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This Washing Machine Filter Captures 98% of the Microplastics Released from Your Laundry

5 Mins Read Slovenian startup PlanetCare has launched the second iteration of its microfibre-absorbing laundry filter, which can capture 98% of all pollutants from washing machine wastewater. Now made from recycled plastic, its cartridges are reusable, and – unlike many other filters – don’t require power. Microplastics are a big problem. There are 14 million tonnes of microplastics […]

Eco Fashion Platform Releases Documentary Celebrating Singapore’s Sustainable Fashion Space

9 Mins Read Singaporean design discovery platform Zerrin‘s new documentary, ‘The State of Sustainable Fashion in Singapore’, spotlights local creatives and thought leaders advocating for a more responsible fashion industry. We spoke to Zerrin founder Susannah Jaffer about the release and the island nation’s relationship with sustainable fashion. Shot over two days, the aim of the free-to-watch 17-minute […]

Saltyco’s BioPuff: the Plant-Based Material Revolutionising the Puffer Jacket

4 Mins Read UK startup Saltyco has developed a BioPuff, a new bulrush-based fill material for puffer jackets that has a feather-like structure. A sustainable alternative to animal- and petroleum-based materials like duck or goose fibres and polyester or nylon, it’s designed to provide warm, lightweight and water-resistant insulation. A winner of the H&M Foundation‘s Global Change Award […]

A Complete Guide To Natural Vegan Leather: From Mushroom to Cactus

4 Mins Read As consumers become increasingly conscious of their fashion choices, the industry is scrambling to switch to more animal-free and vegan leather to retain their share in the quickly shifting market. According to a recent report, the global vegan leather sector will balloon to US$89 billion by 2025, with the majority of the growth led by […]

With Help From Jaguar Land Rover, Uncaged Innovations Raises $2 Million for Bio-Based Leather

3 Mins Read Uncaged Innovations, a biomaterials startup focused on sustainable leather alternatives, has raised $2 million in a Pre-Seed funding round. Uncaged’s funding comes from investors, including InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) investment arm. Other mission-driven funds and syndicates striving to replace the use of animals in supply chains participated in the round, including VegInvest, Stray […]

ProjectEx Announces $1M USD Seed Funding Goal for Its Cultivated Exotic Leather

3 Mins Read The world’s first lab-grown cultivated exotic leather brand, Singapore’s ProjectEx, is gearing up for a fundraising round to disrupt the category. ProjectEx, is an exclusive collaboration between handbag designer Adrian Furstenburg and deep-tech startup Cellivate Technologies. The innovative lab-grown leather concept recently earned international acclaim, winning the esteemed Vogue Singapore Innovation Prize in partnership with […]

This Lululemon T-Shirt is Made From Nylon Sourced From Plants

2 Mins Read Activewear giant Lululemon has announced the launch of a shirt made from what it describes as plant-based nylon in partnership with sustainable materials firm Genomatica. The new t-shirts, which come in styles for men and women, are in line with Lululemon’s aim to make its entire business sustainable by 2030. Rather than using petroleum from […]

Cruelty-Free Fashion: 5 Vegan Handbag Brands We Love

3 Mins Read We’ve rounded up some great brands to keep in mind next time you need a new handbag, all of which are created by Asian founders. With the growing popularity of fashionable vegan products, conscious consumers are demanding animal-friendly alternatives for every apparel and accessory they own. The plant-based fashion industry is doing its best to […]

3 Italian Eco Entrepreneurs Changing The Future Of Fashion You Need To Know

3 Mins Read Italy has long been synonymous with luxury fashion and globally-recognised design talent. A new crop of Italian entrepreneurs are changing the discourse on what it means to create a fashion company in today’s global markets, where sustainability has become a key consideration. The fashion industry is reckoning with itself and sustainability has become the mot […]

The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands For All (Plus) Sizes and All Occasions

5 Mins Read It’s time to take the “either/or” out of inclusivity and sustainability. Consumers are demanding fashion brands to tick more than one box, telling them it’s not enough to preach about transparent supply chains and ethical sourcing if blind spots still remain when it comes to exclusive marketing, racist brand culture and non-diverse sizing and fit.  […]

We’re Loving These 5 Upcycled Sneakers Made From Waste

3 Mins Read The eco sneaker space? It’s booming with innovation, with designers now using waste to create new shoes. Sustainable fashion is all the rage right now. Brands are launching everything from low-carbon vegan kicks to recycled underwear. Here, we spotlight some of our favourite upcycled sneakers to date.  1. Undo For Tomorrow: upcycled party balloons and […]

Milan Fashion Week Will Host the 3rd Ethical and Sustainable Showroom

3 Mins Read Attendees at Milan Fashion Week later this month can visit the third installment of the Ethical and Sustainable Showroom, hosted by the World Sustainability Organization. As demand for sustainable fashion continues to rise, the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) will host its third showroom dedicated to sustainable garments beginning February 21 and concluding on the 27th […]

Study Suggests Textile Reuse Up to 70x More Sustainable Than Producing New Clothing

3 Mins Read A new study found that the environmental impact of reusing textiles is 70 times lower than new clothing, even when taking into account transport and export emissions. A new life-cycle assessment (LCA) commissioned by the European textile reuse and recycling industry (EURIC) has confirmed the significant carbon dioxide (CO2) and water savings of reusing textiles […]

7 Sustainable Underwear Brands: Ethical Bras & Eco Briefs We’re Crushing On

4 Mins Read Sustainability is taking over the entire fashion industry, and underwear brands are no exception. There’s nothing pretty about unethical or environmentally-unfriendly bralettes or briefs. So we’ve put together a list of our favourite underwear labels, that are not only ticking boxes for being ultra-cute but are also taking the health of the planet and humans […]

Driving Impact Through Retail: Fabrica X’s Plastic Circularity Pop Up Helps To Change Minds & Behavior in Hong Kong

4 Mins Read Through fun and relevant experiential programming, Fabrica X is educating Hong Kongers about ocean plastic waste and shifting consumer behavior around recycled materials. By: The Mills Fabrica Last year, Fabrica X, the Impact Retail concept store operated by The Mills Fabrica in Hong Kong, launched a signature campaign highlighting ocean plastic waste by featuring a selection […]

18 Vegan Watches Making the Time for Sustainability

7 Mins Read Living a vegan lifestyle is getting easier day by day as consumers are getting more environmentally conscious, which further motivates brands and makers to create more eco-friendly products. Watches have been a space without much innovation on the planet-forward side in the past, but all that has changed as a new generation of watchmakers rises […]

20 Sustainable Christmas Gifts For the Holiday Season

7 Mins Read The holidays are upon us, and, for many, that equals food (lots and lots of food), quality time with family and friends, glasses of bubbly, and, of course, presents. But the holiday gifting season can be unnecessarily wasteful, with millions of products wrapped in plastic. However, if you want to treat your loved ones, but […]