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Fermentation-Based Alt Protein

The latest fermentation biotech news including precision fermentation and recombinant protein dna technology, biomass fermentation and traditional fermented foods.

Exclusive: Formo Spills the Yolk on Soon-to-Launch ‘Lab-Brewed’ Egg and Why Consumers are Curious About Precision Fermentation

9 Mins Read German precision fermentation startup Formo will unveil its ‘lab-brewed’ eggs in foodservice in their home market later this year. Formo CEO Raffael Wohlgensinger and researcher Oscar Zollman Thomas speak to Green Queen exclusively about launching the first such egg alternative in Europe, the use of non-novel proteins under EU regulations, and its research into consumer […]

How Sustainable is Animal-Free Dairy? We Compare Precision Fermentation LCAs

10 Mins Read Precision fermentation, described as the third pillar of alt-protein alongside plant-based and cultivated foods, is on the rise. There are at least 62 companies working in this space globally across the supply chain, with a big focus on animal-free dairy proteins. How does this sector stack up with conventional milk in terms of its climate […]

Exclusive: Mycelium Startup Unveils ‘EU-First’ Whole-Muscle Cut Chicken Breast

4 Mins Read Months after introducing its mushroom bacon to the Spanish market, Barcelona-based Libre Foods has announced it will be launching the EU’s first mycelium-based whole-muscle chicken breast. The brand hopes to commercialise the vegan chicken by early next year, as the strain of fungi used isn’t considered a novel food and thus doesn’t require regulatory approval. […]

Pureture: Fermented Vegan Casein That’s Cheaper Than Dairy Proteins

4 Mins Read New York-based biotech company Pureture has formulated vegan casein using yeast-based traditional fermentation. The company tells Green Queen that its tasteless and odourless plant-based milk protein – designed for alt-dairy products – can be supplied at a lower price than its conventional counterpart. Founded in October 2022, Pureture (formerly Armored Fresh Technologies) was rebranded in […]

Exclusive: Vegan Honey Brand MeliBio Talks Precision Fermentation, Expansion Plans & Upcoming Series A

4 Mins Read MeliBio co-founder and CEO Darko Mandich tells Green Queen about the company’s pivot from precision-fermented to plant-based honey, its European launch, and an upcoming Series A funding round this autumn. Months after making its US retail debut with its sub-brand Mellody, in collaboration with plant-forward restaurant Eleven Madison Park, MeliBio is gearing up for a […]

Imagindairy Becomes the Third Precision Fermentation Dairy Company to Earn US GRAS Status, Opens New Headquarters

3 Mins Read Israeli alt-dairy maker Imagindairy has obtained self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognised as safe) status in the US, becoming only the third precision fermentation company to do so. Now, with its new headquarters, it aims to accelerate production in its journey towards commercialisation. Following in the footsteps of California-based Perfect Day and fellow Israeli brand Remilk, Imagindairy’s […]

Californian Startup Achieves Casein Cheese Milestone: “We Can Make 25,000 Pizzas’ Worth of Animal-Free Mozzarella”

4 Mins Read US animal-free cheese producer New Culture has announced that it has successfully scaled up its precision fermentation process to manufacturing levels, claiming it can now produce 25,000 pizzas’ worth of cheese per batch. The San Francisco startup claims it’s the world’s first animal-free casein and the first to be produced at this scale using precision […]

DSM-Fonterra Backed Startup Closes Seed Round to Produce Animal-Free Dairy Ingredients

3 Mins Read Dutch business-to-business ingredients company Vivici has successfully closed its seed funding round to bring its animal-free precision fermented dairy proteins to market. Backed by founding investors DSM-Firmenich Venturing and Fonterra, the brand leverages decades of experience in developing and scaling bioprocesses and holds world-leading knowledge in the isolation and application of dairy proteins. The startup […]

Mycelium Meat: 8 of the Best Brands Turning Fungi Root into Whole-Cut Steak, Chicken, Bacon & Deli Meats

6 Mins Read Mycoprotein – essentially mycelium created from microscopic fungi – has already been on plant-based radars for decades, with Quorn being the world’s first producer of meat alternatives made from the ingredient. Now, a host of startups are taking the concept of mycelium further. The global mycoprotein segment is set to reach $976M in 2032, according […]

Robert Downey Jr-Backed Chunk Foods’ Plant-Based Whole Cuts Added to Charley’s Steak House Menu

3 Mins Read Israeli startup Chunk Foods‘ plant-based whole-cut meat is now on the menu at Charley’s Steak House in Orlando – the first time a US steakhouse chain is offering a vegan alternative. Backed by Robert Downey Jr’s VC firm FootPrint Coalition, Chunk Foods’ biomass-fermented filet mignon is priced at $69. Chunk Foods uses solid-state fermentation and […]

2 Alt-Protein Startups Receive Boost to Develop Fish-Free Salmon

2 Mins Read A joint venture between Israel’s Oshi and California-based The Better Meat Co., is aimed at crafting sustainable and healthy alternatives to salmon. The collaboration comes on the heels of a $1 million grant to the two alternative protein startups by the Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation. These grants are part of a program […]

5 Delicious Vegan Asian Sausage Recipes From Lap Cheong To Cha Lua Chay

3 Mins Read Vegan sausages are just as juicy as traditional sausages, easy to make, and the biggest bonus: so much healthier. These Asian sausage recipes don’t disappoint. Asia is a magical place for vegan food lovers. We have such a richness of variety and range when it comes to delicious vegan dishes. From colourful tangy pickles to […]

Dutch Startup Willicroft Introduces Fermented Plant-Based Butter

2 Mins Read Willicroft debuts a new vegan butter made from fermented beans. Dutch startup Willicroft, known for its plant-based cheese alternatives, is expanding its product range with the introduction of its first non-cheese offering: a fermented butter. The innovative product, named “The Original Better,” will hit the market in both retail stores and food service in September. […]

79% of Dairy Consumers Will Buy Cheese Made By Microbes, Says Study: ‘A Dairy Revolution’

3 Mins Read European precision-fermentation leader Formo has teamed up with the University of Saskatchewan on a landmark study, shedding light on the promising intersection of precision fermentation, the cheese market, and greenhouse gas reduction initiatives within the dairy industry. The new research, published in International Food and Agribusiness Management Review Journal, suggests that even with a 25 […]

Perfect Day Lays Off 15% of Its Workforce As It Shifts Focus Back to B2B Operations

3 Mins Read Pioneering precision fermentation food tech company Perfect Day has dismissed approximately 15 percent of its staff as it shuttered its consumer-facing arm, The Urgent Company. Perfect Day, which put “animal-free” precision fermentation dairy on the map, says it’s going to focus solely on its B2B efforts rather than its consumer-facing brands that include CoolHaus and […]

Fermify Expands Seed Round, Accelerates Animal-Free Cheese Development

2 Mins Read Austrian biotech company Fermify has announced an extended Seed funding round in addition to forming new alliances with multinational corporations, CREMER and Interfood. Fermify secured $5 million in Seed funding in May, in a round led by Dörte Hirschberg from the Article 9 climate tech fund and Climentum Capital. Now, with new partnerships, the company […]