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Samsung To Go Waste-Free By 2025 As Tech Faces Green Pressure

3 Mins Read Tech companies have come under greater pressure in recent months to clean up their act, and now, Samsung wants to stem criticism by launching a new sustainability plan. The South Korean giant says it wants to divert all waste from landfill within the next three years, as well as up the percentage of recycled materials […]

Global Audit Giant Sending All 333,000 Employees To Climate Change School

3 Mins Read Deloitte employees are going to embark on a new climate education program—all 333,000 of them. The auditing giant has just created a new “climate learning program” in partnership with the WWF, which aims to boost climate literacy and arm their workforce with the skills they need to take action on climate change.  Global auditing giant […]

18,000 Vegan Currywurst? Volkswagen Ditches Pork Sausage in Company Cafeteria

3 Mins Read Volkswagen has decided to ditch its traditional currywurst sausages for a low-carbon vegan version in its main cafeteria in a bid to become more sustainable. The German carmaker will also begin serving more vegan and vegetarian dishes, from jackfruit burgers to tofu salads, as part of a plan to remove factory farmed meat entirely from […]