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5 Reasons Besides Its Delicious Vegan Chicken That Will Make You Fall In Love With Atlas Monroe

4 Mins Read Atlas Monroe is a California-based startup that focuses on delivering succulent plant-based meats with comfort food flavours. Known for its vegan fried chicken, Atlas Monroe was propelled to fame, following founder Deborah Torres’ appearance on Shark Tank. From founder Torres’ iron-clad will to what many call the best friend chicken, animal or plant-based, that they’ve […]

2023: The Year of Vegan Sushi

3 Mins Read Another Veganuary has come to a close but the vegan options continue to roll in. And one category is set to see big growth this year: vegan sushi. Supermarket sushi giant Kikka Sushi has announced vegan tuna and salmon sushi coming to Whole Foods Markets’ sushi counters, Konscious Foods comes to freezers, and restaurants go […]

The First Cultivated Pork Filet Debuts In the U.K.

2 Mins Read BSF Enterprise, a biotech-focused investment company, says its subsidiary 3D Bio-Tissues has produced the first cultivated steak in the U.K. made from pork cells. The first cultivated pork cutlet was made with 3D Bio-Tissues’ (3DBT) serum-free and animal-free cell booster, named City-mix. The result “exceeded expectations in appearance, taste and texture,” the company said. The […]

This Whole-Cut Raw Salmon Filet Is Made Entirely Out of Plants

3 Mins Read Toronto-based New School Foods has released its first product: a plant-based whole-cut salmon filet it says looks, cooks, tastes, and flakes just like conventional salmon. New School Foods’ vegan fish release comes on the heels of $12 million in Seed funding from Lever VC, Blue Horizon, Hatch, Good Startup, Alwyn Capital, and grants from multiple […]

USDA Foreign Ag Service To US Plant-Based Brands: Export To Germany Where 55% Are Flexitarians

5 Mins Read A new report is encouraging US plant-based brands to export to Germany, describes as the ‘fastest-growing plant-based meat market in Europe’ While the US mainstream media is on a headline rampage against plant-based meat, the US Department of Agriculture’s foreign arm is publishing reports extolling the growth of the plant-based meat sector abroad to encourage […]

General Mills Backs $6.4 Million Seed Round for Food Coloring Made From Fungi

3 Mins Read Michroma, the California-based biotech startup working to develop natural colorants from fungi, has closed a $6.4 million Seed funding round. Michroma’s new funding was led by Supply Change Capital, a food tech VC backed by 301 INC, the corporate venture capital arm of food giant General Mills. The round also includes funding from Be8 Ventures, […]

Anne Hathaway Backs Precision Fermentation Platform for a ‘Better Future’

3 Mins Read Actress Anne Hathaway has invested in The Every Co., a leading precision fermentation protein platform aimed at bringing sustainable alternatives to the food system. In her first B2B investment, the Academy-Award-winning actress Anne Hathaway has backed Every with an undisclosed funding amount. The platform is best known for its precision fermentation egg product. “The need […]

Anonymous Source Suggests Impossible Foods Laying Off 20% Of Its Workforce

3 Mins Read Citing an anonymous source ‘familiar with the matter’, Bloomberg reported today that California-based plant-based meat startup Impossible Foods is going to lay off 20% of its workforce or approximately 100 employees. Very few additional details about the layoff announcements are available though the reporter did write that the same source said the company “offered voluntary […]

Moon Magic Takes on Big Chocolate With Low-Sugar, Dairy-Free ‘World’s First’

3 Mins Read Claiming the title of the “world’s first” vegan, no-sugar-added, low-calorie, milk chocolate, Canada’s Moon Magic has announced the launch of six chocolate bars. According to Moon Magic, while the good-for-you chocolate market has increased recently, many of those offerings are still high in sugar and calories, which can negate the benefits of chocolate. Moon Magic […]

Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Spent Beer Grains Land In Novel Vegan Protein Blends

3 Mins Read SolvPro, the new line of vegan plant protein blends from Osage Foods, is made using EverPro — the upcycled grain from beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev. Osage Foods, the Missouri-based provider of ingredients and ingredient systems, has launched six protein blends featuring fellow Missouri company Anheuser-Busch InBev’s (AB InBev) EverPro protein. The range is targeted at […]

Paint it Green: Meat & Dairy’s Top Greenwashing Tactics, Exposed

6 Mins Read Notes From the Frontlines of the Sustainable Food Movement – an opinion column by Irina Gerry If cows were a country, they would compete with the United States for the title of the world’s second-highest emitter. Cows alone produce 5 gigatons of CO2e. The United States emits 5.2 gigatons of CO2e, including its massive oil […]

New Project Explores Decentralizing Cultivated Meat By Supporting Farmers

3 Mins Read A new research project from Respect Farms aims to bring cultivated meat production to conventional agricultural operations. The 18-month feasibility research project is underway with €900,000 in support funding from European governments, NGOs, and industry partners, including Rügenwalder Mühle, the Swiss farmers’ union, fenaco Genossenschaft, the cooperative bank Rabobank, and the Belgium animal rights organization […]

Väcka Cracks Open Melon Seeds As the Next Big Dairy-Free Cheese Trend

3 Mins Read Spanish food tech startup Väcka, says it filed a patent application for the first-to-market dairy-free cheese made from melon seeds. Forget soy, coconut, and cashew — the newest trend in dairy-free cheese is…melon seed? Barcelona-based startup Väcka is betting on it. The company says its cheese is made from a combination of melon seeds and […]

Mycorena and Revo Foods Hook €1.5 Million for 3D Mycoprotein Seafood

3 Mins Read A partnership between Austria’s Revo Foods and Sweden’s Mycorena has yielded a €1.5 million grant from the Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, and the EU funding program, Eurostars. Revo Foods and Mycorena announced their partnership late last year with the goal of creating mycoprotein to replace seafood, using 3D-printing technology. The […]