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The 6 Best Vegan Condensed Milk Brands That You Can Buy Now

5 Mins Read Hong Kong French toast, rice pudding, dulce de leche, Vietnamese coffee – these are some of the most exciting foods known to humankind, or the food-obsessed like me at least. And they’re all possible thanks to one glorious ingredient: condensed milk. So what’s a conscious gastronome to do? If you’re plant-based, fret not, there are […]

Exclusive: Fat is the Key to Exceptional Chocolate, According to Cocoa-Free Startup WNWN

5 Mins Read Famous for its cacao- and palm-oil-free chocolates, WNWN Food Labs deep-dives into its research and development with fats, its alternative to cocoa percentages, and when consumers can expect to taste its chocolate. Working on chocolate, a product whose supply chain is linked with deforestation (both via its base and complementing ingredients), child slavery, biodiversity loss, […]

The World’s First Gelato Made Out Of Captured Carbon Debuts in Singapore

3 Mins Read Singaporeans will have a chance to try the world’s first gelato made from air at the restaurant Fico. Developed by Finnish food tech company Solar Foods, the new dessert is made using ingredients derived from air. Last September, Solar Foods obtained regulatory approval from Singapore to sell Solein — its revolutionary microbial protein. The public […]

6 Natural Vegan Egg Substitutes For Easy Plant-Based Baking

4 Mins Read Eggs are off the menu right now as avian flu continues to spread. Vegan egg substitutes are widely available multitaskers though. Like other intensive industrial farming practices, producing eggs generates greenhouse gas emissions and also contributes to contaminating soil and water, not to mention it’s ethically problematic—most egg-laying hens live in pretty horrific conditions. You […]

Your Chocolate Bar Probably Contains Cockroach Parts

2 Mins Read Did you know that your average chocolate bar probably contains insect parts? According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, anything less than 60 insect pieces per 100 grams of chocolate – around two typical bars of store-bought chocolate – is deemed safe for public consumption.  Bugs are constantly present during the food manufacturing […]

Moon Magic Takes on Big Chocolate With Low-Sugar, Dairy-Free ‘World’s First’

3 Mins Read Claiming the title of the “world’s first” vegan, no-sugar-added, low-calorie, milk chocolate, Canada’s Moon Magic has announced the launch of six chocolate bars. According to Moon Magic, while the good-for-you chocolate market has increased recently, many of those offerings are still high in sugar and calories, which can negate the benefits of chocolate. Moon Magic […]

Microbial Fermentation Comes to the Alt Sugar Market In Oobli Chocolate Bars

2 Mins Read Oobli, the California-based food tech company focused on sweet protein via microbial fermentation, has launched its first product. Following its rebrand from Joywell Foods, Oobli’s first product is a sweet-protein-powered line of chocolate in three styles: 70% Silky Cacao, Sea Salt Flakes, and Raspberry Bits. Oobli says its new chocolate is gut-healthy, diabetic-friendly, and contains […]

Fudgy No-Flour Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (DF, RSF, GF)

3 Mins Read We created these outrageously delicious no-flour cookies somewhat by accident. We had a couple of jars of almond butter lying around and we wanted to create a yummy treat that was also fairly healthy. After some research and a look around our pantry, we found some inspiration online and voila! The cookies are also really […]

Coolhaus Brings Its Perfect Day Whey Ice Cream to Singapore

3 Mins Read California’s cult ice cream brand and celebrity favorite Coolhaus has made its debut in Singapore with six flavors. Coolhaus, now a subsidiary of the Urgent Company, uses Perfect Day’s precision fermentation whey as its base. The result is creamy ice cream with the taste and mouthfeel of conventional dairy. For its launch in Singapore, this […]

How to Make Raw Vegan Caramel Coconut Goji Truffles

3 Mins Read Raw vegan desserts are nutritious, 100% natural and made without artificial sugar. This is better for your health, your waistline and the planet. And the incredible part is, the desserts can taste as good as, if not better, than conventional desserts which are loaded with artificial sugar and animal products. My vegan caramel coconut goji […]

FairFlavor Launches World’s First Kenari Nut-Based Vegan Gelato Brand

3 Mins Read Founded by Italian food scientists, Indonesian food tech company FairFlavor Foods has tapped into an underused food source. Using kenari nuts, which hail from one specific part of the Indonesian rainforest, the two have developed a gelato with their heritage in mind. Called ‘Nth Wonder’,  the new gelato brand launch follows previous fermentation success. Last […]

Dairy-Free Ice Cream Is So Hot Right Now: 5 News Stories That Prove it

4 Mins Read The dairy-free ice cream sector looks set to witness a lot of competition in 2022. In recent weeks, numerous new launches have been announced, alongside innovations within the field. Big brands and independent startups alike are vying for market share. Tapping into unique markets is seemingly on the rise as well, with new bases and […]

Hemp-Based Vegan Gelato? Wonderlab Now At 400 U.S. Stores

3 Mins Read Wonderlab’s vegan gelato Doozy Pots can now be found in more than 400 stores across the U.S. It launched into Cleveland grocer Heinen’s in 2019. The expansion includes Sprout’s market, Erewhon, and Jimbo’s Naturally.  Founded by food scientist Kirsten Sutaria, Wonderlab produces frozen desserts that are organic, fair and direct trade aligned, and regenerative. Sutaria […]

Dairy-Free Kit-Kat & Twix: Trupo Treats Unveils Vegan Milk Alternatives To Iconic Chocolate Bars

3 Mins Read Colorado-based Trupo Treats unveiled a range of vegan milk chocolate alternatives of childhood favourite bar including Kit-Kat’s, Twix, Nestle Crunch and Hershey’s with the focus to not only help people transition to plant-based sweets with familiar tastes but with a mission to end to animal cruelty through the consumption of these products. Founded by 22-year-old […]