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Fermentation-Based Alt Protein

The latest fermentation biotech news including precision fermentation and recombinant protein dna technology, biomass fermentation and traditional fermented foods.

China Alt Dairy Heats Up: Record Series A For First Startup Making Milk Proteins From Fermentation

3 Mins Read As domestic appetite for dairy products grows, Chinese startup Changing Biotech is making milk proteins using precision fermentation to address this burgeoning demand. Changing Biotech, China’s first precision fermentation dairy startup, has emerged from stealth mode and announced a record-breaking $22 million Series A led by veteran domestic agtech venture capital fund Bits x Bites. […]

The World’s Largest Sports Nutrition Brand Taps Perfect Day’s Precision Fermentation Whey

3 Mins Read Myprotein, the world’s largest online consumer sports nutrition brand, is bringing Perfect Day’s precision fermentation whey into the fold. Whey Forward is the first co-branded product in the MyProtein label using Perfect Day’s precision fermentation dairy. The product delivers whey consumers the taste and performance they love while also being a more sustainable, ethical product. […]

Zero Acre Farms and Lypid Bring Their Designer Vegan Fats to Market

3 Mins Read More than 500 Louisa Coffee shops across Taiwan now offer vegan burgers made with Lypid’s proprietary vegan PhytoFat. And after months in stealth mode, Zero Acre Farms brings its cultured oil to market. With a taste and texture that replicates animal fat, Taiwan’s largest coffee chain now offers six new menu items featuring Lypid’s PhytoFat, […]

Is Fungi The Future Of Bacon? We Tasted Libre Foods’ Animal-Free Rashers To Find Out

3 Mins Read Libre Foods’ fungi-based bacon product created using fermentation (precision) technology is designed to meet the growing EU demand for pork—currently a $53 billion industry—that offers an alternative to the disadvantages of commercial pig farming. The fungi bacon was unveiled to investors and food-tech community members at Libre Haus in Barcelona last November. We put it […]

Bel Group and Superbrewed Food to Bring Biomass Fermentation Cheese to Market Next Year

3 Mins Read French cheese giant Bel, known for its global cheese brands Babybel, Laughing Cow, and Boursin, has entered into a partnership with U.S.-based Superbrewed Food in an exclusive arrangement to develop dairy-free cheese made through biomass fermentation. “Pursuing our mission to offer healthy snacks for all, Bel innovates to support the changes in nutritional needs and […]

You’re Already Eating Foods With Ingredients Made Using Precision Fermentation, So Why The Fuss About Animal-Free Dairy?

6 Mins Read Precision fermentation has been around for decades, and most of us eat foods that contain ingredients made using the technology on a daily basis. Animal-free dairy makers are now using it to bring you the cheese and milk you love without the environmental cost. As the alternative protein industry matures, it is increasingly under attack […]

How Swiss Manufacturer Bühler Is Pushing Sustainable Protein to the Food System’s Front Lines

4 Mins Read Swiss multinational plant equipment manufacturer Bühler is going all-in on the sustainable food system, particularly the alternative protein sector. At its recent 2022 Networking Days event in Uzwil, Switzerland, Bühler announced several key initiatives that focus on the changing protein landscape. The timing is crucial as approval for cultivated meat is likely to happen in […]

Paleo Secures Patents for 6 Heme-Based Precision Fermentation Proteins Including Woolly Mammoth

4 Mins Read With what it’s calling a breakthrough for plant-based meat, food tech startup Paleo is opening up the opportunity for a range of sustainable proteins including an extinct woolly mammoth “paleo protein” via its novel precision fermentation heme technology. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and tuna join the paleo-era mammoth protein in the new patented line-up that […]

Unilever Announces $120 Million Investment To Scale Production Of Palm Oil Alternative

4 Mins Read Unilever has formed a strategic partnership with San Diego-based biotech Genomatica (‘Geno’) to pursue a path to commercialisation for the latter’s microbial fermented alternative to unsustainable palm oil. Unilever anticipates other investors joining the initiative, though its $120 million investment is the only financial commitment confirmed to date. The collaboration is the conglomerate’s largest-ever partnership […]

Mars Collaborates With Perfect Day To Launch New Vegan Chocolate Bar

4 Mins Read Global confections company Mars has partnered with Perfect Day to launch its first ‘earth-positive’ animal-free chocolate. Dubbed CO2COA, it uses Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein to capture the taste and feel of conventional chocolate while tapping into the flexitarian and vegan consumer trend. To double down on its sustainability credentials, Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa has […]

Your Wardrobe Staples Could Be Made From Fermented Protein Fibres

3 Mins Read Alternative material innovator and casual wear brand Pangaia Lab has announced the launch of a capsule collection powered by Brewed Protein, a biomaterial made by Spiber. The collection includes the NXT GEN Hoodie, a sweater that contains 88 percent organic cotton, with the remaining 12 percent of fibres supplied by Brewed Protein.  Spiber and Pangaia […]

These 5 Alt Breast Milk Startups Could Prevent the Next Baby Formula Shortage

5 Mins Read The current U.S. baby formula shortage has brought into sharp focus a need for alternatives to be brought to market. The U.S. has been attempting to increase its supply of infant nutrition products, but with little success. The result is panic over children’s development and health concerns for those with specific metabolic needs.  Reports of […]

Remilk’s Precision Fermentation Dairy Is the Second to Earn U.S. GRAS Status

4 Mins Read Two years after California-based Perfect Day became the first company to earn GRAS status for its precision fermentation β-lactoglobulin—the primary protein in whey found in cow and sheep milk—Tel Aviv’s Remilk has become the second company using the same tech to earn the designation. The GRAS status (generally recognized as safe) means Remilk can begin […]

We Tested 9 Vegan Eggs and There Were 2 With Perfect Scores

11 Mins Read It’s crazy to think that just a decade ago, there were no animal-free alternatives to chicken eggs. If you went vegan, it meant saying goodbye to eating, cooking, and baking with eggs. So, the fact that I reached out to about 20 different brands making alt protein egg products for this review is a clear […]

Strive Nutrition Blends Plants and Perfect Day’s Precision Fermentation In New Line of Sustainable Milk

3 Mins Read In a partnership that blends precision fermentation and plant-based ingredients, Strive Nutrition has launched a line of dairy alternatives featuring Perfect Day’s animal-free whey. The new line of milk from Kansas-based Strive Nutrition is aiming to tick all the boxes. Its chocolate and whole milk ‘Freemilk’ options include ten grams of protein from Perfect Day’s […]