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Coolhaus Brings Its Perfect Day Whey Ice Cream to Singapore

3 Mins Read California’s cult ice cream brand and celebrity favorite Coolhaus has made its debut in Singapore with six flavors. Coolhaus, now a subsidiary of the Urgent Company, uses Perfect Day’s precision fermentation whey as its base. The result is creamy ice cream with the taste and mouthfeel of conventional dairy. For its launch in Singapore, this […]

4 Staple African Pantry Ingredients to Elevate Your Plant-Based Cooking

6 Mins Read African cuisine is rife with super grains, surprising grasses, and protein-rich ingredients that will elevate your palate and support developing economies, and sourcing them is as simple as a click online.  The following are some of the most versatile African pantry staples to start cooking with. 1. Teff  What is it: Teff is a tiny […]

How Israel Is Leading the World In Vegan Protein Development

3 Mins Read More than $320 million in investments as of the end of June sees Israel lead the world in funding for vegan and alternative protein startups, reports the Good Food Institute Israel. While the U.S. total investments are higher than in Israel—more than $857 million in funding to date—by percentage, Israel is leading the world in […]

How Novel Farms Cut Costs By 99% for the World’s First Lab-Grown Pork Loin

3 Mins Read Novel Farms says it has created the world’s first cultivated whole-cut pork loin that shows marbling and texture. “We aim to bring culinary delicacies into the future of food by crafting cultivated meats that will be hard to resist,” the Berkeley-based company says on its website. It says it’s starting with conventional pork followed by Iberian […]

The World’s Largest Sports Nutrition Brand Taps Perfect Day’s Precision Fermentation Whey

3 Mins Read Myprotein, the world’s largest online consumer sports nutrition brand, is bringing Perfect Day’s precision fermentation whey into the fold. Whey Forward is the first co-branded product in the MyProtein label using Perfect Day’s precision fermentation dairy. The product delivers whey consumers the taste and performance they love while also being a more sustainable, ethical product. […]

Bluu Seafood Releases Its First 2 Cultivated Fish Products

3 Mins Read German food tech company Bluu Seafood, is showing off its first cell-based fish as it readies for regulatory approval processes across Europe, Asia, and North America. Bluu is the first European-based cultivated fish producer to reveal market-ready products: fish sticks and fish balls. Both are made from a “one-time” fish biopsy that didn’t take the […]

New Analysis of Plant-Based Foods Sheds Light on Purchasing Decisions

2 Mins Read A new report is the first to look broadly at sales of all plant-based foods, not just animal replacements. The analysis finds more than half of all shoppers are routinely buying plant-based ingredients and products, with fresh fruits and vegetables driving the category. “More than 40 percent of shoppers at least occasionally eat a meat, […]

13 Things You Need To Know About The Global Alt Protein Industry

4 Mins Read The global alt protein industry is changing every day. Here’s what you need to know. In its annual ‘State of the Industry 2021’ report, The Good Food Institute (GFI) dived deep into the alternative protein landscape. Across the board, 2021 proved to be another year of strong growth, with cultivated and fermentation startups significantly increasing […]

The 7 Best IKEA Vegan Food Options To Eat In-Store And At Home

5 Mins Read IKEA has made certain commitments to increasing its vegan food ranges. It is upping the plant-based stakes in its restaurants, at its takeaway counters and in the food halls. But which items are worth trying? Pledging to make its menus all 50 percent plant-based by 2025, IKEA is offering vegan food consumers access to more […]

Icelandic startup Loki Foods Unveils Sustainable Plant-Based Atlantic Cod Fillet

4 Mins Read Icelandic startup Loki Foods has raised a pre-seed $650,000 to develop a line of realistic and nutritional alternative seafood products, including a whole-cut, plant-based white fish fillet alternative. The company says their sustainable Atlantic cod analogue beats conventional fish meat on nutrition and cooks just like the real thing. The product also has the potential […]

Who Will Asia’s Biggest Cultivated Seafood Players Be?

6 Mins Read Cultivated seafood is shaping up to be a serious niche within the cell-based protein sector. This is especially true in Asia, where demand for seafood remains high. In fact, more seafood is consumed per capita in the region than anywhere else in the world and Asian consumers account for over 70 percent of future growth. […]

Nestlé Eyes National Fast-Food Opportunity for Its Vegan Burgers With Nomoo

3 Mins Read Could multinational food giant Nestlé become the first name in vegan fast food burgers? With its newest partnership with plant-based burger chain Nomoo, that could be the case. California-based vegan burger restaurant Nomoo says it plans on being the fastest-growing vegan franchise in the U.S. Its new partnership with Nestlé is aimed at further streamlining […]

Impossible Foods Debuts Vegan Chicken Nuggets In Asia With Hong Kong Launch

3 Mins Read Bay Area vegan meat brand Impossible Foods is debuting its chicken nuggets in Asia with a Hong Kong launch this month. Impossible Foods entered the chicken wars last year with its vegan nuggets across the U.S. Burger King trialed the nuggets at locations in Iowa, Boston, and Miami last year. Earlier this summer, Impossible debuted […]

Zero Acre Farms and Lypid Bring Their Designer Vegan Fats to Market

3 Mins Read More than 500 Louisa Coffee shops across Taiwan now offer vegan burgers made with Lypid’s proprietary vegan PhytoFat. And after months in stealth mode, Zero Acre Farms brings its cultured oil to market. With a taste and texture that replicates animal fat, Taiwan’s largest coffee chain now offers six new menu items featuring Lypid’s PhytoFat, […]

New Research Says a Plant-Based Diet Is Best for Humans and the Planet

3 Mins Read What’s the healthiest diet for humans? And the healthiest diet for the planet? New research says they’re one and the same: a plant-based diet. The Mediterranean Diet continues to top the best diet list put out by U.S. News and World Report every year for its focus on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and moderate […]