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Big Oil Lied To Us: The Takeaway From An Explosive New Docuseries

7 Mins Read By Chris McGreal. There is a moment in the revelatory PBS Frontline docuseries The Power of Big Oil, about the industry’s long campaign to stall action on the climate crisis, in which the former Republican senator Chuck Hagel reflects on his part in killing US ratification of the Kyoto climate treaty. In 1997, Hagel joined with […]

Bioacoustics: Listening To Nature Is Our Only Option To Solve The Climate Crisis

5 Mins Read As current climate conversations overwhelmingly lack both heart and accessibility, Joycelyn Longdon, an environmental PhD student at Cambridge, tackles the subject from an education and action-focused perspective – not for aimless doomism. From whale calls to birdsong, from chainsaws to mining drills, much of the activity within the forests, oceans and cities of our planet […]

US Congressman Jamie Raskin: Only Democracy Can Save Our Species

5 Mins Read By Ankito Rao. Progressive congressman from Maryland believes that no other crisis, even the existential threat of the changing climate, can be solved without first protecting the fabric of American democracy On the one hand there is the planet, heating up quickly past the limit that is safe and necessary for human survival, while Congress […]

Climate Scientists Are Getting Arrested For Trying To Spread Their Message

5 Mins Read By Peter Kalmus. On Wednesday, I was arrested for locking myself onto an entrance to the JP Morgan Chase building in downtown LA. I can’t stand by – and nor should you. “Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous radicals, but the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil […]

Climate Research Shouldn’t Be Funded by Fossil Fuel Companies

4 Mins Read The oil and gas industry uses universities to influence environmental policy. Here’s how we fight back. By Ilana Cohen and Jake Lowe As student organizers, we’ve seen the power of divestment come to bear by helping secure historic commitments from our universities—including the world’s richest school, Harvard​​—to sever their endowments from the companies driving climate breakdown. Yet at the […]

10 Ways That War Impacts On Wildlife And Essential EcoSystems

6 Mins Read By John. R. Platt As war and conflicts rage on in Ukraine, Yemen, South Sudan, Libya and other places around the globe, it’s important to look at the long-term effects of military strife, which can destroy the environment as easily as it destroys lives. Here are 10 of the most dangerous ways war affects the […]

Major Climate Research Publisher Found To Be Supporting Oil And Gas Drilling

6 Mins Read By Amy Westervelt Scientists working with one of the world’s largest climate research publishers say they’re increasingly alarmed that the company works with the fossil fuel industry to help increase oil and gas drilling, the Guardian can reveal. Elsevier, a Dutch company behind many renowned peer-reviewed scientific journals, including the Lancet and Global Environmental Change, […]

Climate Migrants Might Be The Answer To A Clean Economy

7 Mins Read By Alex Robinson. The coral atoll of Tarawa in Kiribati is a 29-kilometre-long triangle of white sandy beaches in the central Pacific Ocean. But it isn’t paradise for many residents, who are on the front lines of the climate crisis. The consequences of climate change are far from an abstract concept for island nations in […]

Words Are One Of The Most Effective Weapons In The Fight Against Climate Change And This Is How

9 Mins Read By Tara Lohan Speak up, identify the stakes, and use language that inspires action and combats right-wing messaging, says climate communications expert Genevieve Guenther. Do we generate energy from windmills or wind turbines? Your answer could say a lot about your views on climate change, explains Genevieve Guenther. Guenther used to be an English professor and literary critic, specializing […]

The 6 Environmental News Stories You Need To Follow Throughout 2022

8 Mins Read By John R. Platt and Tara Lohan. Last year’s COP26 was hailed as a disappointment by many environmentalists. Now, in 2022, fighting for the planet is more important than ever. Staying aware of new developments and key figures will prove more critical than ever before. A new year brings with it new opportunities — and […]

Climate Change Is A Feminist Issue Not Just an Environmental One

6 Mins Read By: Sara London In 2015, Botswana experienced its worst drought in history. Since then, families have had to move, taking their children out of schools; farmers have lost crops, leaving communities hungry and desperate. Natural disasters like this have a particularly devastating effect on young women in Botswana, according to a study from the University […]

The 30 Day Action Plan That Will Help You Tackle the Climate Crisis

7 Mins Read By: John R. Platt Doing something every day will help to change your attitude and create momentum for change. A recent poll found that people today, especially younger people, feel helpless when it comes to fighting climate change. Here’s the thing: That’s exactly how polluting corporations want you to feel. The more people believe their […]

The Climate Crisis Is Forcing Women and Girls to Sell Their Bodies

7 Mins Read By Anya Zoledziowski A family fell on such hard times after a cyclone that when a man offered their daughter, 17, a job, they agreed. They later learned she was forced into the sex trade. In May 2020, when the catastrophic Cyclone Amphan tore through her village in West Bengal, a state in eastern India, Seema […]

COP26 Ends With Promises, But Not Nearly Enough Progress

9 Mins Read By Tina Gerhardt The UN climate conference’s agreement acknowledges several key issues for the first time—but doesn’t do enough to address them. As COP26 drew to a close with the Glasgow Climate Pact, a 10-page document, the results were… mixed. In many ways, its results signal a tale of two globes. While delegates from the Global South […]

How Climate Change Threatens Pregnant Women and Their Fetuses

3 Mins Read By Cara Korte World leaders will turn their focus to gender Tuesday at the U.N. global climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. Globally, women are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than men, as they make up a majority of the world’s poor and depend most on natural resources, according to the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. […]

‘Nice’ Isn’t Going to Save the Planet

5 Mins Read By Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt In a rapidly heating world, we don’t have time for etiquette. “No matter what he says today,” climate activist Lauren MacDonald said through tears in her opening lines at the TED Countdown panel in Edinburgh. “Remember, Shell has spent millions covering up the warnings from climate scientists, bribing politicians, and even paying […]