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The 7 Best Plant-Based Sources For Omega-3 Fatty Acids

5 Mins Read Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for health and wellbeing. Many people believe that omega-3s can only be found in non-plant-based sources such as fatty fish. However, there are many plant-based foods that do contain omega-3s, and crucially, fish contain omega-3s because they eat plankton and algae. There are three main types of omega-3s: ALA (alpha-linolenic […]

Why Our Global Food System Is Broken

7 Mins Read The pandemic has exposed what scientists have long been warning about – our global food supply is so broken, disconnected, and insufficient that drastic changes must be made in order to feed the world healthily and sustainably. The global food supply chain was among the hardest hit amidst the coronavirus pandemic with 265 million people […]

Vegan Omega-3 Sources Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease By Up to 20 Percent, New Analysis Shows

4 Mins Read Plant-based omega-3 offers heart-healthy benefits and can reduce the likelihood of serious heart disease, a new study has found. Published in the medical journal, Advances in Nutrition, findings point to vegan omega-3 offering comparable benefits to those commonly sourced from fish. Omega-3 fatty acid, specifically alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is not produced naturally by the body. […]

Organic Labeling and Logos – Get The Facts

5 Mins Read What’s in a label? Here’s why organic labeling and logos matter—and what they actually mean. We always need more facts as conscious consumers. We do not live in an ideal world. There is no choice you can make at the grocery store that does not come with some compromise or another. There are many different […]

Can Microalgae Oil Replace Unsustainable Palm Oil? These Researchers Say Yes

3 Mins Read In a bid to replace palm oil, scientists at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore are looking underwater. A research team claims that oil extracted from specific strains of microalgae coil offer a viable alternative to the environmentally-harmful conventional choice.  The new oil is claimed to offer personal health and sustainability benefits, according to findings published […]

Microplastics in Human Blood Shed Light on the Global Plastic Problem

3 Mins Read A recent study finds microplastics in human blood for the first time. The findings underscore a growing body of research that points to the detriments of plastic as well as a host of other chemicals. New research published in the journal Environmental International, found evidence of microplastics in nearly 80 percent of study participants, the researchers […]

Recycled Plastic Bottles Are Good for the Planet, Terrible for Human Health, Study Finds

3 Mins Read Recycled plastic bottles are likely to contain chemicals more harmful than those made from virgin plastic, new research finds. A study conducted by Brunel University London identified 150 chemicals in plastic bottles that leached into the bottles’ content. Eighteen of those chemicals exceeded safety regulations, the researchers say. Specifically, bottles made using recycled PET plastic […]

How Did a Banned Carcinogen Get Into 27% of Personal Care Products?

3 Mins Read Hundreds of personal care products ranging from sunscreen to hand sanitizers have been recalled after testing positive for the carcinogen benzene. Independent testing lab Valisure says 27 percent of the more than 660 personal care products it tested contained detectable levels of benzene, a chemical classified by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) […]

How To Reduce Your Blue Light Exposure

5 Mins Read Even before the pandemic, the amount of time we spend in front screens has been growing by double digits every year, and with that, concerns about the consequences to our health. The more screen time we endure, the more artificial blue light we are exposed to. In 2018, the average Hong Konger spent over 3.2 […]

Groundbreaking UN Resolution Connects Animal Welfare And Environmental Sustainability For The First Time

4 Mins Read The United Nations Environment Assembly has adopted a resolution linking animal welfare to sustainability for the first time. The Animal Welfare – Environment – Sustainable Development Nexus resolution was accepted earlier this month after being sponsored by seven member states. The move is seen as historic and, potentially, a catalyst for widespread governmental action to […]

Chef José Andrés Sets Up World Central Kitchen Pop-Ups To Feed Refugees Fleeing From Ukraine

3 Mins Read Good Meat board member and plant-forward chef José Andrés has mobilised his non-profit World Central Kitchen (WCK) platform. Setting up on the Ukraine-Poland border, the organisation is primed to make and distribute countless meals to refugees escaping the Russian bombardment.  The Spanish-American chef is notoriously outspoken about human rights issues. WCK was founded on the […]

Vegan Paracetamol Is the First Medicinal Product Registered With The Vegan Society’s Trademark

3 Mins Read Paraveganio is the first medicinal product to carry The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark. The axunio-produced drug contains 500mg of paracetamol and can be used like the regular painkiller. It negates magnesium stearate, which is frequently of animal origin and found in most over-the-counter paracetamol products. Up to 75 percent of medicines contain animal-sourced products. The […]

Vegetarians 14% Less Likely To Develop Cancer, New Study Claims

4 Mins Read New research from Oxford University suggests that those following a meat-free diet are 14 percent less at risk of cancer than their omnivorous counterparts. Pescatarians were discovered to be 10 percent less prone than meat-eaters. Findings have been released after a large-scale study that involved data analysis on more than 470,000 British individuals.  Meat reduction, […]

Unilever’s Research Says Plant-Based Diet Is Healthier and More Sustainable

3 Mins Read Multinational food giant Unilever has released a new report that encourages consumers to switch to a plant-based diet. The report is explicit in its findings that plant-based foods offer better sustainability metrics and health benefits than traditional animal food. The news has been met with surprise, given the scale of Unilever’s operation. Unilever is the […]

A Plant-Based Diet Can Add 10 Years To Your Life, New Study Finds

3 Mins Read Decreasing meat intake in favour of legumes, whole grains, and nuts could add a decade to life expectancy, according to a new study. The research, published in the PLOS Medicine journal, looked at the impact of sustained dietary adaptation. Life expectancy was a key focal point in line with dietary risk factors accounting for up […]

Are Psychedelics The Next Big Trend In Cellular Agriculture?

4 Mins Read Chicago’s Back of the Yard Algae Sciences (BYAS) has revealed it is on the brink of an ecologically significant breakthrough. The company, which uses cellular agriculture to create zero-waste food additives, claims to have reproduced toad parotoid glands and 5-MeO-DMT. The latter is a naturally psychedelic venom produced by toads that has become a popular […]