Queen Giving series, we feature Hong Kong Cleanup by Ecovision and the amazing work that they do with their various Cleanup Challenges across the city. How was Hong Kong Cleanup started? The Hong Kong Coastal Cleanup Challenge was started by Lisa Christensen 14 years ago when she decided to clean up trash with a few […]

Green Queen Giving: Synergy Social Ventures

4 Mins Read How was Synergy Social Ventures started? Abbie Jung and Jana Svedova started Synergy in 2011 to help early stage socially-driven social entrepreneurs in Asia who are solving major social, economic and environmental challenges with revenue-generating business models.  We created Synergy to support these young, passionate, driven and resourceful social entrepreneurs grow their organizations into sustainable and financially […]

Green Queen Giving: International Care Ministries (ICM)

2 Mins Read For this month’s Green Queen Giving, we talk to Tess Lyons who heads up Donor Relations for the Hong Kong office of International Care Ministries (ICM) in Hong Kong.  How was ICM started? ICM came into existence 22 years ago when a Hong Kong woman was visiting The Philippines and a local lady asked for money […]

Green Queen Giving: Grameen Foundation

4 Mins Read We are thrilled to launch our brand new series, Green Queen Giving, where every month we will showcase one of the amazing NGOs or charities that we are proud to list in our Green Queen Guide to Hong Kong. In our inaugural post we talk to Christina Chao, responsible for Development & Marketing at Grameen Foundation’s […]

Green Queen Living: 8 Green Queen New Year Resolutions for 2014

2 Mins Read 1. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle  Absolutely no excuses. Talk to your building, train your helper and kids, contact HK Recycles– for HK 25 a month, they will pick up your recycling every week and give you categorized bags.  2. Visit a farmers market once a month Island East Markets, Star Ferry Farmers Market, Tuen Mun Farmers Market– […]

Green Queen Giving: Change The World, One Petition At A Time

2 Mins Read “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Famous and oft-quoted words by Mohandas K  (Mahatma) Gandhi, the Indian non-violent revolutionary who made his country’s national independence from the British his life’s work. While these words will resonate with most of us, individuals such as Gandhi are few and far between. We all at […]