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UN Human Rights Committee Ruling: Climate Refugees Cannot Be Returned Home

3 Mins Read A landmark ruling by the United Nations human rights committee (OHCHR) has found that it is unlawful for governments to return people back to the countries where their lives were threatened by the climate crisis. The judgement comes as scientists have repeatedly warned that our planet is at a tipping point, and experts are hoping […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: Seafood As We Know It Is Dead

2 Mins Read 2020 is the year where seafood as we know it will be dead, primarily due to heightened concerns about not only the environmental impact of consuming fish and other seafood, with health and ethical concerns playing a part too. More people will wake up to the fact that in the midst of our ecological crisis, […]

Environmental & Health Concerns Sparked By Tear Gas Use In Hong Kong

4 Mins Read In recent weeks, Hong Kong residents and visitors have become worried about potential dioxin poisoning, as concerns continue to mount about the effects of an estimated 10,000 rounds of tear gas being fired across the city since June. Prompted by the multiple reports of animal casualties and health complications in children, members of the Hong […]

6 Things To Know Before You Buy A Healing Crystal

5 Mins Read These insta-trendy spiritual stones that promise to connect you to the Earth are in fact shrouded in conflict, human rights abuses and environmental destruction. From contaminating drinking water to disrupting ecosystems and being linked to severe human rights violations, mining crystals is a dirty job. This new-age fad turned billion-dollar industry comes with a hefty […]

The Human Cost Of Fashion: Lululemon Factory Workers Beaten & Assaulted According To Guardian Investigation

4 Mins Read An investigation by the Guardian has revealed that popular upmarket athleisure brand Lululemon are sourcing clothing from a Bangladesh factory where female workers are being beaten and physically assaulted. The Canadian brand has garnered a cult following in the past decade alongside the yoga-centric health and wellness boom, with celebrities donning their leggings and market […]

Green Queen Giving: Grameen Foundation

4 Mins Read We are thrilled to launch our brand new series, Green Queen Giving, where every month we will showcase one of the amazing NGOs or charities that we are proud to list in our Green Queen Guide to Hong Kong. In our inaugural post we talk to Christina Chao, responsible for Development & Marketing at Grameen Foundation’s […]