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HackSummit: The Climate Conference You Can’t Miss

8 Mins Read Green Queen’s founder shares her take on HackSummit, the must-attend yearly climate and food tech event that just took place in Lausanne, Switzerland. Should climate activists travel to conferences? It’s a tough question to answer. After all, most of us are drowning in flygskam and painfully aware that offsetting is somewhat of a greenwasher’s game. […]

Op-Ed: Dear Nestlé, What’s Your Methane Plan?

5 Mins Read In a new campaign, Changing Market Foundation asks dairy giant Nestlé to address the company’s methane emissions blindspot and get serious about its plant-based strategy. On 20 April FMCGG giant Nestlé held its annual general meeting (AGM). The CEO, Mark Schneider, used the opportunity to announce to shareholders that he wants to focus on products […]

This Lululemon T-Shirt is Made From Nylon Sourced From Plants

2 Mins Read Activewear giant Lululemon has announced the launch of a shirt made from what it describes as plant-based nylon in partnership with sustainable materials firm Genomatica. The new t-shirts, which come in styles for men and women, are in line with Lululemon’s aim to make its entire business sustainable by 2030. Rather than using petroleum from […]

7 Big Signals That Prove The End Of Fossil Fuels Is On The Horizon

4 Mins Read Are fossil fuels really on the way out? For years, climate scientists and environmental activists have been calling for the end of fossil fuels as the number one thing that must happen if we are to save the planet. They have fought tooth and nail to push back against the dirty energy industry’s billion-dollar efforts […]

3 Italian Eco Entrepreneurs Changing The Future Of Fashion You Need To Know

3 Mins Read Italy has long been synonymous with luxury fashion and globally-recognised design talent. A new crop of Italian entrepreneurs are changing the discourse on what it means to create a fashion company in today’s global markets, where sustainability has become a key consideration. The fashion industry is reckoning with itself and sustainability has become the mot […]

8 Circular Packaging Companies To Watch In The Race To Close The Waste Loop

5 Mins Read Packaging is one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste – but our modern society just can’t seem to cut it out. Can these companies help? Living packaging-free is no easy feat, with almost every product on supermarket shelves, at clothing stores, and in our online deliveries all coming in either plastic bags, wraps, envelopes, […]

The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands For All (Plus) Sizes and All Occasions

5 Mins Read It’s time to take the “either/or” out of inclusivity and sustainability. Consumers are demanding fashion brands to tick more than one box, telling them it’s not enough to preach about transparent supply chains and ethical sourcing if blind spots still remain when it comes to exclusive marketing, racist brand culture and non-diverse sizing and fit.  […]

Corporate Cafeterias: A Bright Spot For Plant-Forward Diet Change

6 Mins Read Over in foodservice, behavioral architecture and future-thinking operators are ushering in an age of plant-forward corporate cafeterias, which is good news for both the planet and a new generation of climate-conscious talent.  While the debate over the future of the plant-based meat industry rages on, one area that is showing signs of hope in the […]

Carbon Labeling Is Coming For Your Food: Here’s What You Need To Know

6 Mins Read As companies race to net zero goals and consumers demand more transparency about the products they buy, carbon labels will become a necessity, particularly on supermarket shelves. But do they work? And how should they be designed? Here’s what you need to know. Note: in this article, we use ‘carbon labeling’ and ‘carbon labels’ as […]

The 10 Best Sustainability Podcasts You Need To Listen To Now

4 Mins Read We scoured the airwaves to find the best podcasts out there about environmental issues, all with their own voice and format, some inspiring, some informative, some funny, all important and worthwhile. Are you a podcast fan yet? Or maybe you’re exploring this format for your daily commute but you are not sure where to start? […]

EVs, Green Fertilizers & Plant-Based Proteins: These 3 ‘Super Tipping Points’ Key To Decarbonization

5 Mins Read A new report says targeted action dubbed ‘super-tipping points’ in three key areas including EVs, green fertilizers and plant-based proteins could lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. As the world races against time to limit global warming to 1.5°C, a new report unveiled at […]

Without Buying Offsets, the EATV ETF Earns Carbon Neutral Status

3 Mins Read The VegTech plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF, EATV, is now certified carbon neutral — a feat it achieved without buying offsets. EATV (NYSE: EATV) says its carbon-neutral status comes by way of avoiding animal products in food and materials supply systems. “This means that the investments made by EATV are actually helping to solve the […]

This Carbon Negative Cement Reduces Emissions and Costs Less Than Conventional

3 Mins Read In the fight against climate change, a new approach to cement is key. Brimstone says its concrete is carbon-negative. Concrete’s carbon footprint is not insignificant. Every year, more than four billion tonnes of cement are used to make concrete — the most widely used building material — producing more than 2.5 billion tonnes of CO2 […]

A Surge in Corporates Green Job Listings Highlights The Lack Of Global Sustainability Talent

5 Mins Read By Christopher Boone, Professor of Sustainability, Arizona State University and Karen C. Seto, Professor of Geography and Urbanization Science, Yale University To meet today’s global sustainability challenges, the corporate world needs more than a few chief sustainability officers – it needs an army of employees, in all areas of business, thinking about sustainability in their decisions […]

Q+A w/ Hang Lung’s John Haffner & LVMH’s Nicolas Martin: ‘There’s This Sense Coming Out of COP27 That We Need To Do Things Faster And Differently.’ 

10 Mins Read Hang Lung Properties’ John Haffner and LVMH’s Nicolas Martin, talk to Green Queen about their new climate and sustainability partnership. Last month, Chinese real estate leader Hang Lung Properties and French luxury giant LVMH group announced a ground-breaking three-year climate and sustainability partnership. The collaboration, the first of its kind globally, looks to redefine the […]

Can These 6 Marine Tech Startups Help Solve The Many Issues Facing Our Oceans?

4 Mins Read Some of the most exciting young “ocean innovators” accepted into UpLink, the open digital platform launched by the World Economic Forum (WEF), are working toward sustainable progress in ocean conservation.  Life below water is a vital planetary resource that we depend on for everything from absorbing nearly a third of carbon dioxide produced by humans, […]

China’s Hang Lung & France’s LVMH Announce Groundbreaking Sustainability Partnership To Accelerate Joint ESG Goal

6 Mins Read A groundbreaking partnership between Chinese real estate leader Hang Lung Properties and French luxury giant LVMH Group is forging new ground when it comes to sustainable building. Hang Lung and LVMH have officially partnered on a three-year innovative collaboration on climate and sustainability action across their respective real estate and retail businesses that will see […]

Whole Foods Founder John Mackey’s Second Act Looks a Lot Like His First

6 Mins Read Wellness centers with fitness and spa services and plant-based restaurants could be coming to a town near you soon, thanks to John Mackey, the founder of Whole Foods Market. When John Mackey and the original Whole Foods Market co-founders opened their doors in Texas in 1980, the vision was always about community. The store bought […]