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Greenwashing Fashion Brands Under Fire As UK Regulation Comes In

3 Mins Read Misleading eco claims from U.K. fashion brands are set to be punished. Those found flouting consumer protection law will be liable for revised advertising costs and potential court action. The move is being made to prevent inaccurate and false environmental claims. The fashion industry has been chosen for greenwashing investigations due to its global scale […]

‘1000 Trees’: Shanghai Reveals Visionary New Eco-Lifestyle Mall That Mimics A Mountain

3 Mins Read Tian An China Investments has completed construction on a new green mall in Shanghai. The building sits snugly amidst the city’s art district. Called ‘1000 Trees’, it is covered with greenery, cascading over various levels, to resemble a mountain. London-based architects firm Heatherwick Studio was granted the new mall design commission. Previously completed projects include […]

To Make the UK’s Food Supply More Sustainable, Lidl Helps Farmers Go Eco

3 Mins Read In an effort to make the UK’s food supply more sustainable, leading supermarket chain Lidl says it’s working with produce suppliers to achieve eco-certification by the end of 2023. Lidl, which operates nearly 900 stores across the UK, and its produce suppliers, will work with the LEAF Marque to improve the nation’s food system. LEAF, […]

Regenerative Meal Delivery? Scratch Kitchen Is On A Mission To ‘Green-Up’ The Restaurant Industry

3 Mins Read Regenerative meal delivery? This is what Colorado’s Scratch Kitchen is aiming for. The young company claims it has achieved carbon neutrality on all orders. On top of sourcing local, working with organic farmers and managing 75% compostable packaging, the on-demand food delivery platform is working with Californian social enterprise TerraPass to offset all carbon emissions […]

Vegan Women Summit Reveals Increase In Bias Faced By Female-Identifying Company Founders

4 Mins Read The 2021 Women Founder Report, compiled by the Vegan Women’s Summit (VWS), highlights concerning trends facing female-identifying leaders. Despite the plant-based business world experiencing vast growth, attitudes towards non-male figures within it are not proving as progressive. In 2020, just three percent of $3 billion investment raised in the industry went to women-led companies.  Harassment, […]

These 9 Sustainable Startups Are Fixing Our Food System

5 Mins Read Who’s leading the way forward in fixing our food system? These nine startups are making big progress. Last year during the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit, nine exciting Asia-based startups pitched their sustainable technologies aimed at building up our food system’s resilience to crises in the post-pandemic world. Without further ado, below is a round-up of […]

Vintage Resale Fashion Leader Depop Becomes Climate Neutral

3 Mins Read Depop, the resale platform popular for vintage clothing and unique fashion items, is now climate neutral. The company is now certified by South Pole, a World Economic Forum-backed decarbonisation social enterprise, and says it will continue to expand its sustainability efforts amid growing pressure on businesses to take climate action. Depop is now a certified […]

Why This Hong Kong Female Founder Created Her Own Sustainable Watch Brand

4 Mins Read Three years ago, Hong Kong-based Sally Lim embarked on her low-waste journey, choosing plastic-free and switching to reusable bags and containers. These switches were easy, but when her watch broke, she found it incredibly difficult to find a replacement that was truly plastic-free, from foam-lined packaging to polyester straps. That’s when she decided to team […]

Stop Using Carbon Offsets To Avoid Emissions Cuts, Says Greenpeace

3 Mins Read Carbon offsets are enabling large polluting corporations to avoid tackling their own emissions, says Greenpeace. Experts warn that without a rapid phasing out of fossil fuels and meaningful cuts in emissions, offsets alone will come far too short to tackle the climate crisis.  Large corporations are using offsets, such as buying carbon credits or funding […]

A Chat w/ Brinc x Halo Impact On Their New Accelerator

4 Mins Read Hong Kong-headquartered investor and accelerator Brinc has just partnered with Halo Impact to launch a new Circular Economy Accelerator Program. Dedicated to tech-forward circular economy solutions across a number of industries, the new program will accelerate much-needed solutions for everything from renewables to sustainable packaging with startups receiving up to $100,000 in funding and access […]