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Fermentation-Based Alt Protein

The latest fermentation biotech news including precision fermentation and recombinant protein dna technology, biomass fermentation and traditional fermented foods.

Väcka Cracks Open Melon Seeds As the Next Big Dairy-Free Cheese Trend

3 Mins Read Spanish food tech startup Väcka, says it filed a patent application for the first-to-market dairy-free cheese made from melon seeds. Forget soy, coconut, and cashew — the newest trend in dairy-free cheese is…melon seed? Barcelona-based startup Väcka is betting on it. The company says its cheese is made from a combination of melon seeds and […]

The Live Green Co. Aims to Clean Up Food Labels With AI-Powered Precision Fermentation

4 Mins Read AI startup The Live Green Co., which has developed a platform dubbed ‘Charaka’, used to discover plant-based replacements for animal ingredients, synthetics, and highly processed ingredients has unveiled a precision fermentation division. Boston-based The Live Green Co., founded in 2018 by Sasikanth Chemalamudi and Priyanka Srinivas, says diving into precision fermentation is the logical next […]

The Top 3 Future Foods I Tasted At CES 2023

5 Mins Read By Noah Hyams Vegan entrepreneur Noah Hyams shares his top 3 future of food finds at CES 2023, from fermented plant-based soy protein to bioengineered microbe-based soft serve.  CES never used to be a food-forward show. But in 2019, plant-based meat startup Impossible Foods changed the rules of the game by debuting their Impossible Burger […]

2023 Food Trends: 12 Predictions For The Future of Alt Protein

11 Mins Read What does the alt protein industry have in store for us amidst a very turbulent 2023 ahead? A lot, actually. Below, I share my 12 crystal ball takes (in no particular order).  I sat down to write these trends and ended up writing a whole piece about where plant-based meat is going. Amidst predictions, I […]

Maple Leaf Foods Is the Latest Food Giant to Explore Mycoprotein

3 Mins Read Canadian protein giant Maple Leaf Foods has joined forces with mycoprotein meat producer, The Better Meat Co. The partnership will bring Better Meat’s tech to Maple Leaf’s plant-based subsidiary, Greenleaf Foods. Over the summer, Maple Leaf Foods announced it was cutting its plant-based business by 25 percent as demand failed to meet expectations. Third-quarter sales […]

We Tested 9 Vegan Eggs and There Were 2 With Perfect Scores

11 Mins Read It’s crazy to think that just a decade ago, there were no animal-free alternatives to chicken eggs. If you went vegan, it meant saying goodbye to eating, cooking, and baking with eggs. So, the fact that I reached out to about 20 different brands making alt protein egg products for this review is a clear […]

Future Food Technology Could Give Nature Back Up To 80% of The World’s Farmland

5 Mins Read By: Chris D Thomas, Jack Hatfield and Katie Noble Here’s the basic problem for conservation at a global level: food production, biodiversity and carbon storage in ecosystems are competing for the same land. As humans demand more food, so more forests and other natural ecosystems are cleared, and farms intensify and become less hospitable to many wild […]

How A Stainless Steel ‘Cow’ Made Cheese for Those Vegan Cowboys

3 Mins Read Those Vegan Cowboys, the spinoff brand from the founders of the Dutch plant-based meat brand Vegetarian Butcher, has launched its first precision fermentation cheese. Jaap Korteweg and Niko Koffeman put vegan meat on the map with the Dutch-Belgian Vegetarian Butcher which was acquired by Unilever in 2018. Now, the duo is focused on innovating in […]

EvodiaBio Raises $6.4 Million for Its Precision Fermentation Aromas for Beer

3 Mins Read Danish aroma company EvodiaBio has secured $6.4 million (45 million Danish kroner) for its sustainable aroma production for food and beverages. The new funding for the 18-month-old EvodiaBio builds on an earlier $1.3 million raise with support from the BioInnovation Institute, a Danish accelerator funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the German flavor house Symrise, […]

2022 Review: Top 10 Precision Fermentation Stories of The Year

6 Mins Read As we wrap up 2022, let’s take a look back over some of the breaking headlines that solidified precision fermentation as a major pillar in the world of alternative protein. Here are some of the top stories within the space, from animal-free milk landing in Singapore to mark an Asia-wide first, to getting vocal support […]

These Four Startups Are Remaking Milk To Shape The Future Of Dairy

4 Mins Read There’s no disputing the industrial dairy complex is problematic, particularly when it comes to fighting the climate crisis. Dairy farms across the world are a major contributor to the total greenhouse gas emissions over the life cycle of milk and other dairy products. We’re profiling four alternative dairy startups from around the world that are […]

Microbial Fermentation Comes to the Alt Sugar Market In Oobli Chocolate Bars

2 Mins Read Oobli, the California-based food tech company focused on sweet protein via microbial fermentation, has launched its first product. Following its rebrand from Joywell Foods, Oobli’s first product is a sweet-protein-powered line of chocolate in three styles: 70% Silky Cacao, Sea Salt Flakes, and Raspberry Bits. Oobli says its new chocolate is gut-healthy, diabetic-friendly, and contains […]

Hyfé’s Sustainable Mycelium Protein Scales Up Ahead of Schedule

3 Mins Read Climate-tech company Hyfé says it has scaled up the production capacity of its mycelium protein to 400L pilot bioreactors. On a mission to unlock low-cost production for sustainable products, the Chicago-based Hyfé is utilizing waste streams as a source for fermentation feedstock. It says it’s three months ahead of schedule, completing its scale-up last month. […]

Is Fungi The Future Of Bacon? We Tasted Libre Foods’ Animal-Free Rashers To Find Out

3 Mins Read Libre Foods’ fungi-based bacon product created using fermentation (precision) technology is designed to meet the growing EU demand for pork—currently a $53 billion industry—that offers an alternative to the disadvantages of commercial pig farming. The fungi bacon was unveiled to investors and food-tech community members at Libre Haus in Barcelona last November. We put it […]

Is Perfect Day Gearing Up for Fermented Gelatin?

3 Mins Read Perfect Day, the California-based precision fermentation dairy producer, has acquired India’s Sterling Biotech Limited—one of the top gelatin producers in the world. Nabbing Sterling Biotech, which sold at bankruptcy for roughly $78 million, Perfect Day is cementing its foothold in Asia. The acquisition comes as the company earned approval from India’s Food Safety and Standards […]