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OpEd: Company Breastfeeding Policies Help Build A Better, More Equitable World

4 Mins Read Feeding your child should not be a barrier to success, argues our special columnist Australian entrepreneur Glen Hare, and that means companies need explicit, comprehensive breastfeeding policies for working mothers. In a major and unexpected turn of events, I’ve been thinking about breastfeeding – a lot. Naturally, a gay man, with no children, is not […]

5 Black Female Entrepreneurs Changing the Vegan Food Industry

4 Mins Read Great food speaks for itself, and it tastes even better when it’s supporting Black women’s businesses. Each entrepreneur featured here was founded on a desire to bring healthy, nourishing food to every community and was born out of a personal vegan journey. The following five women have put more than just plant-based ingredients into their […]

Shiok Meat’s Sandhya Sriram Gets Personal: ‘As A Pioneer, You Have To Break A Lot More Barriers And A Lot More Glass Ceilings’

13 Mins Read Sandhya Sriram is co-founder and CEO at Shiok Meats, a Singapore-headquartered cultivated meat and seafood company founded in 2018 that has raised over $30 million in funding. Below, she talks to Green Queen‘s Sonalie Figueiras about where cell-based seafood is going, her views on the future of cultivated meat, how investors should be thinking about […]

6 Female Scientists Making the World More Sustainable

7 Mins Read Scientific research might be considered a male-dominated arena, but it’s time to recognise that there are plenty of female pioneers to celebrate. Strong women who identified a niche or subject that was ripe for further exploration have led the charge for progress for centuries. The following scientific powerhouses have made leaps in their respective fields […]

Miyoko’s Creamery: Plant-Based Dairy Founder And Company She Started Agree To Resolve All Lawsuits And Withdraw Legal Claims

2 Mins Read Three months after the vegan dairy company filed a lawsuit against its founder and former CEO, both parties say they have resolved all disputes and withdrawn all legal claims. In social media post published by both Miyoko Schinner and the company earlier today, both parties shared the following statement: Miyoko’s Creamery and Miyoko Schinner are […]

Women’s Health Market Set to Explode As Millennials Hit Their 40s

3 Mins Read New data point to an untapped market potential for female nutrition. But more work is needed to address the full range of women’s health requirements. The findings about women’s health come from sector specialists at consultancy Sagentia Innovation. “The specific role of nutrition in female health is finally gaining attention,” Ankita Singal-Sareen, senior consultant at […]

Exclusive: Former Outcast Foods CEO Darren Burke Named In Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Alleging Discrimination On The Basis Of Sex

7 Mins Read Canadian foodtech entrepreneur Marissa Bronfman says that after being recruited as co-founder for a new biotech mycelium fermentation company, she was subjected to a sexist work environment and was terminated by former Outcast Foods CEO Darren Burke for requesting that he hire a female scientist. Earlier this week, Green Queen received a PDF copy of […]

How the E.U. — and Women CEOs — are Tackling Greenwashing

3 Mins Read As the European Commission takes new steps to crack down on greenwashing in product labels and advertisements, research points to a foolproof way to avoid greenwashing in the first place: hire more women executives. The E.U.’s proposed Green Claims Directive is expected to force the hands of major companies to be more transparent about their […]

10 Pro Vegan Female Olympic Athletes Redefining the Game

5 Mins Read There’s a world of plant-based female-identifying Olympic competitors to be inspired by, across a broad spectrum of disciplines.  The rise of the professional vegan athlete is impossible to ignore, but step away from high-profile celebrity sportspeople such as Lewis Hamilton and the William’s sisters for a minute. From running to surfing and everything in between, […]

The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands For All (Plus) Sizes and All Occasions

5 Mins Read It’s time to take the “either/or” out of inclusivity and sustainability. Consumers are demanding fashion brands to tick more than one box, telling them it’s not enough to preach about transparent supply chains and ethical sourcing if blind spots still remain when it comes to exclusive marketing, racist brand culture and non-diverse sizing and fit.  […]

Want to create a better world? Empower more women investors. 

7 Mins Read By: Helena Wasserman Eriksson & Sonalie Figueiras Empowering more women to become investors will unlock billions into ESG investing and help fight the climate crisis. You may have seen the recent headlines about Adam Neumann, formerly of WeWork, raising a whopping $350M from leading Silicon Valley venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz for his new startup Flow […]

Prakriti Varshney Becomes India’s First Vegan Woman To Conquer Everest

3 Mins Read On May 12, 2022, Prakriti Varshney made history. Aged 26, she became the first vegan Indian woman to scale Mount Everest. Setting out from the Everest Base Camp on May 7, the expedition team took just five days to reach the peak, following rotations through lower camps.  The final climb totals 69 kilometres, encompassing ice, […]

Are Condoms Eco-Friendly? & Other (Green) Safe Sex Questions

5 Mins Read Condoms help protect against pregnancy and many sexually transmitted infections (STIs), are relatively inexpensive and widely available for purchase. However, when it comes to being as conscious about our environmental impact in every aspect of our daily lives, it is important to address whether the use of condoms, which is by nature a single-use product, […]

This German Women-Led Startup Just Closed A Seed Round To Make Periods More Sustainable With Seaweed Tampons

4 Mins Read Berlin-based Vyld, which makes seaweed-based menstruation products, has closed a seed round to take the startup’s stigma-busting seaweed-based tampons from small scale to mass production. Participants in the round included The Case for Her, Purpose Ventures and multiple business angels. The funding amount was undisclosed. Vyld was founded on the basis of revolutionising the menstruation […]

Why We Can’t Fix The Climate Crisis Without Women

5 Mins Read I often get asked what the connection between women and sustainability is and this continually surprises me. It seems fairly obvious, no? Without lifting women up, what chance do we have of creating a fairer, kinder, greener world? In honor of International Women’s Day, I want to write about why the climate crisis is not […]