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5 Chinese Vegan Instagram Chefs You Need To Follow

4 Mins Read As a source of inspiration, Instagram is hard to beat. Especially when it comes to cooking. Swipe through instructions, gorgeous pictures and helpful videos all make embracing a new cuisine so easy. Even one that has a reputation for being tricky to master, such as Chinese cooking. The following five Chinese vegan innovators will have […]

5 Vegan Food Favorites Loved By World Cup Football Players

4 Mins Read Like many professional athletes, football players are turning to plant power to stay in top form. With the FIFA 2022 World Cup upon us, we dish out some of the vegan food staples fuelling the tournament’s star players, from Lionel Messi to Gareth Bale.  It’s worth mentioning that there are plenty of other footballers who […]

Is Milk Bad For You? And What About the Planet? We Investigate

11 Mins Read Is it time to accept that milk may be bad for you, for the planet, and indeed, for the animals? Let’s take a closer look at the industry. Humans have been consuming animal milk for centuries. In fact, scientists believe that we may have drunk raw milk for the first time 10,000 years ago. But […]

6 Natural Vegan Egg Substitutes For Easy Plant-Based Baking

4 Mins Read Like other intensive industrial farming practices, producing eggs generates greenhouse gas emissions and also contributes to contaminating soil and water, not to mention it’s ethically problematic—most egg-laying hens live in pretty horrific conditions. You may also be avoiding eggs for health reasons such as an allergy. Whatever your reason for avoiding them, there are many […]

Cory Booker Vs. Big Meat

5 Mins Read New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has a new plan aimed at holding large factory farms accountable and improving animal welfare. Can he get it passed? Under Senator Cory Booker’s Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act, the Democrat from New Jersey is aiming to shift responsibility onto corporate and industrial farm operators for disaster mitigation through a fee structure. […]

Climate, Food and Agriculture, Why Are We Stuck?

4 Mins Read Food’s climate problem is getting worse and yet, we’re more stuck than ever. Why is it so hard? COP27 ended on a bittersweet note, with some achievements but mainly with a growing sense of frustration. For once, food and agriculture were given a more central place in the discussions. That’s good news, as only 3% […]

Vertically-Grown Indoor Wheat Breakthrough Holds Potential To Localize The Global Food System

3 Mins Read A German vertical farming startup has grown wheat without soil in an indoor vertical farming operation—and it’s potentially more efficient than open-field growing. Vertical farming is no longer just for salad greens and strawberries. Berlin-based vertical farming startup, Infarm, says its indoor wheat trial has implications for growing at scale. The company says it could […]

With 8 Billion People To Feed, Does Alt Protein Need A Rebrand?

5 Mins Read Alternative protein has a naming problem. As a burgeoning global population gets hungrier and hungrier for meat, do we need to reframe the industry’s identity? I’ve been covering the alternative protein industry for over 6 years. At this point, I have read over 1,000 press releases detailing the mission of umpteen food tech startups, and […]

There Is No Such Thing As Sustainable Dairy

8 Mins Read Notes From the Frontlines of the Sustainable Food Movement – a new opinion column by Irina Gerry Images of happy cows on pasture hide the ugly truth the dairy industry doesn’t want you to know: dairy production can never be sustainable. Many of us grew up believing a glass of milk is wholesome and nutritious, […]

How Balanced Are Dietary Guidelines? New Study Takes a Look

3 Mins Read A new study finds a number of countries are failing to provide adequate dietary guidelines about the benefits of a plant-based diet for human health and the health of the planet. According to recent findings published in the peer-reviewed journal Current Developments in Nutrition, nearly half of the world’s countries are not providing dietary information […]

Diet & Nutrition: Should You Become An Ultra-Flexitarian?

5 Mins Read By: Mark Maslin, Professor of Earth System Science, UCL and the Natural History Museum of Denmark  There’s no denying that what we eat is intrinsically linked to the climate crisis. Is the an Ultra-Flexitarian diet the solution the planet needs? The food we consume has a massive impact on our planet. Agriculture takes up half the habitable land on […]

5 Reasons Besides Its Delicious Vegan Chicken That Will Make You Fall In Love With Atlas Monroe

4 Mins Read Atlas Monroe is a California-based startup that focuses on delivering succulent plant-based meats with comfort food flavours. Known for its vegan fried chicken, the company was propelled to fame, following founder Deborah Torres’ appearance on Shark Tank. From founder Torres’ iron-clad will to what many call the best friend chicken, animal or plant-based, that they’ve […]

Cresilon Closes $25 Million Series A for Biotech Hemostatic Gel That Works Instantly

3 Mins Read Brooklyn-based Cresilon has developed an innovative hemostatic gel for wound treatment in animals. With its $25 million Series A funding, the company is working to bring the life-saving tech to humans. Cresilon’s plant-based gel technology has revolutionized wound treatment. The new funding, led by Paulson Investment Co., will accelerate its plans to expand its placement […]

10 Vegan Jackfruit Recipes You Have to Try

6 Mins Read The jack of all fruits, AKA jackfruit, could very well be the vegan’s dream food. It’s amazing how meaty this tropical fruit is when young and unripe! Taste-wise, jackfruit is essentially a blank canvas to work with and texture wise, it mimics the feel of shredded/pulled meat. Packed with vitamins, minerals, potassium, fibers and scores […]