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Singapore’s Flash Coffee Replaces Dairy With Oatside’s Oat Milk ‘To Help Our Customers Take A Small Step Forward’

3 Mins Read Singapore-based coffee franchise, Flash Coffee, has announced an exclusive partnership with Indonesian oat milk maker Oatside, which will be the default in any milk-based drinks, replacing dairy. The shift to oat milk makes Flash Coffee the first prominent coffee chain in Singapore to move away from conventional dairy. The new offering is at no additional […]

Green Rebel’s Vegan Chicken Launches At Nando’s Singapore

3 Mins Read Indonesia’s whole-cut plant-based meat brand Green Rebel has announced a partnership with Nando’s Singapore for a limited menu collaboration. The announcement marks the first time Nando’s, the South African-based chicken chain, has launched a plant-based menu option in Singapore. The new meatless Green Rebel Chick’n Steak is part of Nando’s “The Great Pretender” campaign. Green […]

Hong Kong’s DayDayCook Partners With Nestlé on Shelf-Stable Vegan Meal Range

2 Mins Read Hong Kong-based DayDayCook and Harvest Gourmet, Nestlé’s strategic brand, have joined forces to create a new range of plant-based meal options. The new collaboration brings to market a line of shelf-stable products that incorporate Harvest Gourmet’s vegan ingredients sourced domestically. DayDayCook has traditionally focused on meal delivery kits for the home chef. “I am super […]

Lewis Hamilton-Backed Neat Burger Secures $18 Million Series B: ‘A Major Milestone’

4 Mins Read The U.K.-based Neat Burger, the plant-based restaurant chain supported by influential figures like Lewis Hamilton and Leonardo DiCaprio, is set to expand its global reach following a successful $18 million Series B fundraising round. Despite the challenging macroeconomic backdrop, Neat Burger has emerged as a leading player in the plant-based food industry. The recent fundraise […]

Denmark’s Tempty Foods Taps Quorn’s Mycoprotein Source to Expand Its Vegan Meat Offerings

3 Mins Read Marlow Ingredients, the UK-based parent to vegan meat brand Quorn, has collaborated with Danish food start-up Tempty Foods to introduce a range of meat alternatives. Like the popular Quorn product range, the new Marlow partnership with Tempty is based on developing products with mycoprotein, a fungus-derived “super protein” that’s more sustainable than conventional protein sources. […]

New Report Details Food R&D Strategy for Tackling Global Methane Emissions

3 Mins Read Reducing methane emissions in the global food system is crucial for achieving climate targets, and a new report from the Climateworks Foundation highlights innovative solutions that can lead to substantial reductions. Between 2021 and 2022, increases in methane emissions were the largest recorded in history, says a new report from the Climateworks Foundation and Global […]

These Energy Bars Are Tackling Coffee Waste

3 Mins Read Australia-based snack bar start-up I Am Grounded has released the first energy bar made from coffee waste by upcycling the nutrient-rich coffee fruit. In a bid to innovate in the energy bar sector while tackling agricultural waste, I Am Grounded is using coffee fruit — also known as coffee cherry — the fleshy, round stone […]

HackSummit: The Climate Conference You Can’t Miss

8 Mins Read Green Queen’s founder shares her take on HackSummit, the must-attend yearly climate and food tech event that just took place in Lausanne, Switzerland. Should climate activists travel to conferences? It’s a tough question to answer. After all, most of us are drowning in flygskam and painfully aware that offsetting is somewhat of a greenwasher’s game. […]

Wicked Kitchen Stays ‘Ahead of the Curve’ With Vegan Seafood Brand Acquisition

3 Mins Read Wicked Kitchen, the leading global plant-based food brand founded by brothers Chad and Derek Sarno, broadens its reach with the strategic acquisition of Current Foods, a pioneering alt-protein seafood startup. In a fresh wave of consolidation in the plant-based industry, Wicked Kitchen has announced the all-stock acquisition of Current Foods. The startup, specializing in plant-based […]

Lever VC Report Navigates Cultivated Meat Risks: ‘It Is Especially Important to Scrutinize’

3 Mins Read Lever VC has released its “Cultivated Meat Scientific Benchmarks” white paper in an effort to bolster investor understanding and confidence in the cultivated meat sector. The investment firm Lever VC, notable for its ventures in alternative protein companies, says the white paper release is intended to enhance transparency and rigor within the rapidly expanding cultivated […]

Megmilk and Agrocorp Join Forces to Tap into Asia’s Plant-Based Ingredients Market

2 Mins Read The new Megmilk-Agrocorp collaboration marks a significant milestone in both companies’ strategic plans as they set out to redefine the plant-based food ingredients market in Asia. Tokyo-based dairy giant Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd. and global agricultural commodities company Agrocorp International Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, have revealed their collaboration to forge a joint venture […]

ADM and Air Protein Will Co-Produce Sustainable Protein Made From CO2

3 Mins Read American multinational food processing and commodities company Archer-Daniels-Midland has entered into a pivotal partnership with Air Protein, the innovator in air-based nutritional protein production that negates the need for agriculture or farmland and creates a revenue stream for captured C02. Under the newly announced Strategic Development Agreement (SDA) Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM) and Air Protein aim to […]

Fresh Del Monte Invests In Vegan Cheese

2 Mins Read With a new strategic partnership with vegan cheese brand Vertage, Fresh Del Monte forges ahead with its sustainability commitments. Its latest sustainability commitment Fresh Del Monte has announced a strategic alliance with Vertage, a New York-based vegan cheese producer focused on sustainable and healthy alternatives to conventional dairy. Vertage vegan cheese Vertage, developed by chef […]

Beyond Meat Misled Its Investors, Class Action Lawsuit Claims

3 Mins Read Beyond Meat faces a class action lawsuit over claims it misled investors about its production and growth plans. The Retail Wholesale Department Store Union Local 338 Retirement Fund filed a lawsuit last week against Southern California-based Beyond Meat, a prominent player in the plant-based meat industry. The suit alleges that the company misled investors about […]