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Meet 18 Startups Transforming Food, From Fungi Protein To Cultured Breast Milk

12 Mins Read As our food system continues to battle challenges brought on by climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, innovation in the food tech startup world has been racing to come up with disruptive solutions. From gut-health to upcycled ingredients to sustainable cell-based proteins and novel ways to fight food waste, we take a look at some […]

Beluga vs. Burger: Price Parity and Scalability Won’t Stop Cultivated Luxury Products From Reaching Commercial Viability

8 Mins Read By: Prof. Dr. Muriel Vernon, Dr. Sundar Pattabiraman and Henri Kunz Recently, two Techno Economic Analyses (TEAs) on the subject of (commodity) cultivated meat have been hotly debated. More specifically, the critical cost reduction necessary for its commercial viability, with both TEAs showing that cultivated meat may have a long way to go before it can be successfully […]