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These 3 Pollution-Fighting House Plants to Upgrade Your Indoor Air

4 Mins Read Decorating your home with plants won’t just brighten up your home, it will literally make you healthier. Plants offer numerous benefits for our well-being, the most notable of which are that they literally clean the air around them, a must for urban dwellers in busy, polluted cities. For many of us who have to cope […]

9 Kind & Eco-Friendly Christmas Activities To Do This Holiday Season

4 Mins Read Have you been doing the same activities year in year out, every festive season? Maybe it is time to try some of these not-so-typical alternative activities that are eco-friendly, fun and positive. Here are 9 ideas to get you, your family and friends started this (green) Christmas!  1. Volunteer  Christmas is meant to be a […]

Is My Bed Vegan? Mattresses: The Final Eco Frontier 

5 Mins Read Most mattresses are not vegan, full of toxins, and are a huge letdown to the planet. Meet Heveya, the ethical sleep pioneer.  Most of us don’t think enough about one activity we do for almost a third of our lives: sleeping. And many of us will never have considered the climate ethics of the mattress […]

#GiftGreenGiftKind: 25 Eco + Cruelty-Free Christmas Gifts From Local Brands

12 Mins Read Forget 12 days of Christmas, we’re doing 25! Christmas is around the corner and now more than ever we need to vote with our dollar and #GiftGreenGiftKind from local, cruelty-free, plant-based and low waste businesses. It’s been a really tough year for most businesses and this season, we’re supporting smaller, community brands that don’t list […]

From Pregnancy Through Birth: The Green Queen Guide To Expecting In Hong Kong

6 Mins Read As Kermit the Frog will tell you, it’s not easy being green. Here’s our pick of the best brands and services in town for green-leaning families, enabling conscious parents to keep their eco-commitments on track. All The (Green) Gear Let’s take it from the… bottom. If you’re considering cloth diapering your little one, then Petit […]

Happy Baton: 6 Reasons I’m Loving My Toy Rental Subscription

5 Mins Read I recently got the chance to test out Happy Baton, Hong Kong’s first toy rental subscription service. What’s a toy rental subscription? Well a parent’s dream really! Basically you sign up on Happy Baton’s website, complete a short questionnaire about your child’s age and general likes/dislikes and then the company sends you a monthly delivery […]

Unilever Pledges To Eliminate All Fossil Fuels In Cleaning Products By 2030

3 Mins Read Anglo-Dutch FMCG giant Unilever has announced that it will swap out the carbon derived from fossil fuels in its cleaning and laundry product formulations with renewable or recycled carbon. As one of the world’s major manufacturers of cleaning and laundry products, the move is likely to drive broader industry-wide change towards sustainability.  Unilever has announced […]

Muji Launches Furniture Rental Subscription Service With Work-From-Home Sets

2 Mins Read Japanese homeware retailer Muji is introducing a furniture subscription service as working from home becomes the new normal after months of the coronavirus pandemic. Launching this Friday (July 17), consumers in Japan will be able to rent furniture and interior items at selected stores through monthly or annual subscription plans. The retailer is scheduled to […]

IKEA Debuts Plant-Filled, Low-Waste & Self-Sufficient “Home Of Tomorrow”

3 Mins Read Swedish furniture and homeware giant IKEA has just unveiled its newest eco-friendly concept in Szczecin, Poland. Dubbed the Home of Tomorrow, the space was envisioned by Polish designers looking to redefine the way we live at home. The 2,700 square foot showroom is fitted with sustainable design solutions from micro-gardens to composting stations, furnished with […]

Green Queen Guide To Dealing With Hong Kong Air Pollution

4 Mins Read In a city beset by gridlocked traffic, power plants, and factories in Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong’s air pollution contributes a major breathing problem to its seven million plus citizens. Our air quality has become a serious environmental risk. According to the UN Environment Programme, over 90% of people across APAC are […]

Plastic Free July Is Here: Join The 2019 Global Challenge

4 Mins Read New data from the Plastic Free Foundation reveals that individual actions to reduce plastic waste can make a real impact. Of the 120 million who took part in last year’s Plastic Free July Challenge, 90 percent made long-term changes in their daily habits to commit to reduce plastic use in their lifestyles. Almost 500 million […]

#GreenBiz: 4 New Circular Economy Businesses Started By Hong Kong Moms

2 Mins Read Ecoparties: Rentable Kids Party Supplies This is a serious win for the city! We finally have a solution for the myriad of kid’s birthday parties! Started by a mum and her two green-minded daughter (7-year-old eco warrior Lucia has serious Green Cred having spoken at multiple events around town about environmental issues), Ecoparties is a […]

New All in One Air Purifier Takes On HK indoor Air Pollution

2 Mins Read The first-ever patented intelligent indoor air system has arrived to Hong Kong in a bid to improve breathing conditions at home. OLFINITY, a revolutionary IoT integrated air monitor, purifier and aromatherapy diffuser series that works in tandem has been lauded at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show to fight off pollutants that could be lurking in […]

Marriott Phuket Fights Thailand Plastic Problem With Water Made From Air

2 Mins Read Last year five-star beach resort JW Marriott Phuket replaced more than 100,000 plastic water bottles – providing guests with fresh filtered, mineral water using just the hot, humid air of Thailand from atmospheric water generators. Teaming up with water utility startup, Generation Water, the luxury hotel chain aims to purge more than two million plastic […]

Conscious Candle Guide: Where To Find Hong Kong’s Safest Burn

5 Mins Read The Hong Kong chill is descending upon us, which means sweater weather and finding the perfect seasonal candle to cozy up at home! While the soft, warm glow of a candle can set the tone for a romantic evening or add a relaxing element after a long day at work, not all candles are created […]