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Climate Change

The High Carbon Cost of the Internet

5 Mins Read One of these is the impact of the internet on the environment and how it also contributes to climate change. Most of us spend hours glued to screens and devices, but few of us consider the greenhouse gas emissions toll of this behavior. The internet has become a thoroughly integrated part of our lives that […]

Climate, Food and Agriculture, Why Are We Stuck?

4 Mins Read Food’s climate problem is getting worse and yet, we’re more stuck than ever. Why is it so hard? COP27 ended on a bittersweet note, with some achievements but mainly with a growing sense of frustration. For once, food and agriculture were given a more central place in the discussions. That’s good news, as only 3% […]

Cellular Agriculture Will Help FAO Address Food Emissions In Roadmap By COP28

4 Mins Read As attention turns toward agriculture in the fight against climate change, cellular agriculture emerges as an invaluable solution. During COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced its plan to develop a roadmap for agri-food systems to better address the 1.5°C Paris Agreement climate targets. Zitouni Ould-Dada, Deputy Director of […]

Vertically-Grown Indoor Wheat Breakthrough Holds Potential To Localize The Global Food System

3 Mins Read A German vertical farming startup has grown wheat without soil in an indoor vertical farming operation—and it’s potentially more efficient than open-field growing. Vertical farming is no longer just for salad greens and strawberries. Berlin-based vertical farming startup, Infarm, says its indoor wheat trial has implications for growing at scale. The company says it could […]

You’re Already Eating Foods With Ingredients Made Using Precision Fermentation, So Why The Fuss About Animal-Free Dairy?

6 Mins Read Precision fermentation has been around for decades, and most of us eat foods that contain ingredients made using the technology on a daily basis. Animal-free dairy makers are now using it to bring you the cheese and milk you love without the environmental cost. As the alternative protein industry matures, it is increasingly under attack […]

5 Ways Fungi Could Change The World, From Cleaning Water to Breaking Down Plastics

5 Mins Read By: Mitchell P. Jones Fungi — a scientific goldmine? Well, that’s what a review published today in the journal Trends in Biotechnology indicates. You may think mushrooms are a long chalk from the caped crusaders of sustainability. But think again. Many of us have heard of fungi’s role in creating more sustainable leather substitutes. Amadou vegan leather crafted from […]

Why Climate Grief is the Next Mental Health Crisis

5 Mins Read As climate change and environmental degradation intensify, our psychological health is at stake. Climate grief is a natural response to threats to our physical, cultural, and community well-being. The ice shelves are receding, sea levels are rising, natural disasters are intensifying, and deforestation could create a financial crisis as big as the 2008 crash. It’s […]

There is No Such Thing as Low Carbon Beef

5 Mins Read Notes From the Frontlines of the Sustainable Food Movement – a new opinion column by Irina Gerry There has been a lot of chatter lately about “Low Carbon Beef”, but does the climate math hold up? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently approved Low Carbon Beef label, which can now be placed on […]

How Balanced Are Dietary Guidelines? New Study Takes a Look

3 Mins Read A new study finds a number of countries are failing to provide adequate dietary guidelines about the benefits of a plant-based diet for human health and the health of the planet. According to recent findings published in the peer-reviewed journal Current Developments in Nutrition, nearly half of the world’s countries are not providing dietary information […]

6 Female Scientists Making the World More Sustainable

7 Mins Read Scientific research might be considered a male-dominated arena, but it’s time to recognise that there are plenty of female pioneers to celebrate. Strong women who identified a niche or subject that was ripe for further exploration have led the charge for progress for centuries. The following scientific powerhouses have made leaps in their respective fields […]

Sustainable Chocolate Gets a Boost With Trendlines Investment In Celleste Bio

3 Mins Read With support from Mondelēz International, Barrel Ventures, and Regba Group, along with Trendlines, Celleste Bio is closer to bringing its cell-based chocolate to market. New cell-based food tech startup Celleste Bio, which hails from Israel, is out to tackle chocolate’s sustainability and labor issues. The company is producing high-quality cocoa using conventional cell culture methods. […]

Eat Just’s Cultured Chicken Meat Comes to COP27

3 Mins Read Cell-cultured chicken meat will make its debut at the COP27 climate conference being held in Egypt this month. Good Meat, the cultivated meat division of the Bay Area food tech company Eat Just, is bringing its lab-grown chicken to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, the site city for the U.N. climate event. Eat Just is currently the […]

Corporate Sustainability Is In High Demand. So Are Qualified Workers, Finds Report

4 Mins Read According to a new report, while corporations continue to make sustainability commitments, they struggle to find a qualified workforce to help implement them. The new report from Microsoft and the Boston Consulting Group finds that 57 percent of sustainability professionals don’t have sustainability-related degrees. More than 40 percent of professionals had no more than three […]

Bill Gates-Backed C16 Biosciences Will Bring Its First Palm Oil Alternative to Market Next Year

3 Mins Read A sustainable alternative to palm oil can’t come soon enough. C16 Biosciences says it’s ready to make it happen with its first commercial product line launching next year. C16 Biosciences, the Bill Gates-backed company producing oils and fats using biomanufacturing, is celebrating its first industrial-scale 50,000-liter fermentation with the launch of Palmless, its consumer brand […]