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How To Choose A Personal Trainer: 5 Foolproof Rules

5 Mins Read Finding a personal trainer in Hong Kong feels like choosing your future life partner through Tinder: the options are limitless, the pics are photoshopped and there’s a lot of style but not much substance. With the exponential growth of Hong Kong’s fitness industry, the personal trainer population has mushroomed. From trainers in large gym chains to freelancers working in smaller studios, the choices […]

Protein Primer: Everything You Need To Know About The Muscle Macro

3 Mins Read What Is Protein? Protein is one of the three macronutrients that provide energy, aka calories, for the body. The other two macronutrients are fats and carbohydrates. Each gram of protein contains 4 calories, as compared to a gram of fat, which contains 9 calories. Note: a gram of carbohydrate has 4 calories too. Protein is […]

Hong Kong Best Women-Only Gyms & Fitness Programmes

6 Mins Read New gyms and studios are springing up all over the city: working out is officially the new going out, just check your sneaker collection. And while we are all for unisex fitness, sometimes a woman-only space is de rigueur. We have rounded up the best spots to workout with your fellow ladies from pregnancy-tailored sessions to women-only […]

Hong Kong’s Best CrossFit Gyms

7 Mins Read If you haven’t heard of CrossFit yet, then you might actually be living under a rock. Like green juices, mindfulness and sexy sneakers, CrossFit has entered our cultural lexicon and there’s now a global community of fanatically happy CrossFitters running around telling how CrossFit has changed their life and generally making the rest of us […]

I Got A DNAFit Test And Here’s What I Learned About My Health

6 Mins Read You know those people who tell you their genes are the reason they are overweight/out of shape/love to gorge on carbs? You can now call bullshit on those people thanks to the lovely folks at Absolute DNA, who have brought DNAFit genotype testing kits to our fair city. It’s really hard to argue with DNA. DNAFit […]

A Roundup Of Hong Kong’s Best Boxing & Fighting Gyms

4 Mins Read When life in our crazy city is getting just a tad too stressful, there’s no better way to ease the stress than to schedule in a good punching session. Not to mention that boxing/fighting of any kind is a world class workout, keeping you lean,  raising endorphin levels and building serious strength. Whether you prefer Muay Thai, […]

#Athleisure: The Complete Guide To Fitness & Yoga Apparel In Hong Kong

7 Mins Read Remember when groups of Lululemon-clad ladies was something you only saw at yoga class? These days, we all live in active wear: at home, on the plane, at the school drop off… And frankly, why not? It’s so comfortable. And versatile. Not to mention trendy. From Topshop teaming up with Beyonce to launch their new line to high fashion priestess […]

The Best Outdoor Bootcamps in Hong Kong

4 Mins Read If the whole air-conditioned gym thing is not your thing but you are looking for an intense, multi-purpose workout, then outdoor bootcamps are the perfect solution. When you need a push to do that last rep, the trainers that run the classes listed below are only too happy to motivate you, rain or shine. They also take care […]

The Best Workouts For Stress, Six Packs, Strength Building & More

5 Mins Read There is no doubt about it, exercise is key to being healthy, both physically and mentally. But there are so many different workouts out there, which one should you pick? Below personal trainer Christiana Lewis advises readers on which workout works best for your specific goals.  Best Workout For Strength Building To build full body […]

Green Queen Predicts: Health & Wellness Trends 2016

6 Mins Read It looks to be an exciting year for health & wellness, and Green Queen shares her predictions for what will be 2016’s biggest trends. 1. Bowl Everything Mark our words, this coming year the already-huge-on Instagram fad is going to take over IRL. Buddha bowls, smoothie bowls, rice bowls, poke, salad bowls, veggie bowls…Whatever you call […]

Hong Kong’s Coolest Fitness Workouts: 3 New Ways To Get Your Sweat On

4 Mins Read Hong Kong has become a truly exciting place when it comes to fitness. Gyms and fitness studios seem to open up every day bringing classes and trends from the world over, including some incredibly unique and seriously cool options. Below, Green Queen introduces three exciting new ways to get your sweat on in the first part […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Exercising Every Day

2 Mins Read It Keeps Your Heart Healthy – No matter what kind of workout you prefer, doing something is bound to get your heart rate up and strengthen your cardiovascular health. The heart is a muscle and you need to use it. Regular exercise helps to keep it strong and you alive! It Improves Your Sleep Quality – […]