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Behind Green Warriors Asia: ‘We Want To Show That Sustainability is Sexy!’

5 Mins Read The Green Warrior 2018 series, shot by French creative duo & fashion photographers Flavien Prioreau and Zoe Kovacs, aims to raise awareness about waste and its perception in our society. We need to curb and rethink our waste now more than ever. The campaign features some of Asia’s most inspiring and effective social and environmental including Hannah Chung, Jill […]

Re-imagining P-O-R-K: A Letter From David Yeung, Founder of Omnipork

4 Mins Read While the majority of startups are busy building the next big thing in blockchain, AI, Big Data, fintech, biotech or ICO, my team and I have been focusing on re-inventing the most unsexy, un-talked-about basic necessity that the world consumes every minute, yet is often taken for granted. That basic necessity is P-O-R-K. This isn’t […]

Macau’s Iconic Pork Chop Bun Gets A 21st Century Upgrade With Green Monday’s Omnipork

5 Mins Read Leading the charge to promote more plant-based meals in the former Portuguese colony, Macau’s largest casino operator Sands China has launched their Green Cuisine Campaign in collaboration with Green Monday. It’s the biggest environmental educational program the Special Administrative Region has ever seen, introducing new vegan dishes at over 10 of its restaurants, including a meatless interpretation […]

Green Monday Movement Goes Global: Major International Award & Sands China Partnership

3 Mins Read Devoted to fighting climate change and global food insecurity, Hong Kong’s homegrown social startup, Green Monday, has been at the forefront of promoting practical transitions to sustainable living by advocating plant-based meals on Mondays and inspiring actionable insights directed at our personal diets and carbon footprint through active campaigns. Six years after laying the groundwork for corporations, […]

Zero Waste Beauty: Hong Kong Mom Launches Eko Savon Soap & Shampoo Bar Brand

4 Mins Read Mark our words – the humble bar soap is making a comeback. Over the past couple of decades, bar soaps were abandoned in favour of bottled shampoos, face washes and shower gels, with beauty brands proffering thousands of other packaged personal care products. But one key issue was overlooked. The wasteful packaging. Even with the […]

Breaking News: Brinc Announces Asia’s First Plant-Based Food Accelerator Program In Partnership with Silicon Valley JUST

2 Mins Read CALLING ALL PLANT-BASED FOOD ENTREPRENEURS: Hong Kong-headquartered venture accelerator Brinc announced Asia’s first 100% plant-based accelerator program, in partnership with Silicon Valley foodtech unicorn JUST in order to solve for the most pressing issues in our global food supply with a focus on Asian food tastes and solutions. Announcing the groundbreaking news at the tail end of […]

California City Passes Resolution For Hong Kong Activist Movement Green Monday

2 Mins Read Hong Kong’s very own plant-based social activist movement movement has gone global in a big way. Green Monday US, the social enterprise’s North American arm, has achieved a milestone decision: the Berkeley City Council, in California, has approved a ” unanimous resolution to implement Green Monday in partnership with ​Green Monday US​.” The Northern California […]

Hong Kong’s Best Zero Waste Natural Deodorants

4 Mins Read There is nothing sexy about smelly armpits. We know. Living in a hot and sticky climate like ours, we know how important deodorant is to our daily hygiene routine. But not all deodorants or antiperspirants are made equal. Most of the store bought stuff are loaded with toxins, possible carcinogenic aluminum, and a host of […]

10 Reasons You Need To Eat Less Meat: All The Facts

4 Mins Read Not sure why everyone you know is suddenly going meatless? Unless you live in a cave, you will have noticed that there are more and more headlines about people going vegan and about the negative environmental and health consequences of animal agriculture. But there’s so much information out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Which […]

Asia CSR Women Heroes: Rebecca Donnellan Got 11,000 People to Go Green Monday

3 Mins Read In this new series, we celebrate the women who bring corporates to task from the inside, pushing for greater environmental and social forward policies.  What is your full title and where do you work? I’m Director of Sustainability at MGM China, the hospitality and entertainment resorts based in Macau (although I live in Hong Kong).* […]

May 2018 Green Queen Scoop: Headlines You Need To Read

4 Mins Read You’re busy, we get it. That’s why we created the GREEN QUEEN SCOOP. We scour the international headlines from around the globe to find the most important health, wellness & environmental stories so you don’t have to! 1. Still think Climate Change is not your problem? Record-breaking Hong Kong heatwave hits 10th day Lau Shui […]

January 2018 Green Queen Scoop: Headlines You Need To Read

4 Mins Read You’re busy, we get it. That’s why we created the GREEN QUEEN SCOOP. We scour the international headlines from around the globe to find the most important health, wellness & environmental stories so you don’t have to! 1. Exercise is NOT the key to weight loss & weight management Exercise Can’t Save Us: Our Sugar […]

Food & Drink: Hong Kong’s Best Vegetarian Indian Restaurants

5 Mins Read Praised for its curries, aromatic spices, and flavorful food pairings, there is no contest that Indian food is just so good. Oscillating between sweet, spicy and savory, there is a dish for just about any palate. And don’t get us started about Indian desserts, which deserve a whole separate post altogether based on the sheer vastness […]

Zero Heroes: Hong Kong’s Most Inspiring Zero Waste Kings & Queens

11 Mins Read As humans, we make choices every single day that matter so much more than it may seem. Your life today is a result of a cumulative series of decisions you made yesterday. Collectively, as a race, we have made decisions – good and bad – that have brought our ecosystem to where its at now. There is no denying […]