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Vegan Pork Leader OmniPork Launches Across UK At 119 Sainsbury’s Supermarket Outlets

3 Mins Read Green Monday’s OmniFoods alternative protein brand has officially launched its OmniPork product range in the UK in the chilled foods aisles of leading UK supermarket Sainsbury’s. This retail launch is part of Hong Kong-based OmniFoods’ larger expansion plan for getting its vegan meat analogues to more locations around the world and follows the company’s recent […]

Swiss Food Giant Nestlé Launches Plant-Based Egg And Shrimp Alternatives

3 Mins Read After making a public commitment to regenerative agriculture food supply chains last month, Switzerland-based food giant Nestlé has launched egg and shrimp alternatives, further expanding its portfolio of plant-based foods available to consumers. The new products will first be available in select markets in Europe as a limited test run. Nestlé will launch its egg […]

Stop Using Carbon Offsets To Avoid Emissions Cuts, Says Greenpeace

3 Mins Read Carbon offsets are enabling large polluting corporations to avoid tackling their own emissions, says Greenpeace. Experts warn that without a rapid phasing out of fossil fuels and meaningful cuts in emissions, offsets alone will come far too short to tackle the climate crisis.  Large corporations are using offsets, such as buying carbon credits or funding […]

Anxious About The Planet? Here’s How To Cope

10 Mins Read By James Gaines Worry over the planet’s future is taking a toll on emotional well-being, researchers say. Here’s how to cope so we don’t lose hope for our planet and for ourselves. he Earth’s average global temperature is now warmer than any time in the past 125,000 years, according to a sobering report recently released by […]