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These Energy Bars Are Tackling Coffee Waste

3 Mins Read Australia-based snack bar start-up I Am Grounded has released the first energy bar made from coffee waste by upcycling the nutrient-rich coffee fruit. In a bid to innovate in the energy bar sector while tackling agricultural waste, I Am Grounded is using coffee fruit — also known as coffee cherry — the fleshy, round stone […]

9 Vegetable-Filled Fruit Smoothies for Healthy, Smooth Sipping

4 Mins Read Ah smoothies: the ultimate way for your salad to taste like dessert. Easy to make, easy to take, easy when you wake, smoothies are a great way to get in your recommended fruits and veg allowance, not to mention keep your energy levels high and build muscle to improve athletic performance. Great as a snack […]

Is Milk Bad For You? And What About the Planet? We Investigate

11 Mins Read Is it time to accept that milk may be bad for you, for the planet, and indeed, for the animals? Let’s take a closer look at the industry. Humans have been consuming animal milk for centuries. In fact, scientists believe that we may have drunk raw milk for the first time 10,000 years ago. But […]

Your Daily Cup of Coffee is Costly to the Planet. Here’s How to Fix It.

3 Mins Read By: Mark Maslin, Professor of Earth System Science, UCL and the Natural History Museum of Denmark & Carmen Nab, PhD Candidate in Environmental Science, UCL For many of us, coffee is essential. It allows us to function in the morning and gives a much needed boost during the day. But in new research, we revealed the effect that our favourite […]

Q+A w/ Benedict Lim of OATSIDE, Asia’s First Full-Stack Oat Milk Startup

3 Mins Read How did OATSIDE become one of Asia’s fastest growing oat milk companies? CEO & creator Benedict Lim talks to Green Queen’s Sonalie Figueiras about why malty milk matters and more. In less than two years, self-described ‘full-stack’ oat milk brand OATSIDE has become a force to be reckoned with on supermarket shelves in over 8 […]

4 Vegan Summer Smoothie Recipes To Boost Your Day

2 Mins Read Hong Kong summers mean high temps, too much humidity and lots of dehydration (so make sure you are constantly downing water, from your reusable bottle natch). It’s also that time of the year when your body naturally veers towards lighter meals. Smoothies are the perfect way to ingest your vitamins and nutrients while giving your […]

Does This Alcohol-Free Wine Startup Represent A Widespread Consumer Shift?

4 Mins Read Thomson & Scott, a certified B Corp, has released a range of alcohol-free wines under brand name Noughty. Low in sugar and sulfites and certified as vegan and Halal, the drinks have been conceived to cater to health-conscious consumers. Founder Amanda Thomson drew on her plant-based no-sugar diet for inspiration and is using Noughty to […]

First Alternative Meat And Dairy, Now AI Is Designing Natural Flavours For The Drinks Sector

4 Mins Read Chilean startup Frankles is leveraging algorithms and biotech to create new clean label ingredients for the beverage industry. The company states it has developed a proprietary extraction system centred around ‘scalable biotech processes and applied physicochemistry’. This has resulted in the ability to extract, preserve, and use various compounds that together, create the smells and […]

Oatly Rumoured To be Whittling Down List Of Candidates For CEO Position

4 Mins Read The Wall Street Journal reports that Jean-Christophe Flatin, a soon-to-be-former Mars executive, is being considered the top candidate to replace Oatly’s outgoing CEO Toni Petersson. Flatin is joining Oatly on June 1 as global president but the company has not confirmed any potential future appointments. Petersson is looking to move into a business development role […]

Oatly Warns Of Price Increases Following Supply Chain Shortfalls

3 Mins Read Oatly has announced it is looking outside of its regular oat suppliers, in light of poor harvests. Oat supplies have become strained, requiring the dairy-free milk brand to cast its net further afield for reliable provision. Consumers will bear the cost of the supply chain turbulence, with prices of products already rising. Oatly’s CFO, Christian […]

Betterland Foods Launches Cow-Free Milk Powered By Perfect Day Dairy

3 Mins Read Betterland foods, a brand new Californian company from Think! Founder Liz Falsetto, has launched Betterland cow-free milk made using Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein. The product was developed using precision fermentation and the company claims it is “virtually indistinguishable” from conventional cow’s milk. The milk, which comes in two varieties- whole and extra creamy- is […]

Mighty Drinks’ New Dairy-Free M.LKology Range To Hit UK Supermarkets In January

3 Mins Read Straight off the back of a successful seed plus round, U.K.-based Mighty has announced the launch of a third-generation plant milk range. The new M.LKology product line showcases the company’s most authentic dairy-free milk to date. Biomass fermentation has been used to mimic conventional milk, with simplified labels in place for consumer clarity. Products are […]

Mighty Bags Extra £4.5 Million To Develop Precision Fermentation Milk In The UK

3 Mins Read A recent £4.5 million seed plus round brings alternative dairy startup Mighty’s total funding to £8 million. Funds are being earmarked for international expansion, alongside bringing a new precision fermentation-based plant milk to market in early 2022. The latest funding for Mighty was led by two of Germany’s leading brewing families. Bittburger Ventures and Schadeberg […]