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To Make the UK’s Food Supply More Sustainable, Lidl Helps Farmers Go Eco

3 Mins Read In an effort to make the UK’s food supply more sustainable, leading supermarket chain Lidl says it’s working with produce suppliers to achieve eco-certification by the end of 2023. Lidl, which operates nearly 900 stores across the UK, and its produce suppliers, will work with the LEAF Marque to improve the nation’s food system. LEAF, […]

Send Your Old Timberland Shoes Back So the Company Make Them New Again

3 Mins Read Even the best hiking boots can take a beating. But before you throw your Timberlands out, you might want to check out Timberloop, the new take-back program launching online and in stores across the U.S. Outdoor giant Timberland says it will take back used footwear, clothing, and accessories to refurbish, recycle, or reuse in new […]

Sustainable Texting? Green Queen’s Climate Conscious Emoji Guide

4 Mins Read Emojispeak totally count as a language on its own nowadays. But using the laughing face or the red heart emoji is so 2016. It’s 2022, time to upgrade your emojis the sustainable way. Whether Veganuary or climate change or both are top of mind for you, it’s now officially cool to be sustainable! So start […]

6 Natural Vegan Egg Substitutes For Easy Plant-Based Baking

4 Mins Read Like other intensive industrial farming practices, producing eggs generates greenhouse gas emissions and also contributes to contaminating soil and water, not to mention it’s ethically problematic—most egg-laying hens live in pretty horrific conditions. You may also be avoiding eggs for health reasons such as an allergy. Whatever your reason for avoiding them, there are many […]

8 Easy, Eco-Friendly Swaps To Make For The New Year

5 Mins Read We like to think that we don’t leave a massive footprint behind on our planet. But have you thought of the many little things in our daily routines that do add up? If you want to make some eco-friendly changes, now is the time. And no, we’re not talking about ditching single-use plastic straws- that’s […]

Food Footprint Series: Is Eating Seafood Better for the Climate Than Meat?

5 Mins Read With the climate crisis climbing to the top of the global agenda, more people are beginning to take notice of the connection between our consumption choices and the carbon footprint it leaves behind. While some questions about the footprint of food can appear to be relatively straightforward, the reality may not always be as simple […]

10 Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions For A Greener Year

6 Mins Read As more individuals make small but meaningful changes to their daily lives, we can make a major difference for the planet. We don’t know about you, but that definitely gets the Green Queen team excited about the changes we can take on for the new year to tackle climate change goals head-on. If you need […]

Is Sugar Vegan? Bone Char Filtration, The Industry’s Dirty Secret

3 Mins Read Is sugar vegan? Why wouldn’t it be, right? How’s this for a shocking fact: not all sugars on the supermarket shelf are vegan. Even while sugar comes from the sugarcane plant and does not contain animal products, the process used to manufacture some refined sugars can involve bone char—cow bones. At this point, you might […]

10 Reasons Eating Fish and Seafood Is Bad for Your Health and the Planet

7 Mins Read From biodiversity loss to more frequent natural disasters and rising global temperatures, our planet is now at an important crossroads. In the face of this global crisis, lessening our impact on the limited environmental resources we have left requires careful consideration of our consumption choices. Reducing seafood intake is one of the key ways you […]

This Machine Learning Browser Extension Helps You Shop Sustainable Alternatives Online

4 Mins Read A new browser extension has just launched to help consumers get their online shopping fix sustainably. Called Beagle Button, the machine learning-enabled tool detects when a user is shopping online, then automatically finds an eco-friendly match within its database of approved products.  Beagle Button is the latest digital tool that sustainable shoppers have in their […]

7 Japanese Words You Need To Be Living Your Life By

4 Mins Read Have you been searching for a way to describe something you’ve felt, and just can’t pin down using the English language? We’ve definitely felt that way before. Luckily, there are some Japanese words that are just so relatable, and we are here to share them with you! Here are 7 Japanese words that seem to […]

Why This Hong Kong Female Founder Created Her Own Sustainable Watch Brand

4 Mins Read Three years ago, Hong Kong-based Sally Lim embarked on her low-waste journey, choosing plastic-free and switching to reusable bags and containers. These switches were easy, but when her watch broke, she found it incredibly difficult to find a replacement that was truly plastic-free, from foam-lined packaging to polyester straps. That’s when she decided to team […]

The Best Second-Hand Clothes Shops in Hong Kong

8 Mins Read We know, WE KNOW. It’s always tempting to shop with all the new and trendy clothes everywhere, especially when it feels like they are always on sale. But we have to face facts! Our planet is suffering and fast fashion is a major source of harmful greenhouse gases, not to mention that landfills all over […]