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GOOD Meat and ADM Confirm Strategic Partnership To Ramp Up Cultivated Meat Output

4 Mins Read Californian-food tech Eat Just has announced that its GOOD Meat cultivated chicken brand is now partnering with food processing giant ADM to help accelerate commercial rollout of GOOD Meat products. The collaboration marks the first cultivated meat partnership for ADM, which recently pledged to invest $300 million towards better protein production. How two food pioneers […]

Biotech Brightseed Scoops $68 Million For Bioactive Compound Mapping

4 Mins Read California-based AI phytonutrient detection startup Brightseed has closed a successful Series B funding round led by Singapore-based Temasek, with added participation from both existing and new investors, the raise garnered $68 million. The new funding has been earmarked for accelerating the startup’s proprietary AI system’s ability to map plant compounds.  To date, Forager, as the […]

Q&A w/ AgFunder’s Louisa Burwood-Taylor, AgriFood Expert & Journalist

6 Mins Read Green Queen founder Sonalie Figueiras recently chatted with Louisa Burwood-Taylor, AgFunder’s Head of Media & Research, about what makes an interesting story, covering portfolio company competitors, the rise of angel investing, and whether or not hype is a good thing. What started out as a newsletter a decade ago is now a US$150+ million agri-food-tech […]

Gelatex Claims To Have Solved One Of Cultivated Meat’s Biggest Scaling Hurdles: Affordable Scaffolding

3 Mins Read Estonia-based Gelatex claims that its nanofiber scaffolding system is now able to support the production of 300 tonnes of cultivated meat per year. Using plant-based polymers, the startup has been able to drastically reduce the cost of substrates, removing another obstacle to commercial availability of cell-based protein products.  Conventional meat production has tripled in the […]

China Holds First Cellular Agriculture Forum To Embolden Cultivated Meat Progress

4 Mins Read Food security and a growing demand for protein is on every government’s mind. A new cultivated meat industry association, the China Cellular Agriculture Forum, held its first event last week and was attended by approximately 30 companies within the cultivated sector. Key on the agenda? To help create a sustainable, secure animal protein future in […]

OneRare And Honeybee Burger Join Forces To Make The Metaverse More Meat-Free

3 Mins Read OneRare, builder of the first food-centric metaverse platform has revealed LA-based mini-chain Honeybee Burger will be joining its world. The plant-based brand sees the joining of the ‘foodverse’ as a new way to make meat-free menu items recognisable, desirable and universally accessible. By joining OneRare, Honeybee will create a virtual location that can be accessed […]

This Swiss Fermentation Manufacturing Platform Snagged $8.1 Million To Scale Its ‘New Food Revolution’

3 Mins Read Geneva-based food tech Planetary has announced a $8.1 million in a seed financing round. Astanor Ventures led the investment, with XAnge, Blue Horizon, Nucleus Capital and more participating. The startup is planning to use the money raised to complete the design and construction of a flagship site in Switzerland to build out transplantable industrial-scale microbial […]

Dutch Government Awards €60 Million To Domestic Cellular Agriculture Ecosystem

4 Mins Read The Netherlands has announced that it has awarded €60 million to support the creation of a domestic cellular agriculture ecosystem as part of the country’s National Growth Fund, which is deploying € 20 billion over the next five years towards innovative, high-potential industries with strong growth credentials. The amount represents the largest ever single investment […]

South African Startup Unveils Continent’s First Cultivated Beef Burger

3 Mins Read Mzansi Meat has debuted Africa’s first-ever cultivated beef burger. It comes one month after the startup announced it would be showcasing the dish at a special event in Cape Town. Both of Mzani’s co-founders attended, alongside the company’s head of taste. The latter served the dish to Alderman James Vos, a mayoral committee member for […]

‘Meat Techno-Fixes’ Are Not The Solution to Unsustainable Food Systems, New IPES-Food Report Claims

5 Mins Read A report from IPES-Food has laid bare what it considers an oversimplification of sustainable food issues. It focuses on the conventional trope of comparing intensive animal agriculture and its resulting products, to plant-based alternatives. Revealing that the move to a viable system is not as simple as adopting alternative proteins, the report claims that zoning […]

Bluu Seafood And CellX Announce Cross-Continental Strategic Partnership To Answer Food Security Concerns

4 Mins Read China’s CellX and Germany’s Bluu Seafood have announced a strategic collaboration that will see them combine their cultivated meat and seafood expertise to address future demand for sustainable animal protein. Both are pioneers in the emerging cellular agriculture field, boasting extensive R&D activities as they work towards regulatory approval and commercial sale of cultivated products.  […]