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The Future of New Protein in China: Insights from VeggieWorld Nanjing 2023

8 Mins Read Last month, I had the opportunity to attend the VeggieWorld Expo & New Protein China Forum in Nanjing, where I experienced first-hand the state of food innovation and sustainable protein in China. I found myself leaving with both optimism and more questions. Having not traveled to China for over 10 years, it was eye-opening to […]

As Demand for Sustainable Protein Soars In China, Zrou’s Plant-Based Meat Expands

3 Mins Read Youkuai Group International and Beijing-based food distributor Usource are joining forces to increase North China’s access to plant-based meat products. China, like the rest of Asia, continues to show strong interest in plant-based food options, and the new partnership between Youkuai and Usource is aimed at creating a distribution channel for Youkuai’s plant-based Zrou brand. […]

Joes Future Food Tech Secures More Funding for Cultivated Pork in China

3 Mins Read China-based Joes Future Food Technology Co., Ltd. says it has secured “tens of millions” of Yuan (RMB) in a Series A+ funding round exclusively funded by Qiming Venture Partners. Joes fresh funding round will help the tech company establish a pilot plant that can produce cultured meat on a thousand-liter scale, aimed at developing market-competitive […]

5 Delicious Vegan Asian Sausage Recipes From Lap Cheong To Cha Lua Chay

3 Mins Read Vegan sausages are just as juicy as traditional sausages, easy to make, and the biggest bonus: so much healthier. These Asian sausage recipes don’t disappoint. Asia is a magical place for vegan food lovers. We have such a richness of variety and range when it comes to delicious vegan dishes. From colourful tangy pickles to […]

First Bite: APAC Initiative Backing Future Food Founders Choose 4 Alt Protein Startups

4 Mins Read APAC alt protein fund Better Bite Ventures unveils four new investments via early-stage funding initiative First Bite and reopens applications for aspiring founders. First Bite, a startup initiative created that backs early founders working on innovative solutions to Asia Pacific’s food system challenges, has chosen four startups as it opens application for more ideas. First […]

10 Companies Awarded China’s First Vegan Food Standard Certification

3 Mins Read China’s shift to a more sustainable food system took a significant step forward with the introduction of the country’s first domestic vegan food certification program and the first ten recipients. The China Vegan Society and the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation say the China Vegan Food Standard Certification seeks to standardize vegan claims […]

Jimi Biotech Debuts China’s First Cultivated Chicken

3 Mins Read The innovation and AI-driven Jimi Biotech has presented the first fully developed cultivated meat in China. China-based Jimi Biotech has achieved a major milestone in cultivated meat by developing what it says is the country’s first 100 percent cell-based meat. The product is created entirely from animal cells without any plant scaffolding. Zhehou Cao, CEO […]

Clean ‘Carefree’ Vegan Pulled Chicken Made From Peanuts Launches in China

3 Mins Read Haofood, the leading producer of vegan chicken made from peanuts, says its clean-label plant-based chicken is now available in China. Made without any artificial additives, preservatives, thickeners, or MSG, Haofood’s clean Carefree Pulled Chickless chicken is now available in select restaurants and via the Haofood website. Haofood says demand for plant-based food options in China […]

CellX Announces China’s First Cultivated Meat Pilot Factory

3 Mins Read Shanghai-based cellular agriculture company CellX and food manufacturing specialists Tofflon have signed a strategic partnership agreement to develop the first cultivated meat pilot plant in mainland China. In the race to feed China’s 1-billion-plus population, cultivated meat startup CellX and food manufacturing pioneer Tofflon say their partnership to develop cellular agriculture rapidly and at scale is more efficient […]

Q+A w/ Hang Lung’s John Haffner & LVMH’s Nicolas Martin: ‘There’s This Sense Coming Out of COP27 That We Need To Do Things Faster And Differently.’ 

10 Mins Read Hang Lung Properties’ John Haffner and LVMH’s Nicolas Martin, talk to Green Queen about their new climate and sustainability partnership. Last month, Chinese real estate leader Hang Lung Properties and French luxury giant LVMH group announced a ground-breaking three-year climate and sustainability partnership. The collaboration, the first of its kind globally, looks to redefine the […]

Nearly 40% of Chinese Consumers Are Eating Less Meat, Survey Finds

3 Mins Read A new survey finds nearly 40 percent of Chinese consumers are reducing their meat consumption—a move driven by health benefits, taste, ethics, and a ‘cool factor.’ The new research, led by Good Growth, finds that more than half (60 percent) of a sample of more than 1,200 Chinese consumers have tried plant-based meat, with more […]

China’s Hang Lung & France’s LVMH Announce Groundbreaking Sustainability Partnership To Accelerate Joint ESG Goal

6 Mins Read A groundbreaking partnership between Chinese real estate leader Hang Lung Properties and French luxury giant LVMH Group is forging new ground when it comes to sustainable building. Hang Lung and LVMH have officially partnered on a three-year innovative collaboration on climate and sustainability action across their respective real estate and retail businesses that will see […]

China Alt Dairy Heats Up: Record Series A For First Startup Making Milk Proteins From Fermentation

3 Mins Read As domestic appetite for dairy products grows, Chinese startup Changing Biotech is making milk proteins using precision fermentation to address this burgeoning demand. Changing Biotech, China’s first precision fermentation dairy startup, has emerged from stealth mode and announced a record-breaking $22 million Series A led by veteran domestic agtech venture capital fund Bits x Bites. […]

Oatly’s Asia Takeover Continues and Its Tea Master Line Is Proof

4 Mins Read Swedish oat milk brand Oatly is seeing strong growth in the Asian market. And with custom products like its Tea Master line, it shows no signs of slowing down. “We delivered strong second quarter financial results with sales growth of 22 percent, or 30 percent in constant currency, despite several headwinds including COVID-19 lockdowns in […]

The Good Food Accelerator Program Brings $10 Million In Solutions to China’s Food System

3 Mins Read Over the next three years, DayDayCook and Brinc will invest $10 million in 45 food tech companies working to address global food sustainability, specifically bringing game-changing tech to Asia’s food systems. Applications are now being accepted for the next cohort of the Good Food Accelerator Program led by venture accelerator Brinc and content-to-commerce culinary platform, […]

Chinese Researchers Say They Can Produce Cultivated Meatballs At Scale

3 Mins Read Meatballs made from cultured meat are ready for commercial scale—and they’re more nutritious than conventional meatballs, say Chinese researchers. Researchers from Tsinghua University and Nanjing Agricultural University say they have produced a “cell factory” that can make cultivated lab-grown meat at a large enough scale to take to market. Their findings are published in the […]