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Fermentation-Based Alt Protein

The latest fermentation biotech news including precision fermentation and recombinant protein dna technology, biomass fermentation and traditional fermented foods.

12 Alt Protein Trends To Watch: Green Queen’s 2022 Industry Predictions

10 Mins Read Another year, another set of Green Queen trend predictions. 2021 was a bumper year for the global alternative protein industry and less than three weeks into 2022, it’s looking even more wild. The raises are getting bigger, the launches are getting bolder, the plant-based meat is getting real-er (ok, not a word). And the reality […]

Finnish Researchers Develop Fungi-Based Egg White Alternative

3 Mins Read As innovators and scientists race to develop animal-free alternatives to chicken eggs, a research team in Finland has created a new egg white alternative made from fungi; the development could represent the first of its kind. Like The Every Company, precision fermentation was used to create the sustainable, animal-free albumin. The product requires up to […]

5 Delicious Vegan Asian Sausage Recipes From Lap Cheong To Cha Lua Chay

3 Mins Read Asia is a magical place for vegan food lovers. We have such a richness of variety and range when it comes to delicious vegan dishes. From colourful tangy pickles to delightful pancakes to noodle and rice dishes to dream about, there is much to celebrate across the many Asian cuisines. However, we’re not yet world-famous […]

Cow-Free Dairy Startup Remilk Secures Fresh Backing Of $120 Million

3 Mins Read As investors pour money into animal-free dairy, Israeli food tech startup Remilk has announced completion of its latest fundraising effort, a Series B round that saw $120 million raised. Hanaco Ventures led the round with Rage Capital, CPT Capital, and Just all joining. Previous investors including Tnuva and Hochland participated again. Remilk has now been […]

Kernel Mycofoods Secures $15 Million To Support Delivery Of $250 Million In Reported Pre-Sale Orders

3 Mins Read Buenos Aires food tech startup Kernel Mycofoods has announced an ambitious 2022 roadmap for its fungi-based meat alternative following a successful funding round. Led by Union Group Ventures, the round brings $15 million into the company. Capital will be used to ramp up production and delivery of its fungi protein solutions. Strategic partnerships are being […]

Ex Chipotle Exec Debuts Chef-Driven, Science-Backed Vegan Cheese Brand

3 Mins Read Co-founded by chef/restauranteur Margaux Riccio and ex-Chipotle executive Tim Wildin, Vertage is the latest vegan cheese brand to debut in the US market. The dairy-free range has launched across select foodservice channels in Washington DC. According to the founders, retail expansion is also on the cards.  Vertage cheeses, which include mozzarella and cheddar, are described […]

Singapore Scientists Create Plant-Based Emulsifier To Supersede Eggs And Dairy

3 Mins Read Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has announced a plant-based breakthrough. A team of its scientists has successfully developed a protein and antioxidant-rich emulsifier. It is free from traditional eggs and dairy. Preliminary findings show it could replace animal products in relevant food products. Mayonnaise and whipped cream were given as examples.  The NTU emulsifier […]

Budweiser’s Parent Company Invests In Belief That Beer Waste Is The Future of The Alternative Protein Sector

3 Mins Read Belgium’s Anheuser-Busch InBev is developing alternative proteins made from spent brewing grains that constitute beer waste. The world’s largest brewer, best known for its Budweiser brand, has partnered with EverGrain throughout 2021. Recent investment into the sustainable ingredient company is hoped to progress production of protein products. Funding amounts are undisclosed. EverGrain has already produced […]

Mighty Drinks’ New Dairy-Free M.LKology Range To Hit UK Supermarkets In January

3 Mins Read Straight off the back of a successful seed plus round, U.K.-based Mighty has announced the launch of a third-generation plant milk range. The new M.LKology product line showcases the company’s most authentic dairy-free milk to date. Biomass fermentation has been used to mimic conventional milk, with simplified labels in place for consumer clarity. Products are […]

Motif FoodWorks Launches Signature HEMAMI Plant-Based Protein After Gaining FDA Approval

3 Mins Read HEMAMI, the flagship food tech solution from Boston-based Motif FoodWorks has been granted Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) status from the U.S. FDA and is now being released commercially. The product is designed to add authentic meaty flavours and smells to plant-based products. Large-scale distribution is being rolled out while new company facilities are being developed.  […]

Fooditive Announces First Vegan Casein That Can Replace Cow’s Milk Across All Dairy Applications

3 Mins Read Dutch food tech and ingredient developer Fooditive has revealed another success story. Following on from upcycled natural sweetener, it has launched a vegan-friendly casein protein made from peas. The animal-free casein powder has numerous potential applications and are suitable for all conventional dairy products across the board.  Casein is one of the primary proteins in […]

Mighty Bags Extra £4.5 Million To Develop Precision Fermentation Milk In The UK

3 Mins Read A recent £4.5 million seed plus round brings alternative dairy startup Mighty’s total funding to £8 million. Funds are being earmarked for international expansion, alongside bringing a new precision fermentation-based plant milk to market in early 2022. The latest funding for Mighty was led by two of Germany’s leading brewing families. Bittburger Ventures and Schadeberg […]

Geltor Partners with K-Beauty Guru On New Vegan Collagen Products

3 Mins Read Geltor has announced the upcoming release of a product range developed in collaboration with collagen aficionado and K-Beauty influencer Sally Olivia Kim. Kim was appointed Geltor’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence in October. As yet, little is known about the product range. While California-based Geltor has not explicitly revealed what it has been working on with Kim, ingestible plant-based […]

Precision Fermentation Breast Milk Startup Helaina Bags $20M Series A

2 Mins Read Helaina, the startup developing immune-equivalent proteins in breast milk through precision fermentation, has raised $20 million. Helaina has closed its Series A funding round with $20 million, co-led by early-stage tech investors Spark Capital and Siam Capital. Participating investors included Primary Venture Partners and Plum Alley Investments, as well as American celebrities like Tom Williams, […]

This Startup Is Taking Down Synthetic Food Dyes with Fungi-Powered Colourants

3 Mins Read Michroma is developing natural vegan-friendly food colourants powered by fungi to overhaul synthetic and animal-based, non-vegan food dyes.  The food colourant market is dominated by synthetics and animal-derived products, but startups are now rising to the challenge with animal-free and natural solutions. One of them is Michroma, a synbio firm that says it has developed […]

New Culture Bags $25M To Serve Animal-Free Mozzarella in Pizzerias By 2022

3 Mins Read New Culture secures $25 million in an oversubscribed Series A to fuel the launch of its animal-free mozzarella cheese.  New Culture, the San Francisco startup developing animal-free cheese, has closed its Series A round with $25 million. The funds will go towards scaling up production and growing its team ahead of the launch of its […]