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How Asian Grassroots Activists Are Tackling The War On Plastic Waste

5 Mins Read Faced with a lack of regulation and unenthusiastic governments, ingenious activists across Asia are finding localised and creative ways to fight against plastic waste, and winning.  Every year, we create 380 million tonnes of plastic worldwide, and the demand for plastic is still on the rise amid rapid development and population growth. On our current […]

“We Are All Greta” Authors On Climate Activism During Coronavirus

4 Mins Read Valentina Giannella and Lucia Esther Maruzzelli, authors of the book “We Are All Greta” and “Green Nation Revolution” offer advice on what everyone can do for the climate movement whilst stuck at home during the pandemic.  The Covid-19 pandemic has been keeping half of humanity on lockdown. For those of us fortunate enough to do […]

The Arctic Ocean May Not Be A Reliable Carbon Sink

4 Mins Read By: Hannah Thomasy The rapid changes happening in the Arctic Ocean, including increasing freshwater input, could dramatically affect its ability to store carbon. Historically, scientists have believed that the Arctic Ocean will be an important carbon sink in the coming years—ice melt will increase the surface area that’s exposed to the air, facilitating carbon uptake from […]

How Modern Emissions Compare To Ancient, Extinction-Level Events

5 Mins Read By: Kate Wheeling Researchers find that a pulse of volcanic activity spanning several hundred years released as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as anthropogenic emissions projections for the 21st century. Many of Earth’s most severe extinction crises have coincided with some of its largest volcanic events. At the end of the Triassic era (some 202 […]

How The Pandemic Taught Us To Take Science Seriously

5 Mins Read By: Judith Lewis Mernit The mishandling of COVID-19 has unfolded just as the response to global warming has — only at a faster clip. Matthew Ballew chooses his words carefully. As a deadly pandemic disables the world’s economies and confines people in their homes (if they have them), he worries about coming off tone-deaf or worse […]

Earth Scorched In The First 3 Months Of 2020, Warmest January On Record

4 Mins Read By: Mark Kaufman The American economy has seriously sputtered during the coronavirus pandemic, but the planet’s relentless warming trend hasn’t.  After Earth experienced its second-hottest year in 140 years of record-keeping in 2019, the first few months of this year have either broken historic monthly records, or come close. January 2020 was the warmest January on record. February 2020 was the second hottest such month on record. […]

‘Nature Is Sending Us A Message’ Says UN Environment Chief

5 Mins Read By: Damian Carrington  Destruction of wildlife and the climate crisis is hurting humanity, with Covid-19 a ‘clear warning shot’, say experts. Nature is sending us a message with the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing climate crisis, according to the UN’s environment chief, Inger Andersen. Andersen said humanity was placing too many pressures on the natural […]

Aggressive Action To Address Climate Change Could Save The World US$145 Trillion

5 Mins Read By: Dana Nuccitelli Climate solutions are expensive investments in the short run but will yield huge long-term savings, according to new research by Project Drawdown. A respected research group, Project Drawdown, finds that deploying solutions consistent with meeting the Paris climate targets would cost tens of trillions of dollars globally. But crucially, those outlays would also yield […]

The Corona Connection: Forest Loss Drives Viruses As Well As Climate Change

4 Mins Read By: Covering Climate Now The same forest destruction that accelerates climate change can also encourage the emergence of diseases such as the coronavirus, Indigenous Peoples’ leaders said March 13 in New York, as they criticized Cargill and other multinational companies for replacing forests with soy, palm and cattle plantations. “The coronavirus is now telling the […]

Coronavirus Shows Us Rapid Global Response To Climate Change Is Possible

3 Mins Read By: Jamie Margolin In this op-ed, a Zero Hour co-founder says we should treat both crises like the emergencies they are. You know that gnawing feeling of “oh, God, we’re in the midst of something horrible” you have because of the coronavirus? Are you looking around at this crisis sweeping across the world and feeling helpless because […]

Our Addiction to Ride-Sharing Apps Is Hurting the Environment

3 Mins Read By: Delilah Friedler A new study breaks down how Lyft and Uber contribute to climate change. For climate-conscious Americans, cars are tough: we can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Yet while ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are reducing reliance on car ownership, they’re hardly solving our problems. According to a report released […]

WHO & Unicef: World Is Failing To Protect Children From Climate Crisis

3 Mins Read A new report by a commission convened by the World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF, and the medical journal Lancet has called for urgent and dramatic changes to protect children’s health and futures from the climate crisis. In addition to finding that every single country in the world is failing to keep children’s health and futures […]

“I’ve Lost Friends”: The Young Climate Strikers Forced To Go It Alone

4 Mins Read By: Jessica Murray Activism can be lonely in rural areas, but social media lets lone children’s voices be amplified. In a remote village in north Norfolk, nine-year-old Amelia Bradbury has been standing alone outside her school gates every Friday for months. Like hundreds of thousands of young people across the world, she is following Greta Thunberg’s […]

Is Your Favorite News Source Shilling for Big Oil?

9 Mins Read By: Amy Westervelt Some media companies are creating, not just running, misleading climate ads. Chevron has been all over social media recently with an advertising campaign that asks consumers to test how much they know about “clean energy.” Viewers are beckoned to an interactive quiz that turns out not to be interactive at all, simply a vehicle […]

Australia’s Marine Animals Will Be The Fires’ Unseen Victims

3 Mins Read Ash and silt will choke underwater ecosystems. By: Doug Johnson As wildfires ravage Australia’s land and forests, so far killing an estimated one billion terrestrial animals, researchers worry marine and freshwater species will become invisible victims. More than 17.1 million hectares of land have burned across the country, with the worst fires currently raging in New […]

Warning: Climate Change Will Bring Major New Health Risks For Kids

5 Mins Read By: Kathleen E. Bachynski As we enter a new decade, headlines from across the world make all too clear that the effects of climate change are not just looming. They’re here, they’re now, and they’re devastating communities on every continent. For example, in Australia, unprecedented fires have emitted roughly 400 million tons of carbon, killed at least 25 people, […]