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Cultivated Meat Can Be Halal, Leading Shariah Scholars Tell GOOD Meat

4 Mins Read Cultivated meat can be considered halal if it meets certain criteria, according to three Shariah scholars who advised alt-protein leader Eat Just on the matter. The company, whose subsidiary GOOD Meat became the world’s first cultured meat producer to get regulatory approval in 2020, says it will work along these guidelines to make its cell-based […]

Sodexo to Launch SavorEat’s 3D-Printed Plant-Based Burger Robot Chef at University of Denver

4 Mins Read Two years after announcing their US higher education partnership, Israeli food tech startup SavorEat and French catering giant Sodexo are finally launching the first 3D-printing robot for plant-based burgers at the University of Denver. In 2021, Sodexo North America announced it would be piloting SavorEat’s robot chef system across canteens in higher education institutions in […]

Leonardo DiCaprio-Backed Mosa Meat Becomes World’s First B Corp Cultivated Meat Company, Eyes Regulatory Approval

4 Mins Read Dutch cultivated meat pioneer Mosa Meat has announced that it has become the first cultivated meat company in the world to attain B Corp certification, in what the company calls a significant milestone for its sustainability commitments. It also confirmed that it’s planning to apply for regulatory approval in countries across the world. Mosa Meat, […]

Nut Milk Makers: The Best Machines to Make Plant-Based Milk at Home

6 Mins Read If you’re tired of buying different alt-milks for different purposes and dealing with all that packaging, or just feel like experimenting with plant-based milks that don’t yet exist, you could do with a nut milk maker. Here are some of the best. According to industry think tank the Good Food Institute, Americans bought 2% fewer […]

Plant-Based 2.0: Addressing the Industry’s 10 Biggest Challenges

6 Mins Read By Sonalie Figueiras, Editor-in-Chief, Green Queen Media and Maarten Geraets, outgoing MD Alternative Protein, Thai Union There’s no denying that times are tough for the global plant-based industry. Retail sales are down, investors have lost confidence, startups are ceasing operations and the mainstream media is pushing one negative narrative after another. As we look ahead […]

Plant-Based Greek Yogurt: The 6 Best, Creamiest Vegan Brands To Try

5 Mins Read From coconut and soy to almonds and oats, there are a host of vegan ingredients that make for a fantastic base for plant-based Greek-style yogurt (or labneh). Here are six of the best offerings on the market. I’ve had a lot of plant-based yogurts in my time. I’m indifferent to a lot of them – […]

Food Experts Launch AI & Machine Learning Project to Transform Plant-Based Meat Texture

4 Mins Read Sustainability non-profit Food System Innovations (FSI) has teamed up with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning expert Noa Weiss to unveil GreenProtein AI, a project tapping next-gen tech to optimise the extrusion and texture of plant-based meat. Last year, a survey by vegan certification body by V-Label found that plant-based meat’s texture is as important […]

UK Vegan Dog Food Brand The Pack Unveils ‘Europe’s First’ Oven-Baked Kibble, Confirms Expansion Plans

3 Mins Read UK plant-based startup The Pack has launched what it claims is Europe’s first nutritionally complete oven-baked vegan dried dog food. The brand is championing the new kibble’s palatability over conventional extruded dog food, following a home-feeding trial, and confirms its expansion plans into Europe. Touted as the first of its kind in Europe, The Pack’s […]

The 6 Best Vegan Condensed Milk Brands That You Can Buy Now

5 Mins Read Hong Kong French toast, rice pudding, dulce de leche, Vietnamese coffee – these are some of the most exciting foods known to humankind, or the food-obsessed like me at least. And they’re all possible thanks to one glorious ingredient: condensed milk. So what’s a conscious gastronome to do? If you’re plant-based, fret not, there are […]

UK Must Invest £390M in Alt-Protein by 2030 to Boost Food Security & Stay Competitive

6 Mins Read To avoid ceding competitive advantage in the global alt-protein race, a new report suggests the UK needs to invest £390M ($493M) in alternative proteins between 2025 and 2030. This includes plant-based, cultivated and precision-fermented meat, seafood, dairy and eggs. The research comes a week after another report found that the British alt-protein sector could create […]

Japanese Vegan Egg Brand Raises $1.64M Pre-Series A to Launch in US & EU

4 Mins Read Umami United, the Tokyo-based startup that makes plant-based egg products, has closed a pre-Series A funding round with an injection of ¥240M ($1.64M). The company plans to use the funds to develop a vegan egg white alternative and enter the US and European markets. Led by Beyond Next Ventures, the investment round saw participation from […]

Pureture: Fermented Vegan Casein That’s Cheaper Than Dairy Proteins

4 Mins Read New York-based biotech company Pureture has formulated vegan casein using yeast-based traditional fermentation. The company tells Green Queen that its tasteless and odourless plant-based milk protein – designed for alt-dairy products – can be supplied at a lower price than its conventional counterpart. Founded in October 2022, Pureture (formerly Armored Fresh Technologies) was rebranded in […]

The Holy Meat Grail: The 6 Startups Making Plant-Based Whole-Cut Beef Steak

6 Mins Read Recreating animal muscle tissues from plants is like climbing a mountain – and this is why whole cuts have been referred to as the ‘holy grail’ of plant-based meat. While most vegan meat companies stick to mince, these six startups are succeeding in replicating conventional whole-cut beef without any animal ingredients. Plant-based companies have mastered […]

Singapore’s HAPPIEE! Launches Vegan Shrimp & Squid With British Retailers Tesco and Ocado

3 Mins Read Singaporean plant-based brand HAPPIEE! – a subsidiary of Growthwell Foods – has secured listings with UK retailers to introduce its vegan frozen seafood range to the market. The company’s plain and breaded seafood alternatives are already available at online retailer Ocado, and will launch at Tesco – the UK’s largest supermarket – next month. Launched in 2022, the brand […]

Exclusive: Fat is the Key to Exceptional Chocolate, According to Cocoa-Free Startup WNWN

5 Mins Read Famous for its cacao- and palm-oil-free chocolates, WNWN Food Labs deep-dives into its research and development with fats, its alternative to cocoa percentages, and when consumers can expect to taste its chocolate. Working on chocolate, a product whose supply chain is linked with deforestation (both via its base and complementing ingredients), child slavery, biodiversity loss, […]