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Climate Change

Could the Next Pandemic Hit Crops Instead of People?

11 Mins Read Genetic uniformity is central to modern farming. It leaves us vulnerable to plant disease breakouts. By Saima Sidik Grist This story was originally published by Grist. Sign up for Grist’s weekly newsletter here. The Mystery of Bipolaris Maydis Nobody really knows how the fungus Bipolaris maydis got into the cornfields of the United States. But by summer of […]

12 Climate Change Books You Need To Read This Fall

9 Mins Read After the daunting heatwaves and storms of this summer, our cheery visions of the season seem at odds with our climate-changed reality. By Michael Svoboda, Yale Climate Connections This story was originally published by Yale Climate Connections. Officially, the end of summer is marked by the autumnal equinox on September 23. Unofficially, summer ends some weeks […]

Climate Education: How We Can Instil Hope & Action, Instead of Fear & Eco Anxiety

9 Mins Read Reframing climate change education around a message of “hopeful alarm” will not only underscore the threats we face, it will also show students how they can act to shape the future. By Jeffrey D. Corbin, Meghan A. Duffy, Jacquelyn L. Gill and Carly Ziter This story was originally published by AGU’s Eos magazine. The Realities of Climate Anxiety Students in […]

6 Upcoming Food Documentaries You Need to Add to Your Watchlist

8 Mins Read Netflix’s recent Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food documentary made waves across the Internet and media for its detailed exposé of the US food system’s fallacies. Where do we go from there? A whole host of upcoming documentaries are taking a closer look at our food systems and the future of food (and the planet) […]

100 Billion Animals Are Slaughtered for Meat Every Year – Yet Livestock Farming Doesn’t Get Talked About in Climate Discourse

8 Mins Read New data shared by Our World in Data shows that approximately 94% of animals on earth live on factory farms and at least 100 billion are slaughtered each year for meat and other animal-derived products. The analysis shows these numbers continue to rise. This is worrying, given livestock farming’s role in exacerbating the climate crisis. […]

Carbon Offsets: A Nice Climate Fairytale That Hasn’t Panned Out

9 Mins Read Many businesses use carbon offsetting as a way to bring down their emissions totals and mitigate their environmental impact, but a slew of recent investigations into the practice have found that offsets are deeply flawed and not doing what they promise. All businesses are in the business of cutting emissions – and with the acute […]

Taste the ‘Carbon’ Difference: The Problem with Sainsbury’s Lower-Carbon Beef

7 Mins Read UK retailer Sainsbury’s has launched a lower-carbon beef from its premium Taste the Difference line, a few weeks after US company Tyson Foods began retailing a USDA-approved “climate-friendly product as part of its Brazen Beef brand. But is low-carbon, climate-friendly beef even a thing – are we just kidding ourselves? The company says the Taste the Difference […]

Can the Green Tuesday Cafeteria Campaign Help Vietnam Lower Its Meat Emissions?

4 Mins Read Non-profit organisation Vegan Outreach has expanded its Green Tuesday Initiative to Vietnam after five years in India. The programme hopes to reduce the impact of the country’s diet on the environment and is in talks with over 100 institutions about eating greener every Tuesday. The Green Tuesday Initiative helps corporations and educational institutions tackle climate […]

Oat Giant Kölln Launches Vegan Muesli Range with ChoViva’s Cocoa-Free Chocolate

5 Mins Read German alt-chocolate brand ChoViva (formerly NoCoa/QOA) has partnered with oat cereal producer Kölln on a new range of vegan muesli that uses the former’s cocoa-free chocolate. Sibling founders Sara and Maximilian Marquart tell Green Queen about ChoViva’s fermentation process, the use of palm oil, and creating a sustainable alternative to cocoa butter. ChoViva, which was […]

How Sustainable is Animal-Free Dairy? We Compare Precision Fermentation LCAs

10 Mins Read Precision fermentation, described as the third pillar of alt-protein alongside plant-based and cultivated foods, is on the rise. There are at least 62 companies working in this space globally across the supply chain, with a big focus on animal-free dairy proteins. How does this sector stack up with conventional milk in terms of its climate […]

Hong Kong High School Student Creates Board Game to Highlight City’s Beach Pollution

5 Mins Read A high-school student has developed Beach Board Hong Kong, a Monopoly-style game that sheds light on the environmental issues faced by the island’s beaches. Featuring damning pollution facts, action prompts to tackle these challenges, it’s an innovative tool to help educate local schoolchildren about beach pollution, with all proceeds donated to charity. Last year, Carmel […]

Northern Wonder’s Coffee-Free Coffee Makes Dutch Retail Debut with Filter Grounds and Pods

5 Mins Read Dutch food tech brand Northern Wonder has made its retail debut with four beanless coffee products at supermarket chain Albert Heijn in the Netherlands. The Coffee-Free Coffee pods and filter grounds are the second iteration of the startup’s original lineup, which now also includes online-exclusive espresso-style grounds. Founded in 2021 by David Klingen, Bas Franse, Andreas […]