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Shaka Harry Shakes Up India’s Growing Vegan Market With $2 Million Seed Raise

4 Mins Read Shaka Harry, an Indian-based plant-based meat brand, has raised $2 million in a Seed funding round led by Better Bite Ventures, Blue Horizon, and Panthera Peak among others, including celebrity chef Manu Chandra. Designed around the Indian palate, Shaka Harry says it’s one of the fastest-growing vegan meat and snacks brands in South Asia. The […]

Vegan Food Gets Protection In India, a Labeling Blow in France

3 Mins Read What exactly is vegan food? While France moved last week to ban language commonly used to describe plant-based products such as “steak” or “sausage,” India says it is now moving to further clarify the definition of vegan food in order to curb the sales of fake vegan options. “Vegan food means the food or food […]

Whole-Cut Vegan Snapper Is Coming To APAC Plates

3 Mins Read Indian vegan seafood startup SeaSpire has unveiled a plant-based snapper fish analogue created using bio-printing. The company says the seven-ingredient alternative is clean label and the first of its kind in the APAC region. It was created using a proprietary printing platform that has sought to capture the texture of conventional fish using AI for […]

Alt Co. Secures $1 Million For Indian Smart Protein Growth

4 Mins Read Bengaluru-based Alt Co. has confirmed a $1 million raise led by undisclosed major investors from Singapore, the Middle East and India. The plant-based brand intends to use the cash injection to increase its size, reach and product portfolio. Chief amongst new product developments is a line of alternative dairy. Plant-based eggs and nutritional supplements have […]

Novolutions Moves Into India’s Plant-Based Protein Sector With New ‘Just Dig In!’ Brand

3 Mins Read Indian foodtech startup Novolutions has announced its focus is expanding from mocktail drinks to include plant-based protein products. Marketed under the moniker Just Dig In!, a range of alternative meat snacks are currently debuting across New Delhi. Items currently centre around chicken analogues with meatballs, nuggets, kebabs and spicy fingers confirmed as being available. Just […]

Prakriti Varshney Becomes India’s First Vegan Woman To Conquer Everest

3 Mins Read On May 12, 2022, Prakriti Varshney made history. Aged 26, she became the first vegan Indian woman to scale Mount Everest. Setting out from the Everest Base Camp on May 7, the expedition team took just five days to reach the peak, following rotations through lower camps.  The final climb totals 69 kilometres, encompassing ice, […]

Evo Foods Announces New Partnership With Ginkgo Bioworks For Next-Gen Egg Products

4 Mins Read Indian plant-based egg startup Evo Foods has announced it is partnering with Ginkgo Bioworks to create new ingredients for its products. The latter offers an established cell programming platform which will be leveraged to develop animal-free egg proteins. These will be included in Evo’s product portfolio in a bid to create the most realistic plant-based […]

Greenest Debuts New Range Of Plant-Based Foods To Key Industry Players

4 Mins Read Upstablish Food Technologies has announced a new range of plant-based meats from its Greenest brand. One of India’s leading plant-based startups, the brand has previously made noise in the space with its “hyper-realistic” shami kebabs. Now, it is adding a number of dishes including kebabs, samosas and keema that cater to regional Indian tastes and […]

Mumbai To Go Net-Zero: ‘We Don’t Have The Luxury Of Time’

3 Mins Read In a South Asian first, Mumbai has announced plans to go net-zero by 2050, twenty years ahead of India’s current targets. Mumbai, the economic center of India and home to 19 million residents, says it plans to make drastic changes to the management of energy, water, air, waste, and transport in order to reduce its […]

Goodmylk Acquires PRO2FIT To ‘Make Plant-Based Nutrition Accessible To Everybody’

3 Mins Read Indian plant-based dairy startup Goodmylk has acquired domestic nutrition brand PRO2FIT. The two have cited a shared vision of food security and plant-based goodness for all as the foundation for the merger. Making sustainable food choices affordable and widespread is the ultimate goal for Goodmylk. News of the acquisition comes as India’s plant-based sector continues […]

#IWD2022: 10 Women Changing The Future Of Impact In Asia

7 Mins Read International Women’s Day is internationally recognised on the March 8th every year, and represents a focal point for women’s rights and is a celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. At times, it appears as though global environmental and social crises are too overwhelmingly large to tackle. But there are some […]

Evo Foods Debuts “World’s First” Heat Stable Vegan Boiled Egg

4 Mins Read Mumbai startup Evo Foods has added a new product to its plant-based egg portfolio, a heat-stable plant-based boiled egg that follows on from their mungbean liquid whole egg substitute which was unveiled last year. Similarly, the new development is designed to mirror conventional eggs in terms of nutrition and price.  The new “heat and eat” […]

Agromatic Nutrifoods Enters The Plant-Based Meat Space With New LetzVez Brand

3 Mins Read Indian foodtech Agromatic Nutrifoods is looking to broaden its portfolio of products. One of the country’s leading sellers of spices, it has revealed a new plant-based meat brand, dubbed LetzVez. Initial launch will see six high-protein products entering the market, each of which is frozen and ready to cook. The entire LetzVez range is vegan-friendly […]

Ultimate Indian Power Couple Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli Back Blue Tribe Foods’ Plant-Based Meat

3 Mins Read Mumbai startup Blue Tribe Foods has welcomed Bollywood celebrity Anushka Sharma and her husband cricket star Virat Kohli on board as investors and brand ambassadors. The alliance draws global attention to India’s burgeoning smart protein sector. The company is one of India’s leading plant-based meat manufacturers. Sharma and Kohli have long been role models for […]

New Report Finds China and India’s Gen Z Is More Sustainable Than UK and US Young Consumers

3 Mins Read Credit Suisse Research Institute released a report this week identifying Gen Z and Millennials in China, India, and other emerging countries as more likely to align with sustainable consumption than those in developed regions. An increased likelihood of buying conscious products, coupled with corporate distrust has led to the claim. Ten thousand age-appropriate consumers were […]

Swiggy and GoodDot Partnership Will Bring Plant-Based Meat To Millions Of Indian Doorsteps

3 Mins Read Indian delivery giant Swiggy has announced a partnership with plant-based meat manufacturer GoodDot. The two have joined forces to make animal-free foods easier to source. As the largest ordering and delivery platform in India, Swiggy embracing meat-free options represents significant industry growth. GoodDot will be available via Swiggy’s Instamart, an online essentials ordering platform, deliveries […]