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Global Audit Giant Sending All 333,000 Employees To Climate Change School

3 Mins Read Deloitte employees are going to embark on a new climate education program—all 333,000 of them. The auditing giant has just created a new “climate learning program” in partnership with the WWF, which aims to boost climate literacy and arm their workforce with the skills they need to take action on climate change.  Global auditing giant […]

OP-ED: Tackling Climate Change Means Saving Up To 74 Million Lives

4 Mins Read By Jiseok Kim, climate and energy specialist, Greenpeace East Asia Another summer has come and it is not going away quietly without yet another round of extreme weather events. From Asia to Europe and the Americas, the headlines related to heatwaves, flooding, and forest fires reflected the attention of the media.  People are used to […]

The IPCC Report Goes Live Today, And It’s A Really Big Deal For Climate Change: But Why, Exactly? And Can You Trust It?

5 Mins Read Today (August 9), an extremely important report on the physical science of climate change will be released to the world. Produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the report will give world leaders the most up-to-date information about climate change to inform their policies. It is an enormous undertaking, and has been a long time […]

Venice Bans Cruise Ships After Years of Local Environmental Protests

3 Mins Read After years of campaigning from local groups and environmentalists, Italy has banned cruise ships from the centre of Venice. From now on, cruises weighing more than 25,000 tonnes will not be able to dock at the world heritage site. It comes after a warning from UNESCO that Venice would be put on its endangered list […]

Why Did Earth Overshoot Day Happen Earlier This Year?

4 Mins Read Earth Overshoot Day 2021 happened on July 29, almost a month earlier than the year before. It was pushed forward because emissions are on the rise and biodiversity loss is speeding up. Each year, Earth Overshoot Day represents the date humanity has used up all the biological resources the planet regenerates each year. We’re simply […]